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Arpetta Honor
Annette Snyder
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Lorenz Arpetta’s life seemed perfect. A prominent attorney, married to a beautiful girl from the well known Ousterhause family, his advantaged life stood a far cry from his childhood as impoverished living on the streets of Italy. Who knew the years would turn to hiding secrets of a family name?

Married and widowed at a young age wasn’t Jane’s idea of success though her life held that path. Assuming responsibility of service, she tucked disappointment of lost dreams behind. Who knew her feelings for Lorenz would flare to such unrequited heights?

With confidentialities of the Ousterhause name kept, Lorenz vows to honor his pledge regardless of consequence.
With Jane’s admirable promise, the reputation of Arpetta Manor remains intact.
As Lorenz and Jane struggle with restriction, will they find that admiration and strength are enough to survive tragedy and bring a love alive?

Lorenz Arpetta felt taller than he ever had. Maybe it was his suit, darker than the blackest night, or the way he felt as his life progressed, with a good life blazing before him. Maybe he didn’t feel taller at all. Maybe proud was the word. Proud of his accomplishments as one of New York’s finest attorneys, that he’d been promoted to partner of a prominent law firm, overflowing with pride that he stood at the granite stairway leading up to the church waiting to marry the most beautiful girl he’d ever met. And Lorenz did it all on his own. His suit, law school, and Miss Olivia Ousterhause. Lorenz made a name for himself in the best way against all the negativity he’d been taught. How would the police in Italy feel if they saw him standing in front of the church marrying into the prominent Ousterhause family? It was almost comical. Lorenz wondered if he should send a wedding picture to the entire Italian police force just to prove he’d actually done something with his life. And they told him he’d never be more than a petty thief! He grew to be so much more. Proud. Proud is the word!

“Lorenz?” Her voice rang from behind, an angel over his shoulder, and he turned in surprise.

“Darling, it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” He was surprised she didn’t hold that thought. Olivia always thought of those silly things.

“Close your eyes. Don’t look. I-I was nervous and I had to see you. I’ve been pacing back and forth for an hour. That hot little room they have me stuck in, and the constant smell of gardenias, you know how my mother loves them, is making my stomach turn. I had to get out. And then there’s the dust on that windowsill. I thought Mother hired someone to clean the church. It’s absolutely filthy!” Olivia made a face which showed her disgust with people’s incompetence.

Behind closed eyes, Lorenz smiled. Olivia hated dust. Her mother hired a cleaning lady but the staff missed a spot of dust on the windowsill behind the curtain where only Olivia found it. “You can hire your own cleaning staff for our home as soon as we get back from the honeymoon, darling. You can hire anyone you like. I wouldn’t worry about a little dust in an obscure place in a room you have to be in for an hour. How’s that?” Olivia liked things just so, but a little dust on her wedding day was nothing to get upset about.

“Oh, Lorenz. How can you say that? First it’s a little dust, then it’s something else and soon my whole day will be ruined. It starts out small.”

He could feel the panic set in over her. He’d seen it before and he didn’t want to have to spend an hour calming her down, not today, not when there were four hundred guests, scores of servers and a priest waiting to perform a ceremony. “You know what I’ll do?” His eyes were closed and he didn’t see her reaction. “I’m going up to clean that ledge right now for you. Then I’m going to find your mother and tell her not to pay that cleaning lady. You stay put and wait for someone to come get you.” He didn’t think a little dust would ruin their entire wedding day but she did and he wasn’t going to have Olivia in a tizzy because of it. “I’ll get rid of half of those gardenias too, as a little wedding gift.” He turned and bounded up the twenty granite steps before his bride had a chance to argue. Lorenz knew she remained in her spot, wanting to protest but hating the thought of the dust so much, it would bother her throughout the entire ceremony if it wasn’t gone. He knew it.

4 Stars, great read! “Handsome, Italian attorney Lorenz Arpetta was loyal to his wife Olivia, even though she was obviously mentally ill. He hired Jane to run the house and care for Olivia. Jane had the ability to keep the deranged woman calm. The relationship between Lorenz and Jane was deep love, although they were innocent of adultery.
Arpetta’s Honor by Annette Snyder is a great read. She slowly developed the relationship between Lorenz and Jane, keeping it innocent, yet exciting. The plot is interesting and keeps the reader turning pages. Fans of romance will enjoy Arpetta’s Honor.” Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com

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ISBN: 160313123X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131230
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 172
Paper Weight (lb): 7.4

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