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The Chosen One
Kenneth E. Baker
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A deadly disease strikes the United States. Ninety percent of the population will die. Several people must come together to protect a woman named Tony who holds the key to stopping the disease.
Against Tony and her protectors are those who caught the disease and lived. These people are deranged and will do anything to stop her.
Outnumbered a thousand to one, will Tony’s protectors get to her in time?

White House, Washington DC

"Jesus H. Christ, Merlin this had better be good." President Joseph Robertson rubbed his brow to ease the tension he felt. Looking across the table at Merlin Jackson, head of HEW in his administration, he said, "Just give it to me straight, Merl. No more bullshit."

Looking uncomfortable, Merlin cleared his throat, "So far this week there are fifty-seven confirmed cases of the new disease. All of the people are isolated at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. Sir, I had Dr. Palmer fly up from the center. He can give us a better idea of what we are dealing with."

Dr. Palmer stood up, went to the head of the table, and pulled a sheaf of papers from his briefcase.

"Mr. President, gentlemen, if you will read the report in front of you, it will explain that this disease started in a relatively small area. I will answer any questions after you have read the paper," Dr. Palmer said.

President Robertson picked up the report and began to read. ‘The Center for Disease Control believed the disease had started on an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. Last year they had discovered a new virus caused by rat dung. This virus had killed a dozen people on the reservation. The doctors thought the new virus was the one from the reservation, but it had mutated into something far beyond anything they had ever seen. The disease was traced to three people who were on the reservation at the time of the first outbreak. The new form of the disease was called to their attention a little over three months ago. At first they thought it was just typical mental illness cases until patients started dying for an undetermined reason. All the deaths occurred two weeks after the people came down with the illness.

‘The first patients went through four stages before dying.

‘In the first stage patients had delusions of being God or servants of God. This initial stage lasted two to three days.

‘During the second stage the patient tried to make everyone around him believe the way he did, often violently forcing them to agree with him. This stage lasted four to five days.

‘The patient appeared calm and rational with the third stage. Often patients joked that they must have flipped out for a while. No symptoms of the former behavior were apparent. It lasted four to five days.

‘In every case of the fourth stage between day eleven and day fourteen, the patient went to sleep, fell into a comma, then died within a few hours.

‘Autopsies revealed no reason for their deaths. Every case was the same; reason of death was unknown. Doctors at the center came to the conclusion that this disease transmitted itself by contact. They knew this when two staff members who worked with the first patients came down with the virus. Other staff members breathing the same air as the patients, but having no physical contact with them, did not catch it. The staff concluded that the disease picked a host and stayed with it as long as the host was not confined. When confined, the disease triggers something in the patient’s mind that tells him or her to cease functioning.’

President Robertson paused and sipped from the water glass next to him. He picked up the paper again and read that, ‘If the disease didn’t find a new host it became dormant until someone touched the body. The center now puts the bodies in a sealed room and does the autopsies with mechanical arms. After the autopsy, they cremate the body to keep anyone else from getting infected.’

President Robertson rubbed his tired eyes then read on. ‘Last month the virus mutated. The time span began to compress. It had taken two weeks from start to death: it now took eight days. In the CDC’s opinion, this time span would decrease again.

"The Chosen One sounds like something right out of the headlines. A story that will give you chills but at the same time gives you pause to think. Who can I trust? How do I keep my thoughts from others? Feel goose bumps yet? The part where Stalker’s name couldn’t be translated in human language and the only way to communicate was to question him in thought had me looking around for shadows. This is an awesome book with creative writing that gives you the feel that you are one of them trying to survive. Kenneth Baker has done it again. He took a story and turned it into a showpiece of exquisite writing. This story is more than a horror; it’s a showcase of gripping suspense. This book bleeds with so many characters that you experience a roller coaster of a ride with a supercharged adrenaline rush. It left such an impression that I still get chills when I remember the story."

Reviewed by: Linda 5 Angels and RECOMMENDED READ Fallen Angel Reviews


“The Chosen One is an absolutely riveting tale, the first installment in the excellent Earth Cleansing Series. Author Kenneth E. Baker artfully weaves a world-view none of us would ever want to live through. This reviewer literally could not stop reading until the end of the story, and then I wanted to rush to the next installment! The book is truly that powerful. The plot line is faster than an extensive roller-coaster, with more ups and downs, and more convolutions than an amusement park Tunnel of Horror—and way more scares. The violence is very extreme and graphic; if this series were converted into films, the director of choice would have to be Quentin Tarantino. With the cautionary warning that the violence may be too extreme for some readers, I cannot praise The Chosen One highly enough. 5 Lips!” – Frost, Two Lips Reviews

Fiction Books :: Horror Books

ISBN: 1593741014
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741013
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 404
Paper Weight (lb): 16.8

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