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Bound By Blood
T.C. Lotempio
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Leigh Hartley is a reporter whose life is topsy-turvy right now. She’s going through a divorce from her soap opera actor husband and her daughter, Rory, is difficult to manage. The legacy of Ravencrest seems a godsend to Leigh, and she and her daughter move there. Meanwhile, Luke Rawlings, a reporter for the Coltonville Comet, and his editor, Rob Smithies, see a big story in two seemingly unrelated murders of redheaded women. Luke wants a chance to prove it’s the work of a serial killer. He enlists the cooperation of the Police Captain, Lawrence Pike, who assigns him to the case with the Detective in charge, Paul Devlin. As Leigh, Luke and Paul work to find the “Redhead Killer,” romantic sparks fly between Leigh and Paul…and the closer they come to the madman, the more Leigh begins to realize that his next victim may be someone very close to her…her own daughter!

Alexandra Stoughton sat on the velour couch in her living room. Smiling, she played the tape of the broadcast featuring her and her latest book. The segment on Good Morning America had gone extremely well. Joan Lunden, charming and gracious as always, had conducted the interview.

On the tape, Joan asked her, “So, Ms. Stoughton, since your last appearance here three years ago, you’ve written four chilling horror tales, all of which have enjoyed a lengthy stay on the best seller lists. What’s your secret?”

Alexandra twirled a strand of red hair absently as she watched herself smile back at Joan.

“I really don’t have a secret,” she said. “I suppose if I were to give credit anywhere, it would be that my own hometown is rich in gothic lore, which I draw on for my novels.”

“You’re from a small town in Massachusetts, correct?”

“Yes, Coltonville. And, like any other New England town, we have our share of ghosts and goblins. Many of them make appearances in my novels from time to time, I’m afraid.”

Joan smiled again, looking natural.

“It certainly seems as if you’ve hit upon a recipe for success. And your latest book…” She picked up a copy of the book, turned it over in her hand, opened it and glanced at the jacket flap. “A Step Out of Time is, I understand, a tale of possession. It sounds scary.”

Alexandra watched herself shrug casually. Too casual. I look too cocky, too self-assured. She made a mental note to work on these perceived deficiencies.

“Possession and reincarnation are subjects I find thought-provoking. After all, who among us really can say as to whether or not we’ve lived before? Reincarnation in particular has always been a favorite topic of mine.”

That frozen smile again! I have to stop doing that. How does Joan make it look so easy?

“Well, it sounds fascinating—”

As they chatted on, the camera played across the audience. Alexandra leaned forward, eagerly scanning the crowd for their reaction, a feat she’d been unable to do during the actual taping. People are so fascinating. Her gaze fell on a man seated midsection and she sat forward, startled. Tall and lean, in his mid-forties, with a shock of thick, unruly dark brown hair, his cold blue eyes peered from behind the thin, wire-rimmed glasses he wore. She fumbled for the remote and froze the frame. There was something familiar about him, something she couldn’t quite grasp. Staring, she tried to place him. At length she rose, crossed to the TV screen, and traced the outline of the man’s face with the edge of her fingernail.

“Well, well,” she said. “It’s you! I almost didn’t recognize you with those glasses. And you’ve done something to your nose, too.”

Marc certainly had some explaining to do! When she’d asked him to accompany her to New York, he’d told her he had to work. Yet, there he was in the audience—she was certain of it—but why the disguise?

“Oh, yes, Marc, my friend,” she said with determination, “You’ve definitely got some explaining to do.”

She abruptly shut off the machine, reached for her coat, and glanced at her watch. He was working nights this week, but with any luck, she might still be able to catch him at home. She hesitated—this probably could wait until tomorrow. But there were other questions about him that bothered her, too, so she wouldn’t delay another minute. Men! She could never count on them.

A sense of unease about him returned, gnawed at her. So far, her fears had been unfounded, but…

* * * *

“As a suspense novel it absolutely hits the mark….If you are looking for a suspenseful tale, a battle between good and evil and a romance all wrapped together, then you need look no further than Bound by Blood.” – Michelle Puffer, Rites of Romance.com


“If you enjoy Barbara Michaels, then be sure and read this fascinating start to what appears to be a series. Just leave the lights on while you do.” – G. Kilgore, Romance BLOG


In...(Bound by Blood)... she has captured all the elements of a master mystery, thrown in some unsavory characters, some endearing and some down right creepy ones as well, and spiced up the read with hair-raising supernatural undertones that will keep you glued to the pages. The ending leaves you both satisfied and anxious because you know this story is only just beginning. Excellent read! One of her finest! - Shirley Johnson, Sr. Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW


"...you are in for one helluva shock at the end. BOUND BY BLOOD combines spine-tingling chills, legends, and a little romance that readers will enjoy." - Sinclair Reid -Romance Reviews Today


"...In what can only be described as exhilarating, Bound by Blood grabs you tight and keeps you in suspense until the very last page. Be forewarned reading this before settling in to bed is not a wise idea; it could produce vivid and intense dreams. Masterfully written in a class of suspense all it’s own it is one book that is hard to beat..." -Jayne, FALLEN ANGEL REVIEWS - FIVE ANGEL "RECOMMENDED READ"


Bound by Blood takes hold of you and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last paragraph... This is one book you will want to read again and again to make sure that you have not missed anything. 4 Roses from My Book Cravings.


"In this new book she has captured all the elements of a master mystery, thrown in some unsavory characters, some endearing and some down right creepy ones as well, and spiced up the read with hair-raising supernatural undertones that will keep you glued to the pages. The ending leaves you both satisfied and anxious because you know this story is only just beginning. Excellent read! One of her finest!" - Shirley Johnson, Sr. Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.


Bound by Blood is an astounding book. T C Lotempio has created an outstanding thriller. Bound by Blood is a superb read on a dark and dreary night, especially if you like being scared.
From Sensual Reads


Awesome, intriguing, and totally captivating, this story will have you most definitely biting your nails. From one moment to the next, you never know who the true killer is, though you may think you do...Ms. Lotempio has given us a story that will have you sleeping with the lights on.

Coffeetime Romance, 4 cup review

Fiction Books :: Thrillers Books

ISBN: 1593746598
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746599
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 240
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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