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Aethereal's Pride
Christopher W. Wilcox Sr.
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When the Grays devastate the home world of the feline Guardian race called the Pride, a single family survives, rescued by the Æthereal. Resembling large lions and reared in a patriarchal society, can they adapt to the ways of the humans and Æthereals? Will the Ursars accept the addition of large predatory felines in their peaceful valley? When a much changed Spyder returns from near death to reveal the secret of the Ancients, the stage is set for a confrontation with the Grays.

Right on schedule, the meeting began in the conference area at the Borland Guardian Facility on Paradise. Ebon the Black, Guardian of Earth, watched as the facility began to fill. The facility, created to house the joint human and Æthereal force known as the Guardians, was both their home and the embarkation point for its many missions. As a part of the principle mission to protect the galaxy from the planet-stripping Grays, the Guardians also performed other missions. Divided within their species by color group, the Æthereal had eight functions. The Blacks, Browns, and Reds were warriors, charged with defending the planets. The Blues were scientists, while the Greens were explorers. The Oranges were also warriors, but their mission was to protect the Blues and Greens. The Golds were historians and scholars, and finally, the Whites were healers. Many of the mighty Æthereal had bonded with human partners in the years since they had chosen to reveal themselves to humanity. It had come as a shock to most humans to find their legends were true, for the Æthereal were fire-breathing dragons.

Together with the humans, the Æthereal had prevented a Gray invasion of the Earth, foiled a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear weapon in Washington, surveyed other worlds and established settlements on a few of them, and more recently, assisted a fellow Guardian world in wiping out a Gray incursion. The cost of that battle had been high, and that was the purpose of this meeting.

In addition to Forrest the Green and his mate, Laranja the Orange, the other senior members of the Exploration Corps and their Orange counterparts were also present, along with their human partners. Danny and Katarina, Forrest and Laranja’s partners, were not there. Ebon and Negron were conversing quietly at the front of the briefing room while the last of the stragglers came in.

“If everyone would please take a seat,” Negron said after a moment. A hush fell over the room as the Æthereals sat around the table and their human partners sat in the chairs along the walls.

Ebon stepped forward, and said, “Thank you all for coming. This is one of a series of briefings we are giving to all the various branches of the Guardians and to all Æthereals. It concerns the recent battle against the Grays we fought in conjunction with the Ursars on one of their out-system worlds.” He let the group settle back and then said, “As you may be aware, we sustained high losses during the battle because of an unexpected weakness in the shield developed by the humans.

“In retrospect, the flaw was obvious and we all should have seen it. The shield does not cover either our feet or our heads. This means the Gray beam weapon can seriously damage our claws and allowing the beam to strike our unprotected heads is fatal. Scientists, both human and Æthereal, are working on extending the shield to provide protection to our heads and feet. Until a fix is found, however, it is important that all of us remember our limitations. Avoid any direct head-on confrontations. Turn to the side and let your human partner use the shield cannon to return fire. Is this clear to everyone?”

Making sure he looked each and every Guardian in the eye and that they all nodded their heads, he waited before he spoke again. “Okay, next point. The unalterable fact is the Grays now know we have a defense against their beam weapons. That means we can soon expect them to change their tactics and possibly their weaponry. It is an inevitable point of history that as soon as one side develops a counter to the other side’s weapons, it results in an armaments race to newer and more deadly military hardware.

"So far this book is this reviewer’s favorite of the whole series. It was bright with humor and hope, and touched on some more of our historical myths and legends. Dragons are real, and perhaps we have some racial memories of the so-called Ancients that exist to this day in our legends of elves and the like.

The Ursar, giant purple bears, are still this reviewer’s favorite creature in the series, though the Pride, the new feline additions, are definitely worthy of notice. The gender issues that divide the race is an eerie echo of our own history and brings up some important points about how some of our darker myths have perpetuated gender discrimination.

This reviewer cannot recommend this series enough. So far it is one of the most enjoyable reads he has encountered and hopes that the author will see fit to revisit and expand this remarkable universe many more times in the future."

Reviewed by Saje, LoveRomances.com, 5 Hearts


"Aethereal's Pride continues the exciting science-fiction series by Christopher W. Wilcox Sr., exploring the stories of the dragon-like Aetherals, Guardians of the universe. Mr. Wilcox is suffused with imagination and skilled in delineating many characters in each novel. Each installment of this series evokes a new and different world, all skillfully constructed." Two Lips Reviews


"Talented author Christopher W. Wilcox Sr. opens portals into several subplots that weave together in a well told fun read that is rich in characters and the unusual forms they take. Felines, humans, dragons and bear-like creatures all exist together and try to solve certain problems that have cropped up when a feline home world is destroyed.
This is a tale any fantasy or sci-fi fan will enjoy. I'm pleased to recommend it to any reader who is searching for something different. Enjoy. I did." ~ Anne K. Edwards, mysteryfiction.net


“This is a great and original sci-fi series. Where else will you read of dragons, enormous purple bears, and human-like lions in a modern setting defending the universe with humans from little gray men?” Gretchen, Fallen Angel Reviews, 4 Angels


“Talented author Christopher W. Wilcox Sr. opens portals into several subplots that weave together in a well told fun read that is rich in characters and the unusual forms they take. This is a tale any fantasy or sci-fi fan will enjoy. I'm pleased to recommend it to any reader who is searching for something different.” Review by Anne K. Edwards 01/17/07, http://www.mysteryfiction.net/reviews.html


“Christopher W. Wilcox Sr. is quite a talent at world-building in this near-futuristic science fiction series. He has the capacity of creating many new species and making them believable to the reader, yet without bludgeoning us with details. His characters are likeable and inspire our empathy, and the plot is sufficiently realistic and intertwined with current events such as the threat of terrorism. This reviewer plans now to read the first two entries in the series and is anticipating the upcoming fourth installment.”
Reviewed by Annie, Ecataromance.com, Rating: 5 stars

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ISBN: 1593747244
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593747244
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 234
Paper Weight (lb): 10.0

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