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The Bloody Knife
Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton
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A knife, that swift and silent killer, can be a deadly weapon whether in the hands of a sworn enemy or a so-called friend. In The Bloody Knife—six tales of mystery and suspense, in each story a knife plays a crucial role.
A high school girl knows a deadly secret about the leader of the Dragons.

On a Paris subway a tourist comes face to face with the Metro Stalker.
A vacation goes wrong when a camper-trailer becomes a death trap.
A mystery writer with psychic powers has written the beginning of a novel; now the killer intends to write the ending...to his life's story.

When the chips are down, there’s no one to turn to, no one to trust. In each story the main character faces the consequences of a snap decision and fears the hand that wields The Bloody Knife.

Tami uncovers a secret about the leader of The Dragons...if she lives long enough to tell what she knows.

Tami blinked as she stepped from the sprawling mall into the bright sunlight. Out of sheer boredom, she had walked the almost four miles from the ranch to the shopping center on the outskirts of Wilmount. Renata, her best friend, had opted to stay home and shampoo her hair for tonight’s party, so Tami had set off alone. She halted with uncertainty in the parking lot, dreading the long, dreary distance she must cover on foot. For once, she was glad this trip had been a bust—at least she didn’t have to lug any heavy packages.

She glanced around, looking for some of her crowd from high school, hoping to catch a ride with someone she knew. Seeing no familiar faces, she ambled through the stifling heat, past the convenience stores and fast food chains that lined the outer edge of town toward the rain-swollen banks of the Blackfoot River.

The mugginess, caused by yesterday’s rain, prompted her to take the shortcut. The deserted, dirt road that linked the two highways would save about a half-mile. The furnace-like heat penetrated the shade of drooping branches and slowed her steps; she should have listened to Renata and stayed home. But why? Mom and Dad had left early this morning to spend the day with Aunt Carrie.

The heavy stillness was broken by a sudden blast of music. With a start Tami turned, recognizing Rafe Sheridan’s black Trans Am. Speeding wheels left trails of dust as the car rounded a sharp curve and headed toward her.

Rafe belonged to the worst gang in school. They called themselves The Dragons—not very inventive, but extremely scary to the kids from Wilmount High.

Tami had a special reason to fear them, especially the leader, Chuck Filbert. She had seen Chuck Friday after school, brandishing a switchblade knife etched with a strange, dragon insignia. She shuddered as she thought of the knife handle, the dragon’s eyes red like tiny drops of blood. The knife matched the description of the one used a week ago in the robbery of Brian’s Texaco. The attendant had suffered serious injuries from the cruel attack. He had been flown to the medical center in Missoula where he still lingered between life and death.

Tami had talked it over with her friend, Renata, who had told her she couldn’t do anything but keep silent. But Tami wasn’t sure she could do that, even though doing otherwise would mean a sacrifice of her own safety.

Tami’s heart sank. At least Rafe wasn’t accompanied by Chuck Filbert or any of his other scummy friends. She glimpsed him through the glare of the windshield, a wavering of strong features, a contrast of penetrating blue eyes and dark hair. Despite his good looks, despite the way he often lingered beside her locker, she had always been quick to avoid him. Even though at times she had been tempted to believe he was different from his friends, for he never tried to act tough, disrespectful, or angry.

She held her breath as the car screeched to a stop a few feet from her. Rafe sprang agilely from the front seat. For the first time she noted the width of his powerful shoulders, the muscles that bulged from strong, sun-tanned arms.

His following her had been deliberate. In this total isolation she would never be able to escape from him.

“You shouldn’t be out here alone,” he said. Nothing taunting in his words. He never tried to emulate Chuck, the way the other guys did. “Jump in. I’ll drive you home.”

Even if he did intend to take her to the ranch, the two of them would be alone. She found herself edging back toward the thick growth of pines and cottonwoods. “No, thanks. I came out for the exercise.”

Rafe brushed back the strands of straight, damp hair that clung to his forehead. “In this heat?” He stepped closer. “No, for your own good, I’m going to have to insist that you come with me.”

"A collection of mystery stories that will definitely keep you reading. The variety of characters and plots placed in different settings offers the reader a satisfying way to spend some time.Death stalks young women in some of the stories and in others you will find a surprise awaiting you. Things are not always as they seem--while you're looking for a villain in one direction, it will sneak up on you from the other.
The weapon of choice binds the stories together and the common theme is murder, but each tale is different. The reasons the killers use to justify their deeds are very human and too often real.Recommended reading for any mystery lover. Two talented authors have created intrigue and excitement as murder takes knife in hand. Enjoy. I certainly did. Reviewed by Anne K. Edwards, Murder and Mayhem"

Fiction Books :: Suspense Books

ISBN: 1593740417
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593740412
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 191
Paper Weight (lb): 8.4

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