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Come Back, My Love
Sylvia Rochester
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When an antique locket turns a Civil War reenactment into reality, Olivia Montgomery disappears into the past, leaving Joseph Underwood a suspect in her murder. She finds herself in the arms of Prentice Angelle, a Confederate surgeon. Amid the fervor and uncertainty of this tumultuous era, they fall in love. Happiness turns to disaster when a spurned riverboat captain attempts to kidnap Olivia. His action triggers her return to the present. Can true love overcome the barrier of time?

Claude staggered down the gangplank into the rain-slick streets of Algiers.

“Captain, it’s late. Let me help you.” David took hold of Claude’s arm.

Claude jerked away and glared at him. His breath might smell of whiskey, but he was far from being drunk, just a little tipsy. “No, I don’t need your help. I don’t need anyone’s help.” Stopping at a lamppost, he wrapped his arm around the cold metal. His hot breath mingled with the cold mist of the night air.

“Oh, God, I’m so tired of it all,” he said, easing down onto the wet, brick sidewalk. He leaned back and looked up at David. “Why can’t she love me!” he wailed.

“Captain, let me get you home.”

“Home? Why? There’s no one there.”

David frowned. “Adelaide will be there. She—”

Claude cut him off. “I don’t think so. I told her I wanted her out of my place. I’m not married to her.”

“Yes, but you and she...uh, everyone—”

“Everyone what? Knows I’m a fool?”

“Captain, you’re not thinking straight. I’m afraid you might do something foolish. Whether Adelaide is gone or not, it won’t solve anything. Miss Montgomery is going to marry Mr. Angelle. You’ll have to forget about her.”

He didn’t shout. He didn’t make threats. But when he answered, his voice was as cold as the night and pierced like a knife. “She won’t marry Prentice, and I will never let her go.”

David took a step back. “You really do need to go home, Captain. If you won’t let me help you, that’s all right with me. Still, I’ll be behind you anyway.”

Claude stood up and shook his head. “David, my friend, you’re always there for me, aren’t you?” Somewhat steadier on his feet, he trailed his hand alongside the buildings and worked his way down the dimly lit street. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw David several yards back in the shadows.

The gate to his courtyard stood ajar, and he pushed it open. The rusty hinges sang their familiar song. At the fountain, he scooped cold water into his hands and bathed his face. A flickering gaslight painted the place in eerie shadows, and the only sound, the trickling of water. But something wasn’t right, and he eased into the shadow of the balcony and behind a large palmetto palm. That’s when he saw her. She stepped through a door on the far side and edged her way along the wall.

“I know you’re here, you bastard!” she called out to him. “Where are you?”

He didn’t make a sound. Only his eyes moved as he kept her in sight. He caught a glint of silver in her hand. She was armed, and he had taught her well. If he wanted to escape the bullet, he would have to surprise her.

“Where’s your new whore, Claude? What’s the matter? She wouldn’t come with you? You’re not good enough for her? Now, maybe you know how it feels.”

He gritted his teeth. If she missed, she wouldn’t get a second chance.

“Captain?” David shouted. “Is everything all right?”

“Who’s there?” Adelaide turned toward the gate.

In that instant, he sprang from behind the palm and wrapped his arms around her. She twisted her wrist, pointing the revolver up and in the direction of his face. He leaned his head back and held on to her. “For God’s sake, Adelaide, put it down!”

The gun’s cold metal pressed against his arm. Groping with his hand, he grabbed the barrel. She doubled over and tried to pull the weapon from him.

The gun fired. The hot barrel burned his fingers. He turned loose. The pistol clanked against the bricks.

Adelaide slumped against him, and he swept her up into his arms. Her head rolled back. Blood covered the front of her dress.

David ran toward Claude. “Oh, my Lord, look what you’ve done!”

Claude shook his head. “No! It was an accident. I didn’t want her dead. I just wanted her away from here. Why didn’t she leave?”

He laid her beside the fountain. Her lifeless eyes looked up at him. “I tried to get the gun away, David. You have to believe me. I may be many things, but I’m not a murderer.”

“While visiting a Civil War re-enactment, Olivia Montgomery is swept back in time to the real Civil War where she finds a new home and new life with a handsome, kind doctor, Prentice Angell, and his sister, on the Confederate side of the conflict. Though she feigns amnesia, a lovely woman such as herself who is so clearly not your usual lady can not help but attract attention. Despite the fact that Prentice wins her heart, another, dangerous man craves her and will do anything to have her. Meanwhile, in the present, those who care for her search for Olivia. To which world does she truly belong? Part Somewhere in Time, part Quantum Leap, this charming story combines the best features of both contemporary romance and historical, making it an excellent way for someone to try a new genre, if that's among their resolutions for the year. In any case, I particularly liked that there was a clear reason given for Olivia trek backwards and how even the ugliest situations were able to be portrayed in such a way as to not be graphic, but convey what was going on still.” – Reviewer Amanda Killgore


“Come Back My Love is a romance set in a time of American's history that we know was very turbulent, but the author has taken the ugliest situations and conveyed them in a way that doesn't leave one squeamish about reading it. Sylvia Rochester has done a wonderful job of combining two sections, one happening now and one in the past, without losing site of either part of the story. This book would be a good one to start reading 'time travels' with.” – We Really Dig Romance Novels


“Talented author Sylvia Rochester writes with a knowledge of the background in which her characters meet on both planes. You'll enjoy sharing the experience with Olivia as she meets people from our country's past. What will her future hold? Will she return to her present day love? Realistic backgrounds set the tone for this story as good and villany play out their roles. I'm pleased to recommend this tale as a story that will please any history or paranormal romantic. Enjoy. I sure did.” - Anne K. Edwards, Mysteryfiction.net


“While this may sound like the classic time travel romance, it really is one step beyond. While lovely heroine Olivia Montgomery struggles to adapt to the time, present day occurences (the investigation into her 'murder') make us realize she desperately needs to return to her own time. She must save an innocent man; her friend and museum curator Joseph Underwood.

Rochester has a gift for light dialogue and subtle humor. She also gives us feel-like-you were there descriptions of battle, and life in yesteryear. From the reenactment to the battlefield, home life to river boat, the scenes are incredibly well described and in many cases, memorable. This romance is a paranormal because it steps out of the bounds of time, but any reader of historicals, and especially those interested in the Civil War years, will thoroughly enjoy this tale.” 4 Books! - Review by Snapdragon, The Long and Short of It Reviews


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ISBN: 1603131043
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131049
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 298
Paper Weight (lb): 12.6

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