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Candy Girl
Sandee McCann
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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On the advice of her therapist, Misty Jordan returns to her hometown to confront Jaydan Evans, the man whose actions initiated a series of tragic events in her life 13 years earlier. Rather than telling him the truth about their past, Misty takes a job as Jaydan’s assistant in the Candy Girl office. Slowly, she slips into the rhythm of her new life, running a business, reuniting with family, and, inexplicably, falling for the man who caused her misery. For his part, Jaydan begins to hope for a future with Misty, despite being tormented by his own past losses.
Jaydan cannot shake the feeling that he knows Misty, but he tries to ignore it and focus instead on the possibility that his love for Misty might help him move beyond the grief that made him a recluse. Misty decides that it is best to keep the truth a secret, hoping instead to find happiness in the present. But, in time, will Jaydan be able to connect his memories with the random bits of information he collects and deciphers the truth?

Thirty-seven steps. Misty Jordan still clearly remembered the number of concrete steps leading up to the big, old green house with the gothic tower she’d only been inside once. That one time had been thirteen years earlier. That one time had changed her life permanently.

The house stood next to a funeral home and across the road from a cemetery. You couldn’t ask for anything creepier in a horror movie, but this was real life. Standing at the bottom of the steps, she gazed upward at the house. It was an unusually cold September, and even though it was only seven o’clock, it was a dark, drizzly evening in Pittsburgh. Even her breath could be seen; it was so cold. How unusual, she thought, winter’s coming early. Hopefully it wasn’t an omen of things to come.

A beep of the horn from the taxi parked at the curbside reminded her that she was here for a purpose. It was now or never. In two hours she’d be on a plane back to Florida and this whole event would be over.

She ascended the steps with a feeling of impending doom. “Damn therapist,” she muttered under her breath. It was Chloe Stevens, her long-time therapist, who’d impressed upon Misty for years that the only way she could go on with her life was to gain closure. And closure meant facing Jaydan Evans again.

Misty sighed as she reached the front door. Maybe he isn’t home, she hoped. No, he had to be home. This visit had been put off for too many years. First, she promised herself she’d confront Jaydan before she was twenty. Being sixteen at that time, she’d thought twenty was a mature age. But twenty turned to twenty-five, and before she knew it, she was twenty-nine. And this year, she’d made up her mind that life was beginning for her at thirty, no matter how hard she tried to put it off.

She strode up to the door, knocked loudly and stood back on the porch. Would he remember her? Probably not. It was only one night out of his life and likely meant nothing to him. Besides, several cosmetic surgeries had altered her appearance anyway. Her own mother probably wouldn’t even recognize her anymore.

She heard a noise from inside the house and her nerves twisted. Someone was home and she wanted to run. The door opened and Jaydan Evans stood there only illuminated by the light coming from inside the house. He was a tall, looming figure dressed in a Tee shirt and jeans.

A vampire. All the kids growing up in the old neighborhood all those years ago said a vampire lived in that old, green house set across the road from a cemetery. Before Misty could speak, he said, “I’m so glad you decided to come. I thought for sure you’d back out, and I can’t say I’d blame you for that.” He smiled and extended his hand. “Hi, I’m Jaydan.”

Misty’s mind raced. What was he talking about? Who did he think she was? A prostitute? Maybe a sales person? “I…I’m Misty,” she stammered, rubbing her cold hands together.

“Come on in,” he offered.

“I…I have a taxi waiting.” Mentally she cursed her stammering. He’d caught her off guard and now she was unbalanced. She knew she had to try to explain who she was.

He looked at the taxi, and the driver beeped again. “You must have your mind made up before you got here that you didn’t want this job. You’re ready to run for it.” He winked.

What job? Her mind raced and her thoughts scattered.

“Listen, I have an idea,” he began. “Let’s send away your taxi for now and talk about what I’m offering, and when we’re through, I’ll make sure you get to wherever it is you’re going.”

She looked up into his face. He’d aged a bit; he had to be at least forty now. His blue eyes were luminous in the near darkness. She knew she’d better say something intelligent now. There was only a short time left before she needed to be at the airport to catch her flight home, but right now, there was so much to tell him. Her flight could be rescheduled. “Alright, but I have my luggage in the cab.”

Ms. McCann spins a rare, exquisite tale with vibrant characters that leave a lasting impression. This extraordinary read captures the true essence of loss and the power of love to heal.

Rating: 5 cups, Cherokee Sanders, Coffee Time Romance


I found this book impossible to put down. If you are seeking an emotional tale to curl up with you will not be disappointed, I wasn’t.
Rating: 4 Flames, Kim Cox, The Word Museum


"Candy Girl is a poignant story that captures the heart. Misty and Jaydan are well-developed characters that share a strong connection in their relationship. Their detailed emotions reach deep into the heart. The reader gets a feel for their frustration, loss, and newfound love for each other. Ms. McCann spins a rare, exquisite tale with vibrant characters that leave a lasting impression. This extraordinary read captures the true essence of loss and the power of love to heal."

Cherokee 5 cups, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books


"I never wanted to stop reading this book. Sandee McCann has put forth a great effort. CANDY GIRL is yummy."

4 1/2 Beacon Review by CC for Lighthouse Literary Reviews


Candy Girl is a beautiful novel, a story of hurt, pain and love. It shows us how life can take a strange turn. And how the past stays important for the rest of your life.
The main character Misty is a sweet person that jumps into your heart from the moment you start reading.
Sandee McCann has written a story with plenty of romance in it and definitely an easy read.
Something to get your mind of things.

Annick for Euro-Reviews


Candy Girl was a lovely romance. The author has written a poignant and sensitive novel filled with emotions. There is pain, suffering, anger and above all, love. This is the first book by Ms. McCann that I have read and it won’t be my last. Wow – it was truly an unforgettable reading experience!

Susan T.
Fallen Angel Reviews
Rating: 4 Angels

Fiction Books :: Romance Books :: General Books

ISBN: 1593745567
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593745561
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 210
Paper Weight (lb): 9.0

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