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Cupid's Arrow
Debbie Wallace
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Mike has his hands full between working as a police detective and raising a teenage daughter by himself. The last thing he’s looking for is a relationship to complicate his life, much less love. However, he finds himself immediately smitten with Emma Stuart after a mistake lands him at her door. Soon it seems he’s bumping into her everywhere he goes. He convinces himself he’s not interested, only problem is, why can’t he ignore the heat between them every time they meet?

Emma’s content with her quiet life the way it is. Two years after her divorce she’s looking forward to settling into her new condo by the lake. However, her matchmaking sister has other plans. Before she knows it she’s running into Stratton’s sexy small town detective at every turn. Mike quickly lays down the law, his law that he’s not going to get involved with her. Well, if that’s the case, why can’t keep his hands off her?

Detective Mike Denton turned down the road to 113 Madison Drive with a feeling in his gut that warned him his life was about to change. It wasn’t anything he could put his finger on; he just knew. And he hadn’t made up his mind yet if it was a good feeling or not. He drove down the quiet street slowly, pulling to the curb when he spotted the house. It was a newer home with a double car garage revealing a small, silver sports car inside, the name of which eluded him. A for sale sign with the bold letters SOLD written across it was standing on the immaculate front lawn.

He contemplated waiting in his squad car for the paramedics to arrive, knowing what was probably waiting for him inside. For the first time he was sorry he’d put in for the overtime; he was a homicide detective. But these days the department was running short of officers and until the new man hired the week before was up to speed, volunteers had been called on to take extra shifts. If he hadn’t just returned from a two-week vacation with Melissa he probably would have passed. But let no one in the department throw it in his face later that he wasn’t a team player when the need arose.

The feeling in his stomach intensified and Mike began to wonder that maybe it was the result of the high cholesterol breakfast he’d gobbled down an hour before. Somehow he doubted that was the case; he’d eaten the same breakfast many times without any complications. Taking a deep breath, he decided he’d better go inside. From where he sat he could see the front door was already open.

He slipped out from behind the wheel and strode unhurriedly to the screen door. Just as he was about to ring the doorbell a noise from inside made him hesitate. He listened, trying to determine what it could be. Was the TV on? Maybe it was the radio. He couldn’t tell. He punched the doorbell and called out at the same time, “Hello, anyone there?”

Someone should be home. The call had come from somebody inside the house less then half an hour ago. However, Mike’s vast experience over the years prepared him for anything. It wasn’t uncommon for someone to phone in a death and then leave the scene for whatever reason, especially if it involved a loved one. There were no set rules to what kind of reactions to expect.

There was no response. Next time he rapped his knuckles against the metal doorframe, which somehow seemed louder than the doorbell. “Hello!” he hollered, testing the doorknob and finding it unlocked. “Is anyone home?” Against his better judgment he opened the screen door. Walking cautiously inside, he let his eyes scan the area as he made his way through the front foyer. Self-preservation and too many times of walking in on a bad situation prompted him to keep his hand on the butt of his revolver.

As he stepped through the large archway that led to the living room, his eyes were automatically drawn to the woman standing quietly by the sliding glass door. Her arms were folded and it was obvious she was deep in thought and staring at something outside, which explained why she hadn’t heard him calling out. He moved further into the room, hoping he didn’t frighten her. She was small, not more than five feet five he determined, dressed in what he assumed were satin pajamas. His lips twitched with humor when he realized they were decorated with little yellow smiley faces.

Her russet hair was tumbling in disarray about her slender shoulders. From what Mike could see, her complexion was like a sun ripened peach, smooth and healthy looking, almost glowing in the early morning light shining through the glass. It was hard to tell from her profile but he gauged her age to be somewhere around thirty.

“Ma’am?” he called out softly, his gaze automatically searching the room for the body.

What Love Romances says about Cupid's Arrow...
The characters are well thought out and just delightful. Ms. Wallace has penned a tale with several misunderstandings hindering their relationship getting off the ground, situations where this reader couldn't help but to laugh out loud. Don't miss out on CUPID’S ARROW. It is a wonderful way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.


Romance Junkies says...Debbie Wallace has penned a terrific story with likable characters, humor, and great romance!


Fallen Angels Reviews gives Cupid's Arrow FIVE ANGELS! They say...Debbie Wallace has penned a fairly traditional and some would say sweet romance. Fans should enjoy this well told and well developed tale, and may find themselves looking for more from Debbie Wallace in the future.


Coffee Time Romance gives it a 4 cup rating and says...Ms. Wallace has created a fun sexy romp. I fell in love with Mike and Emma almost the first page. I could not put it down. I recommend this to anyone who loves to curl up with a good romance.


CUPID’S ARROW is a light-hearted, hot romance, and a well paced story that readers are sure to enjoy.
Marilyn Heyman, Romance Reviews Today


This is a very entertaining romance, very sensual, but with a lot of humor.

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ISBN: 1593745095
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745097
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 218
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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