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Beyond The Rock
Alice Blue
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Letty Schultz and her four young children are physically and verbally abused by husband, Rudolf Schultz. When Letty finally fights back, she thinks she has killed him by hitting him on the head with an iron skillet. Letty flees with the children so she won’t go to prison and leave the children with Rudolf. They go down the Rock River and across Lake Koshkonong. She wonders what lies beyond the Rock River, on her way to her brother in Colorado.

Widower David Whitfield loses interest in his law practice in Wisconsin. He would rather raise horses. He agrees to help a deputy take a prisoner to Omaha. He decides to continue on to Colorado to visit his best friend, Letty's brother, Ed Winthrop.

Letty and David remember a time in their youth when they had planned a life together, and now they looked forward to doing that. And when irate husband Rudolf arrives in Colorado, Letty is prepared both mentally and physically. She also has divorce papers.

June 1886

Run, Danny, Run!” Letitia Schultz pushed her young son behind her before his father hit him again. She warily watched her irate forty-year-old husband, Rudolf, as she and Danny backed slowly around the kitchen’s heavy oak table toward the outside door and safety.

All it had taken was for Mother Schultz to innocently an-nounce how nice it was that David Whitfield returned to Fort Atkinson from New York, to move into his deceased father’s house. Since his high society wife had become something of an invalid, he had decided to return home so she could enjoy a quiet existence that country living afforded her. When he did, he’d taken over his father’s law practice.

That news had sent Letty’s husband into a viciously jeal-ous tirade about her former beau. Rudy’s sister, Marta, hur-ried upstairs. A frightened Mother Schultz quickly retired to her room. Their three younger children scampered to bed like small mice to their holes. Rudolf angrily snapped his wide sus-penders, then stomped off to the nearest tavern.

Now he had returned, drunk, and angrier than ever. His shouts rattled the window panes. “You will not take up with Whitfield! You will not talk to Whitfield! I forbid it! You hear me now!”

Once Letty saw her sturdy nine-year-old run to safety she tossed her heavy brown braid out of the way and faced her fu-rious husband. Determination surged through every vein. She slapped a hand down on the table. The lamp flame bounced in-side the glass chimney. She hastily moved the lamp to safety on a shelf, not taking her eyes from his temper-mottled face.

“I have no intention of taking up with David Whitfield. You have destroyed any interest I would ever have in any man, Rudolf Schultz! You’re drunk! This cannot go on the rest of our lives!” She faced him, her small chin firmly set.

He grabbed the leather belt from the nail by the kitchen door, swinging it as he upended the heavy table and lunged at her. Letty dodged the belt but his other fist caught the side of her face. The rank smell of the special German beer he or-dered at the tavern gagged her. His heavy body odor and foul words swirled around her dazed senses as he lurched at her, big hands ready to violently shake her, or choke her, she knew not which. She stumbled backward against the big wood stove. As she jumped to keep from being burned she snatched the handle of the recently cleaned iron skillet set to dry at the cooler end of the stove.

He lunged at her, ready to hit her again. Letty swung the skillet, striking the side of his head! Blood gushed from the wound! His body fell to the floor with a hard thump.

She dropped the skillet. Both hands covered her mouth to keep from screaming. Only a whimper escaped. “Oh God, I’ve killed him!” She stared down at him in horror. “They’ll throw me in prison. What will become of my children?”

* * *

This is just a nice, easy-going romance. You won’t find any torrid love scenes, but a satisfying story all the same. What I really liked, though, was Letty’s courage to go out and dare to change her life.

The descriptions and characters in this story are very realistic. As Letty and the children ventured across the country, I was constantly sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if they would get away from the sheriff undetected, or make it through the river’s rapids to shore. You certainly will not be bored reading it.

Reviewed by: Kathy 4 Angels

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ISBN: 1593741847
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593741846
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 248
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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