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Alien Genes 2

Petra Theunissen
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Now on Krinis, the Algidan home planet, Cathy has to come to grips with being the Chosen One, as well as her growing powers. Her first task is to go to Infitalis, the City of the North, to enlist the help of their Council in the struggle for power between the Algidans and Antediluvians. But once there, she learns that she and her friends are trapped inside the mesmerising city unless she kills the city’s Consciousness. Reluctant to commit such a deed, her actions set into motion a chain reaction that will lead to civil war on Krinis and a shock revelation about the man she loves.

The volcanic structure was filled with silence, interrupted only by the intermittent hiss of steam escaping from the vents outside. Her bared knees rested on the extravagantly woven pillows and her long braided hair tumbled down onto her ruby dress. She seemed to be in a trance, with her eyes closed and her hands resting on a round orb with gold inlay.

Not far from her side, huddled in the corner, was a young man. He sat quietly, his dark eyes never leaving her face. It was as if he were waiting for something to happen. His own face was tattooed with crimson swirls and his long black hair was kept in place by a decorative golden comb.

Suddenly the woman leaned back, removed her hands from the orb, and opened her eyes. It took a few moments before their burning redness returned to a black color.

Then her eyes searched the room until they met his.

“It is time,” she said.

He nodded as if he understood her perfectly. “What shall I tell them?”

“She has found the One.”

He got up, flicking his crimson cape back over his muscular shoulder, and paused.

“They will want to know—will she succeed?”

The woman had stood up, covering the orb with a gold-trimmed cloth. She didn’t respond immediately.
“That I cannot—will not—tell them. It is not for them to know,” she said softly.

He nodded. “I shall convey that to them.”

Then he left the structure, moving the material-like drape aside and bending vaguely as he moved through the exit.

His black leather-bound sandals trod carefully along the path across the thermal vents, avoiding the sporadic venting of steam as if he knew exactly where and when it would happen.

The sunlight reflected off the grey volcanic rock and the smell of sulphur hung heavy in the air. It was a humid day and a mild sweat ran down his temples.

A group of people were waiting restlessly at the edge of the thermal area. Their figures dotted the rocky landscape irregularly, like white giant flowers. They seemed oddly out of place.

Their faces lit up when they saw the young man approaching them.

An elderly man stepped forward, urgency seething in his eyes. “Does the Seer have news?”
The young man’s face was expressionless. “Yes.”

When he didn’t elaborate, the elderly man could scarcely contain his impatience. “Well?”
A group member took him by the arm, scowling. “Now, now, Haydn, be patient. We have waited for a long time. We can wait a few minutes longer.”

Her compatriot backed off, seemingly embarrassed.

“Yes, you are right as always, Etna. We can wait for him to give us the news.” He nodded encouragingly at the young man. “Well? What did she say?”

The young man’s gaze darted from the one to the other before he slowly answered. “The Seer has asked me to tell you that she has found the One.”

The band of people stirred, and their eyes turned towards the young man, waiting for him to provide details.
When he didn’t, the one called Haydn frowned testily. “And? Will she succeed this time?”

The young man remained unmoved. “That the Seer cannot tell you.”

“What!” This time the woman stepped forward, fussing. “How can she not tell us? We need to know!”
The young man hesitated, seemingly uncomfortable as the group clustered around him.
But before he could reply, a calm voice came from behind him.

“No! You do not.”

The woman in the ruby dress crossed the footpath, lithe as a cat. The gold adornments gently jingled with every step she took.

Her voice was a gentle reprimand. “Etna, you of all people should know that it is not meant for us to know the future.”

The elderly woman cast her gaze downward ruefully and said, “Yes—but we have waited so long.”
“And you can wait a little longer. Is that not what you have just said to Haydn?” The woman in the ruby dress smiled. “I know what you are thinking, Etna. You want to undo the past, but you cannot. What is done is done.”

“Theunissen weaves a yarn that transcends the bonds of human time to reveal a species that has been awaiting its savior for millennia. When Cathy, a student of ancient history, befriends an unusual gentleman, she finds herself involved in a series of events that are unbelievable. What is even more fantastic is that this alien race communicates through telepathy and she has been hearing voices and reliving visions from someone else’s past. Invited to an excavation dig, Cathy is poisoned, kidnapped, injected with alien DNA and left to realize that she is the hope of restoration for this alien race. A tale with twists and turns, Alien Genes I, Daughter of Atuk is a finely woven tale with much potential for a series and adventures to come.” Lisa, Night Owl Romance Reviews

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ISBN: 160313364X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603133647
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 340
Paper Weight (lb): 7.4

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