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Blue Coat
Mary Jean Kelso
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Cavalry Lieutenant Winslow Brighton, stationed below the mining town of Virginia City, Nevada, responds to an Indian massacre. There he discovers a young woman has been taken hostage by a renegade Apache.

In his efforts to rescue Laura O’Connell, his heart is torn between the fashionable young lady he is engaged to, Elizabeth, and Laura, a quick-tempered redhead who is determined to live or die in this new country on her own terms—whatever her fate.

Meanwhile, Amethyst (Amy), a prostitute Win has grown fond of, waits anxiously for his return. She knows it’s unrealistic to fall in love with a customer. But, she also knows emotions are irrational and she has already suffered enough.

A horrific scream reverberated through the night air. The unexpected cry halted an entire troop of bone-weary cavalry soldiers in their tracks.

Lieutenant Winslow Brighton reined his chestnut Morgan tight.

“Shhhh, Blaze,” he whispered as he reached forward and cupped his fingers over the horse’s nostrils for silence. The animal stood alert, awaiting its master’s next command.

“What the hell was that, sir?” the man on his right whispered.

“I don’t know, Sergeant Major. Whatever it was, it can’t be good.”

Lieutenant Brighton looked ahead across the moonlit landscape in the direction where the unnerving sound had emanated. The hair on the back of his neck still prickled from the eerie call. The tortured scream was unnerving beyond anything he had ever heard.

He attempted to pinpoint the source of the cry. The moonlight displayed unrealistic shadows across the low, rolling desert hills of northern Nevada territory. Scrub juniper and sagebrush took on low images of danger. A tumbleweed brushed by, in an abrupt gust of wind from the rear, bumping Blaze’s fetlock and causing the animal to sidestep nervously.

“Easy, Blaze.” Damned Washoe Zephyr. Never knew when a gust would blow.

The pungent, fresh-ground-pepper smell of the sagebrush, after a brief summer shower, tingled the nostrils of man and beast. God, he hated this job of scouring out pockets of renegade Paiutes! He never knew when a rampaging Indian might leap from the underbrush to ambush them.

Isn’t it enough that the entire population of an incoming wagon train was slaughtered earlier in the day? What were the savages up to now?

Seeing no evidence of the enemy nearby, the lieutenant looked at the stars searching for clouds that might block the moon. The stars are the one redeeming quality of this country. On those rare occasions when he had leisure time to study them, he felt as if they were so close he could nearly touch them. Tonight, they served only as a guide. In the middle of the desert, under a full moon, with those bright stars giving him his bearings, Winslow Brighton braced his legs against his horse’s sides. His tall, slim body stiffened in the stirrups, hoisting himself higher off his saddle, he strained to see farther in the pale light. He held his breath, listening for any noise, watching for any movement.

The clumps of irregular sagebrush could easily hide an unfriendly Indian. The distorted shadows the moonlight cast from the brush didn’t help matters.

Did savages surround the entire detachment? Maybe the scream was a diversion.

Lieutenant Winslow Brighton was not a conventional officer. He would not send a man on a dangerous mission that he would not attempt himself. He knew it was regulation to stay and command the troop. And, although he had attended Officers Training School and understood the rules well, he preferred to take his own risks and leave someone else behind in temporary command.

He settled back into his saddle, leaned sideways and whispered to the sergeant major next to him, “Ride back, quietly, and tell the men to stay here. I’ll take Jackson and scout up ahead.”

Jackson was a large, muscular man who had proven himself to be unbeatable in previous battles. Lieutenant Brighton knew he could depend on him to think on his feet and, although he made a big target, he was agile and wily. Just the type of man he wanted at his side in a pinch.

“You man the troops and wait until one of us returns. If we’re not back by sunup, send someone for reinforcements.”

“Maybe it was a big cat, sir,” the sergeant major said. “Heard tell they scream like a woman in pain.”

“Yeah,” the handsome, dark-haired, blue-eyed lieutenant answered with a catch in his voice. They could only hope it was a wild animal. Too vividly he remembered the silent wagon train they had inspected a half-day’s ride back in the Forty Mile Desert.

"Blue Coat is a powerful saga of love, courage and determination against all obstacles in a new land filled with promises and heartbreak. A story in which Calvary men and their loved ones have more at stake than just protection from Indians; they also have lives and loves and painful decisions. This masterpiece is so dynamic with a wide range of emotions that the reader feels a part of the characters. My heart went out to Laura when Angry Bear left her bound and gagged. She had incredible strength that made her a winner. Amy was a determined woman in her own ways and enhanced the story. Ms. Kelso pens a story that will long be remembered. The secondary characters are well rounded, making this one extraordinary read. Ms. Kelso vividly puts you into the picturesque landscape. The ending exploded remarkably and made my heart leap with joy. Bravo to an excellent story that excels. This is a recommended read."

Reviewed by: Linda L 5 Angel RECOMMENDED READ, Fallen Angel Reviews

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ISBN: 1593744773
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593744779
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 320
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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