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How To Get What You Want From Life
Practical Techniques For Building The Future You've Always Wanted

Clayton Clifford Bye
Mass Market Paperbound
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Practical techniques for building the future you've always wanted.

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~Discover how to get excited about life again~

~Unleash the power of dreams~

~Learn a five step formula for success~

~Find six words that can change your life~

~Acquire the three rules of communication~

~Develop thirteen ways to maintain a winning edge~


I wrote this book in response to the many people in this world who believe they'll never achieve their dreams...

You can get what you want from life. I know it's possible. I've got more than twenty years of personal experiences on which to base such a statement. Twenty years of collecting techniques and putting them to use - in good times and in bad. Techniques without which I'm convinced I wouldn't be here today. In fact, one of the most basic ideas outlined in this book brought me back from the edge of emotional, physical and financial disaster to embrace a way of thinking that got me doing the things I want to do, building the lifestyle I want to live and enjoying myself in ways I never thought possible.

My journey began with the failure of a business I was trying to establish. Things weren't going well, and I mistakenly believed that a little more time and money would allow me to overcome my obstacles. There were signs of impending disaster everywhere, but I stubbornly refused to see them. I kept on making poor decision after poor decision until I ended up with a lot of angry creditors and a personal debt of $50,000.

What happened then? You could say that the situation moved in on me like a hurricane and ripped my life apart. I ended up in some serious trouble. People I didn't know started sending me threatening letters. My friendly banker stopped being friendly. Family members shook their heads and said "I told you so!" I became so desperate to get out of the financial hole I'd dug for myself that I lowered my standards of conduct. I made a series of choices that cost me my self respect.

And it didn't stop there! The financial pressures mounted until I became so worried, so frightened, that I couldn't sleep. I lost my health. I even lost the woman I loved.

Then came the day when everything I owned had been taken away (except my car, and that was going at the end of the week). There was no money for rent, no money for food, and I'd just been served with another set of legal papers. I approached a trustee and was told I didn't have enough money to make it worth his while to help me declare bankruptcy. There seemed to be no way out of my predicament.

I became irrational and emotionally unbalanced. I found myself driving around on the Q.E.W between Toronto and Hamilton, trying very hard to summon up enough self-loathing to drive headlong into one of the concrete abutments along the way.

I'll probably never know how many of those inviting cement walls appeared in my headlights, beckoned to me, then drifted slowly off into the darkness. I don't even know how long it was before I began thinking again And it doesn't matter. What's important is that my lifelong fear of death finally cleared my head and allowed me to think when I most needed to think. I was given the chance to realize just how close I'd come to making an irrevocable judgement on myself.

I pulled my car over to the side of the road and stepped out into a world full of noise and light and movement. It was incredible! Cars and trucks whipped by at tremendous speeds, their engines and tires creating an ocean of sound that ebbed and flowed in ever-changing patterns. All around me the lights of Hamilton rose up and blended with the clouds. Nothing was still. The air moved. The grasses and trees moved. The cars and trucks, and the people in them, moved.

But not me.

I stood in the midst of all that activity for a long time, looking for some kind of answer, looking for a way out. I struggled with my problems until my head ached with the effort. I prayed as I'd never prayed before. And still no answers came.

I could sense the panic closing in. I could feel the desperation settling on me like a heavy blanket.

Then it happened. The inspiration I so desperately needed somehow found its way to me. A single phrase came into my mind. It came, and it wouldn't leave. A time-worn phrase, a cliche , aan old bromide straight from the pages of one of the many m

Clayton Bye, under the imprint Chase Enterprises, has been writing and publishing since 1994. The author of several books, he's also known as an accomplished speaker, trainer and business management consultant

Mr. Bye's current projects include increasing his internet presence and writing a sequel to his novel, The Sorcerer's Key.

A member of the Manitoba Editors' Association (MEA), the Writers of the Woods(WoW), the Lake of the Woods Art Collective (LOWAC) and the Independent Authors Guild (IAG), he lives in the City of Kenora, Ontario, Canada

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Clayton Bye, Independent Author

The book is great
- Anna Bahlieda, Program Officer, Confederation College

...well written and meaningful... easy to read and can change people's lives.
- Mark Lengies, Kitchener

Clayton has every justification to be very proud of his latest book, How To Get What You Want From Life.
- Ruth Bowiec, Lifestyles Editor, Daily Miner and News

Interesting, hard to put down, enjoyable. Makes you feel good - as it points out that you're not alone and why you're not.
- Grant Robertson, Realtor

An easy to read, well written book with positive suggestions to get you motivated. Great Book!
- Donna Friesen, Businessperson

This book never fails me. I know I can always refer to it to get my life back on a positive track. It has become a good friend to me.
- Judy Clarkson, Businessperson

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ISBN: 0969842880
ISBN(13-digit): 9780969842880
Copyright: 2005
Book Publisher: Chase Enterprises
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 178

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