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Christmas Wishes
Jewels Of The Quill
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Rediscover the magic of Christmas!

SIX JEWELS OF THE QUILL AUTHORS offer exciting holiday stories—each featuring a wish, possibly small, but straight from the heart!

A collection of Christmas stories for readers to enjoy this holiday season...or any day of the year!

All She Wore Was A Bow (Men of Moonstone Series, Book 2 by Christine DeSmet
They’re tall as the oaks, bold as the bulls they’ve ridden in rodeos, and they don’t talk about the past. They’re three buddies who’ve seen the worst the world has to dish out. One by one, they ride into Moonstone for missions impossible and women improbable.
Kincaid “Kade” Hunter rocked the rodeo world with a record-breaking bull ride in Las Vegas, Nevada. He’s a rising star! He grew up wild and willing to try just about anything—except marriage. But when he comes to Moonstone at Christmas-time to save his friend John “Bozeman” Hall from marrying what looks like the wrong woman, Kade meets with interference extraordinaire: Gloria Gibson, the wedding planner from Hell. Gloria has her own ideas about where to hang mistletoe and what or who Kade should be riding to glory.

Little Cat Feet by Margaret L. Carter
In this tale inspired by the legend that animals can speak on Christmas Eve, a teenage runaway on the streets saves a stray cat from abuse. The cat helps her in return.

Christmas Faith by Karen Woods
Faith Caldwell finds her name to be a joke. Faith? Not her. Not when everyone she’s ever loved has been cruelly taken from her. What kind of loving God lets people suffer like that? The veterinarian wants nothing to do with the God she grew up trusting implicitly. So, when the new neighbor happens to be a widowed minister with a houseful of kids, Faith tries to be civil but distant. But none of the Hendersons—from little Clara to “Father Ed” in the Anglican collar—understand civil or distant. Ed helps her to realize God still loves her, but can reborn faith heal her scars?

Perfect Cadence (Kaleidoscope Series, Book 1) by Karen Wiesner
Kaleidoscope Office Building provides employment to nine hot, young singles—all about to make a love connection. Working 9 to 5 has never been so complicated…or so much fun!
Thirty-year-old Keri Woods has had it with her no-commitment, no-way boyfriend Rob. Planning to get her head on straight, she accepts her boss Angela’s offer to use the Lewis family’s cabin for a two-week skiing vacation over the Christmas holiday. Little does Keri realize that her boss’s’ cousin, Joshua Lewis, is already occupying the very same cabin at the very same time.
Ten years earlier, Keri and Joshua had shared a single, unforgettable day and night together that ended with a kiss that left them both desperately smitten. Yet Joshua’s life had been too complicated. At only twenty-six, he’d realized that there could be no long-distance, long-term relationship between them. He hadn’t been ready to have his whole life happen to him at once. His decision to leave and never see her again had come back to bite him in the butt. For years after confiding to his closest friend Dandy—the foreman on his father’s cattle ranch in Fever, Texas and the true father figure in his life—Joshua had had to listen to the old man encourage and berate him for not following his heart with Keri Woods.
Joshua has come to the family cabin after the recent death of Dandy, who’d made him promise to return to the cabin to “mend old regrets.” The last thing Joshua expects to find is the drop-dead beautiful woman he’d regretted abandoning a decade earlier naked in his bed.
Unbeknownst to either of them, Dandy and Angela had schemed to make all of Joshua and Keri’s Christmas wishes come true.

Are You Listening? (North of Nonesuch Series, Book 6 by Jane Toombs
A six-year-old’s wish to have her daddy back for Christmas uncovers a dark secret.

5 Stars! "An anthology filled with Christmas love. "All She Wore Was A Bow" by Christine DeSmet: Christine DeSmet does it again. She never disappoints her numerous fans. This story will keep readers laughing and wishing for their own cowboy. "Little Cat Feet" by Margaret L. Carter: This was probably my favorite story. I love cats. Lauren's story is heart warming, especially knowing that it is true for many teens. "Christmas Faith" by Karen Woods: What a beautiful story. This story captures the spirit of Christmas. "Perfect Cadence" by Karen Wiesner: What could make a better story than a cabin and an old flame? Karen Wiesner is a talented author; I always look forward to her art. "Are You Listening?" by Jane Toombs: This is a unique story from an author that pens distinctive YA paranormal stories. It is sure to be a big hit with teens. "Annie's Outlaw" by Nancy Pirri: An endearing romance. The six stories in CHRISTMAS WISHES are sure to be cherished favorites. Each story centers on Christmas and a wish or need. Pirri, Wiesner, Toombs, Woods, Carter and DeSmet make a formidable team of authors. Each brings their own unique perspective [to this Jewels of the Quill holiday collection]. While this anthology is filled with love, it is not all romance. Thank you, ladies, for another good read." ~reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


4 1/2 Pixies! "A delightfully diverse collection, the Jewels of the Quill's CHRISTMAS WISHES Anthology is sure to delight readers of many tastes and fans of these special authors. Six talented ladies take on the task of spinning Christmas cheer to Jewels of the Quill fans; each offer delectable morsels for the reader's imagination as their hopeful and optimistic approach to happy endings brings joy and the glory of the Christmas spirit straight to readers' hearts. From fantasy and the Old West to paranormal, inspirational, and humorous contemporary, all with a powerful helping of romance, tension, and the proverbial happy endings, the Jewels of the Quill Dames delight and titillate with scrumptious holiday offerings to fill any reading table. Although designed for Christmas on the theme of the Christmas Wish, these stories can be enjoyably sampled in any season. Margaret Carter's "Little Cat Feet" examines the different nature of animals at the holiday season, and proves that charity does indeed have its own reward. Christine DeSmet's "All She Wore Was A Bow" is part of the author's Men of Moonstone Series: rodeo star conflicts with wedding planner--all in the name of male friendship--and oh, do the sparks fly! "Annie's Outlaw" from Nancy Pirri's Sapphire Palace Series is a touching and heartwarming Old West romance. Jane Toombs' "Are You Listening?" from her North of Nonesuch Series is a spooky and difficult-to-forget family tale of the paranormal with many unexpected twists and revelations. "Perfect Cadence" is from prolific author Karen Wiesner's Kaleidoscope Series and looks at young singles working in the same office building, whose Christmas plans turn topsy turvy. "Christmas Faith," a heartbreaking yet wholly optimistic inspirational romance from Karen Woods, works on many semantic levels. This story will linger in the reader's mind for a long time to come." ~reviewed by Frost for Dark Angel Reviews


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ISBN: 1603132589
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603132589
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 336
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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