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Angel In The Moonlight
Marie Patrick
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Callie Maxwell wants nothing more than to find the men responsible for the violence committed against her family and bring them to justice. She isn’t about to let Austin Kincaide, the by-the-book U.S. Marshal sent to solve the murders, stop her. Nor can she stop herself from falling in love with him even as she defies his orders not to interfere with his investigation. As the Angel of Justice, Callie’s alter-ego, she rides in the moonlight, daring the killers to try again.

Haunted by the memory of the woman he lost not once, but twice – first to the love of another man then to a tragic mistake which led to her death – Austin in a man shackled by the self-imposed rules he uses to protect his fragile heart.

Is Callie the woman with enough love in her heart to shatter Austin’s rules and let him love again?


The simple word seemed to vibrate throughout the study. “Why my family, Lord? Why have You taken them? Why have You left me alone?”

The same questions, asked so often over the last six weeks, still had no answers. The law couldn’t provide them; the people who had attacked her family were still free, still alive, as was she.
Callista Ruiz Maxwell folded her hands and prayed as she had done all her life. This time, she found no comfort in the simple rit-ual. This time, prayer did not soothe her, or take away the guilt that threatened to devour her.

She stood, catching her reflection in the mirror above the mantle. For a moment, she saw her mother’s eyes, the Ruiz grey-blue, which had been passed from generation to generation.

“Why, Mama? Make me understand,” she begged, and again received no response that would take away the pain…or the anger, which grew moment by moment, day by day, until she felt she must do something or perish.

Her mother’s eyes faded, and once more, Callie saw her own. “No!” she cried. “Don’t go, Mama. Don’t leave me.”

Unable to bear the sight of her own image, Callie picked up a crystal paperweight and sent it hurtling into the mirror. Her reflec-tion shattered, taking some of her pain and guilt, but none of her anger. Indeed, the satisfying sound of glass tinkling to the floor served to intensify her rage.

She turned toward the desk and, with one swipe of her arm, sent everything on its surface crashing to the floor. Books, pens, inkwell, and framed tintypes littered the fine Turkish carpet, but it wasn’t enough. The fury grew, filling her, making her hands trem-ble, making her stomach clench. She searched for something else to destroy, another treasure of the life she had known, a life which no longer existed.

Spying a porcelain figurine on the mantle, Callie picked it up and hurled it at the wall. The next figurine went the same way as the last, as did the third and fourth. She couldn’t stop herself. Each shard of shattered clay represented a broken dream, an unfulfilled promise. She grabbed a trophy her father had won for marksman-ship and sent it hurtling through the air.

“Hey!” The man standing in the doorway caught the trophy in one large hand. He held his hat in the other.

Callie stopped and stared, unable to draw a breath, or even blink. The shock of seeing a stranger in her doorway gave her pause and drew her up short. She had never felt so aware of another per-son before. His presence filled the room.

Ruggedly handsome, he had thick black hair, which fell in a gentle swoop across his forehead. Dark brows matched his hair and shadowed deep green eyes. His eyes were beautiful and haunting, but it was his mustache that caught her attention. Just covering his upper lip, it was lush and luxurious, black as pitch, and impressive.

Tight fitting black trousers emphasized the shape of his long legs, slim hips and lean waist. Slung low around his hips, he wore a two-holster gun belt, the pistols’ pearl handles worn and glowing in the sun-filled room. A white cotton shirt tucked neatly into the waistband of his trousers showed off the deepness of his tan, while the open collar revealed a mass of dark, crisp hair at the base of his throat. A leather vest with a shiny silver star pinned to one side completed his attire.

Helplessly, her eyes drifted back to his bushy black mustache. She couldn’t stop staring. It twitched under her scrutiny.

She raised her gaze to his and found him staring at her. An amused smile played on his lips, but the rest of his face remained unreadable. Her anger returned in a flash.

“Who the hell are you? How did you get in here?”

“Austin Kincaide, U.S. Marshal,” he said. “Your housekeeper let me in.” He scanned the room as he moved away from the door. A dark eyebrow lifted as he took in the mess.

“I’m sorry. I…ah…interrupted your…ah… ” He shifted his weight from one leg to the other. “You are Miss Maxwell?”

“Angel In The Moonlight is a romance with a plot twist at the end. Austin and Callie have chemistry from the beginning. The action is nonstop. Fans of romance will not want to miss Angel In The Moonlight.” Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


“This story is fabulous, Ms. Patrick did an outstanding job creating the atmosphere with her words, it was so vivid you felt like you were in the old west. I loved the relationship between the determined Austin Kincaide, and the fiery Callie Ruiz. The bad guys were really, really bad, the good guys were really, really good, and the nut-case was a true lunatic. This story was so vivid I half expected John Wayne to ride in with his white hat and help save the day. This is an outstanding read!” - Desiree de Cleves, Enchanting Reviews


“I loved the way that Callie was independent and that she let no man run over her, not a U.S. Marshall, even if he is her husband. And though Austin had once lost love, he finally opened his eyes and realized that he had something priceless right under his nose and grabbed it before that elusive gift was lost once more. Passionate and in places heartbreaking, Angel in the Moonlight is a great read.” - Reviewed by Melisa, Simply Romance Reviews


“Angel in the Moonlight has everything you want in a book. It consists of adventure, deception, romance, a hero and a heroine, justice, and a happy ending. Callie’s stubbornness and determination makes her someone all women can relate to. Kincaide is a no nonsense kind of guy but also a protector to Callie. I enjoyed the fact that Callie helped play an enormous part in bringing justice to her family’s killers. This book was such a joy to read that I was sad when it ended. I look forward to checking out more stories by Marie Patrick.” 5 Angels! Reviewed by: Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews


“Out-of-control emotions set the stage for Angel in the Moonlight. Callie Maxwell, heir of the Los Arcos Iris Ranch in Arizona territory, has been pushed to the brink with the murder of her parents and cruel rape of her sister. Grief, guilt, and lack of progress in finding the guilty men have clouded her judgment. Angel in the Moonlight is an enthralling escape into the Old West and has an Angel of Justice in it that you won't want to miss.” Reviewed by Camellia, The Long And Short Of It Reviews

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ISBN: 1603131159
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603131155
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 294
Paper Weight (lb): 12.2

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