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Birdsinger's woman
Sherry Derr-Wille
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When Kit Lancer made the trip from Madison to Peoria for an Indian pow-wow, she never expected to find herself in an ancient Indian village with an ancient people. Transported through time by a bolt of lightning and a crack of thunder, she soon realizes she cannot return to the twenty-first century and the life she once led.

Atiko, is surprised to find a strange woman lying on the beach below the bluff where he is standing. He is awed by this Spirit Woman from the future and soon finds himself hopelessly in love with her. When fate rips her from his arms he realizes he will do anything to make her his own, including giving up his freedom.

“I can’t believe you’re going to drive for four hours to go to some animal park and watch a bunch of Indian wanna-be’s dance around in a circle,” Elaine commented.

Kit closed her suitcase. “They aren’t ‘wanna-be’s’ as you put it and besides, it’s a tradition. My dad and I have been going to the powwow ever since Mom died.”

“But your dad has been dead for five months.”

“I know, but this is something I have to do.” Silently she added, as much as I’m doing this to stay close to Dad, I’m also looking forward to seeing Carter again.

Kit allowed her mind to wander back four years ago, when her father took her to her first powwow. She had been a senior in high school and mourning the death of her mother only a few months earlier. The park had been one of Kit’s favorite places to visit as a child, and her father thought it would be a perfect way to celebrate her eighteenth birthday.

They had been surprised when they found the accommodations within the park filled. Being late April, neither of them expected not to be able to stay in one of the unique settings. Upon their arrival, they were pleasantly surprised to find an authentic Indian powwow in full swing.

They were just in time for the blessing of the buffalo grounds, a ceremony that left them both speechless. After it was finished, they walked the grounds until it was time for the dancing to begin.

It was at that first powwow, that Kit met Carter. He had danced with such savage abandon that she couldn’t help but watch for him to round the sacred circle. When there was a break in the dancing, Kit mustered all her courage and made her way to where Carter stood and asked to take his picture.

Since then their meetings had become a yearly event. With each passing year their friendship had grown. Now they exchanged e-mails on an almost daily basis. After getting to know Carter so well electronically, Kit had decided to give herself to him, at some point during the weekend.

Elaine’s voice broke through the pleasurable memories, bringing Kit back to her dorm room and the half packed suitcase.

“It’s not too late for you to come with me,” she told Elaine. She hoped the final invitation would take Elaine’s mind off whatever comments she had made previously.

Elaine threw up her hands in mock horror. “You want me to commune with nature! Not on your life.”

“The hotel has a spa and they have a craft show at the powwow. You might enjoy it. What else do you have to do this weekend?”

Elaine seemed to take a moment to consider the offer. While she did, Kit wondered why she had made the suggestion. Deep down she knew. This would be a hard trip for her to make alone. She had a lot of emotions to deal with, but they were necessary if she wanted to honor her father. Of course, there was her plan to be with Carter. She could certainly use all the moral support she could get if she planned to seduce him.

“Spa? Shopping?” Elaine questioned.

“That’s what I said.”

“It could be interesting.”

“In order to shop, you have to go to the park with me.”

Elaine shrugged her shoulders. “I guess a day with nature won’t kill me. What do you think I should wear?”

It was all Kit could do to keep from laughing out loud when Elaine held up a pair of heels and a white skirt. “I think you need a little reeducation,” Kit said, as she reached into Elaine’s closet and pulled out a pair of Capri pants with a matching over shirt and tank top. “This will be perfect for the powwow. If we can believe the weather forecast on the Internet, this outfit should be not only fashionable, but also comfortable. Be sure to put in a pair of tennis shoes. We’ll be doing a lot of walking.”

Elaine rolled her eyes heavenward. “What have I gotten myself into?”

“You’ll see, we’ll have a great time.”

* * * *

Overall rating: 5 Hearts "I honestly have never seen an author mix the past and future together so easily. I didn't find one page that didn't contain some type of twist or turn for the characters in the book. The story was so descriptive with the Indian history and rituals and even though all the characters are unique they are all there for a specific purpose and fit extremely well together. A definite keeper for my shelves!" Reviewer: Angel, The Romance Studio


"This fabulous time travel romance is a captivating read. It’s full of amazing characters and wonderful surprises. Early on, it seems as if there’s no way there will be a happy ending for everyone, but the author delivers one in a believable and delightful way. BIRDSINGER’S WOMAN is well written and highly enjoyable. If you’re a time travel lover, you don’t want to miss this one." Reviewed by Renee, Sizzling Romances


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ISBN: 1593741138
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741136
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 228
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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