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Spellbound Trilogy Book 3

Rhonda Plummer
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Cinnamon Prescott has a fairy godmother with an attitude and a shoe fetish. And if that isn’t enough to test Cinn’s patience, her absentminded, meddling aunt has cast a spell to hasten the arrival of her prince charming.

Within days of closing a major case, the last thing FBI agent Jack Cutter needs is a distraction. But a chance encounter puts Cinnamon’s life in danger and right in the middle of his undercover operation.

Add a vengeance-seeking ghost, Cinnamon’s supernatural powers and a three hundred year old spell to the mix and Jack quickly loses control of his case and his heart.

Forced to evaluate everything they thought they knew about themselves and what they saw as their future, Jack and Cinnamon discover that trust is the key to their future happiness.

Dreamland Casino, Las Vegas

“Is he a good kisser?”

“Go away,” Cinnamon Prescott said with a hiss.

A warm, golden funnel, heavily scented with Opium perfume, swirled around Cinnamon. A paper napkin danced across the Formica tabletop. In the center of the table, the flame in the votive candle went out. The tea Cinnamon had let grow cold slouched over the rim of the mug.

As the mini tornado waltzed across the pale blue tabletop, gold star shaped confetti appeared. Reaching the booth’s navy blue vinyl seat, the funnel hovered. As the gold stars faded, Salina Owens’ ghostly presence materialized.

Salina’s blonde hair was a riot of corkscrew curls. A skin tight, metallic gold bodysuit’s V-neck ended a hair above her navel. The bodysuit and ultra thin strands of gold, roped around Salina’s neck, shimmered and sparkled.

Uninvited company was bad enough. One who made Cinnamon feel like a frumpy bag lady sitting next to a beautiful golden cat on the prowl was just plain unfair.

“Don’t scowl,” Salina chided. “It’s not hospitable.”

Swallowing a sarcastic comeback, Cinnamon arched a brow. “Who is ‘he’?”

“The man you’re mooning over.”

“There is no man.” The half-truth held a sharp bite. Since awakening, Cinnamon had been sending messages to her deceased mother, Caitlin. She had wanted—correction, needed—her advice, and a big dose of motherly pampering.

Salina was a walking encyclopedia of advice, as long as it circled around clothing, shoes, hair, shoes, lingerie, shoes, then looped back to clothing. Pampering involved a pedicure and full body massage, not a hug, soothing words and a batch of homemade cookies.

“Bullshit! You’re young, pretty, single, and sitting alone in a café at five in the morning.

“By the way, that sloppy ponytail looks awful. With your red hair, stop wearing pumpkin; the color makes you look sick. And baggy sweatpants and t-shirts are an eyesore that should be outlawed. Instead of a cup of tea, why didn’t you head to the lounge to drown your problems in something sweet, fuzzy and potent? Who’s the guy?”

“Thanks for the kind words, and oh-so-not-asked-for advice. I had a dream. Couldn’t go back to sleep. As for the tea I wanted something calming, not stimulating. Satisfied?”

“Good thing I’m accustomed to the Prescott sarcasm or I’d think you didn’t like me. There’s a fully stocked kitchen in the penthouse. You didn’t need to come down to the casino to stick a tea bag in hot water.”

Hell’s bells. Cinnamon arched a brow and tapped a finger against her arm.

Salina smiled, fluttered her fake eyelashes, and purred. “I have all the time in the world. Tell me about the dream. I’m here to help.”

“You are my brother-in-law’s mother. In case you’ve forgotten, you are dead, as in no longer breathing. No offense, but I don’t want your advice. Besides, you couldn’t change anything if you knew.”

Salina shivered. Her assets jiggled like Jell-O.

“I’m not dead. Your folks, Walker’s papa Gus, and I are simply in a different dimension. And don’t forget we’re related. It might be distant, but we share the same Grandmamma’s gypsy blood. So think of me as your older sister.”

Cinnamon snorted.

“Today is your lucky day. I have officially become your fairy godmother.”

“This has to be a cosmic joke. Where are the cameras? Mom has to be hiding somewhere, because Dad wouldn’t participate in a candid camera joke.”

“Lower your voice or everyone in the casino will hear you. This isn’t a joke; being a fairy godmother is serious business. And I plan on being five-star rated, the best of the best. Your mother is under strict orders not to interfere.”

“Fairy godmothers are sweet, chubby, and maternal. In that outfit and without an ounce of fat on your frame, you don’t come close to fitting the part.”

“Though one of her aunts is named Pesty, Cinnamon Prescott might want to apply that name to more than one relative, namely, her sister-in-law's late mother, Sarina,whose ghost has been assigned to be her fairy godmother. As a result, she has a flamboyant spook trailing her all over Vegas, trying to "help" her snag a soul mate so that she does not give herself to the wrong man, thus losing her "gift", the paranormal talent she was bequeathed by being descended from one particular woman.

Cinn's talent is for healing, and often turns out to be rather inconvenient, as she might find herself pulled astrally to another place and forced to use it, exhausting herself. Losing her gift and her virtue to the wrong guy does have appeal, and since the man she most wants to be with has not been tagged as her soul's true love, that sounds like a very good prospect to happen. However, Aunt Pesty did cast the spell that was supposed to speed up Cinn getting her dream of a mate, and her magic is notoriously wrong. Could Jack actually be the one? If Cinnamon ever wants to be godmother free, she'll have to find out.” – Reviewer Amanda Killgore


4 Stars! “Alacazam is a paranormal romance. Cinnamon has a special talent. She can heal people. Many times, she has found herself transported to a place where she is needed. She has suddenly acquired a Fairy God Mother. Not just any FGM ,but one with a sense of humor and a temper. Among the characters are a large dog named Wolf, a sexy hunk named Jack, Joan, and Rosemary.

Cinnamon is from a long line of paranormals. They seem to have several individual talents. The setting is Las Vegas. Thieves are hitting casinos. Jack is working with security to capture them. Cinnamon is working with Jack to capture him. She also keeps having dreams about Eros, her soul mate. Jack comes to the rescue when Cinnamon’s life is endangered.

Rhonda Plummer adds just the right amount of humor to Alacazam, to keep readers smiling as they read. I like this story, but I thought there might be just a few too many secondary plots. My favorite character was the Fairy God Mother. She’s eccentric, but she has so much charm. All in all, Alacazam is a great read.”

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for ReviewYourBook.com


4 Hearts! “Coming from a long line of paranormals, Cinnamon Prescott stands to lose her healing powers if she doesn't marry her soul mate. She'd be glad to marry, if he'd appear somewhere other than in her dreams… Alacasm is a fun romp. Rhonda Plummer has a good imagination and sense of humor. Her descriptions alone put a smile on my face.” Reviewed by Vee, Night Owl Romance Reviews


“Reading Alacazam , I was both drawn in by the action and mystery and also frustrated by the romantic aspect. The happenings with Jack’s investigation kept me intrigued because while some of the players were known, there was still an element or two of the anonymous. The frustration came from being the reader and not one who is inside the story, so to speak. I thought that the clues given in Cinn’s destiny dreams were more than enough to tell her who the man was and it drove me nuts that she did not see them. Salina’s antics throughout the book also kept me entertained. Her own outfits and those that she designed for Cinn were sometimes quite unique.
While each book in the trilogy had a thing or two that I was not thrilled with, as a whole is extremely entertaining and definitely kept my interest going. I am hoping that Ms. Plummer will write more books with these characters. There are a couple of non-triplet characters that seem to fit into the story line perfectly.” Becky, Bitten By Books Reviews

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ISBN: 1603133821
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603133821
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 390
Paper Weight (lb): 16.2

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