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Aethereal Revealed
Christopher W. Wilcox Sr.
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“We are not now, nor have we ever been, alone on this planet.” With those words, the President of the United States reveals to the world the existence of the Æthereal, the nearly immortal beings who serve as guardians against the Gray menace. Is humanity ready to share their world with real fire-breathing dragons? For many normal humans like Danny Trasker, their lives are turned upside down as they become partners with the Guardians. For terrorists, the revelation of the Æthereals is a call for jihad.

Eric Johansson was high above the city watching the crowds gathering around the Washington Monument. It had been an incredible two years since he had been partnered with Judy Deavers for the first time. They had both been FBI agents then; she was the Special Agent in Charge of the Spokane office, while he had been head of the Domestic Counter-Terrorism Department. Drawn together to solve a series of bombings, they had been plunged into the secret of the Æthereal. At the time, the existence of the Æthereal had been so secret, only the Presidents of the United States and the reigning monarch in Great Britain knew of them. Then came the renewed war with the Grays, an alien species determined to take over the planet and strip it of everything useful. At that time, it became apparent that the secret must be told. In discussions with the other governments of the world, it was determined the President of the United States would make the announcement to all countries.

The President had declared a special holiday, mandating the closing of all businesses and schools. All the network television and radio stations had preempted their regular programming to cover the announcement. It was also being broadcast globally, simulcast in every language using the phenomenal translating staff of the United Nations. All the White House bulletin had said was the President, in coordination with all the governments of the world, would be making an announcement of global significance. The media, ever doubting official pronouncements, had immediately contacted the embassies of every nation and had learned it was true; every single nation in the world had agreed with the upcoming statement. That alone was newsworthy; no one could recall any other time where every government had agreed about anything.

The large black dragon drifted high in the sky, waiting. ‘How much longer, Eric?’ came the thought in Eric’s mind. Eric chuckled at the impatience he detected in that thought. One would think Ebon the Black could be a little more patient since he’d been waiting for this day for over sixty-five million years.

‘I’m sure you’re in touch with Astra down on the ground. She’s in a much better position to know than I am, Ebon. After all, I’m up here with you.’ Eric thought back to Ebon. Eric enjoyed the telepathic link he had with Ebon since they had formed their partnership.

The Washington Monument formed the backdrop behind the President. The clear blue sky, lightly dotted with small white clouds, and the bright sunshine completed the scene. It was a perfect image for the cameras. Numerous foreign dignitaries were gathered on the stage behind the President, including the Canadian Prime Minister, the British Prime Minister, the Russian President, and ambassadors from every nation. Even the Secretary-General of the United Nations was present. At the scheduled moment, the President of the United States stepped up to the podium and began to speak.

“My fellow Americans and all citizens of Earth, I am speaking to you on this momentous day on behalf of all the governments on this planet. What I have to tell you is going to change how we each view our world and the universe. It will sound both fantastic and perhaps frightening, but I ask you all to hear me out.” The President took a sip from the glass of water on the podium.

"Æthereal Revealed is just that, a revelation of the strengths and weaknesses, history and abilities, contained within the huge flying dragons known as Æthereal. I look forward to seeing the continuing saga of the human relationships with these creatures and applaud Mr. Wilcox in his decision to pen further installments. Æthereal Revealed is the tale of a future I would look forward to living in." ~ Rating: 8; Reviewed By Marge Conrad, © April 2006, NovelSpot.net


"Mr. Wilcox has written an extraordinary book full of rich detail and action in the manner of the best adventure writers. Romance is not the focus here, but rather an addition to the storyline. Action, suspense, betrayal and duty are what make this story interesting. The storyline is tight, and even the secondary characters make you want to root for them. Those who are looking for a great story packed with imagination and adventure will want to read this book. ~ Rating: 4 Cups; Char, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


"Mr. Wilcox has spun a captivating tale of alien intercession in human affairs that, while it borrows elements from similarly themed works from the past, stands uniquely in its own place in sci-fi literature by merging science fiction and fantasy concepts into a seamless whole.

Even though this reviewer hasn’t had the chance to read the first book in the series, AETHEREAL REVEALED captures the imagination. The action comes fast and furious, and the tension builds to a climax not once, but many times, culminating in a tautly, nail-biting conclusion that leaves the reader both satisfied and wanting more at the same time...."

Reviewed by Saje Love Romances 4 hearts


"The reactions of humanity were logical, but somewhat expected. I liked the relationships between the Æthereals and their partners. The dragons find partners that are compatible to them mentally. The partnership between a green dragon explorer and a photo journalist was my favorite. I also liked seeing new relationships formed with characters from the first book. The concept of humanity accepting a superior species as partners is intriguing. Unfortunately, there was such a vast response from humanity to explore in the book, that nothing could be developed in depth with the amount of intrigue and suspense I enjoyed before. I like the plot concept, though, and have high hopes for the next book in the series."

Reviewed by: Gretchen 4 Angels Fallen Angel Reviews


“As new friends enter the world of the Æthereal series, old friends are leaving and you can’t help but get caught up in their lives. ÆTHEREAL REVEALED is a fast paced novel that will leave you aching for the next in the series just as the first one did. Christopher W. Wilcox, Sr. has created a science fiction world that is very close to the elements of our own world, including the times. The only difference is we don’t have the magnificent dragons flying the skies. Or is it?” ~ Rating: 5 Hearts, Reviewed by Lysa Demorest, Suite Magazine.

“Even though this reviewer hasn’t had the chance to read the first book in the series, Æthereal Revealed captures the imagination. The action comes fast and furious, and the tension builds to a climax not once, but many times, culminating in a tautly, nail-biting conclusion that leaves the reader both satisfied and wanting more at the same time.” ~ Rating: 4 Hearts, LoveRomances.com

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ISBN: 159374658X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593746582
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 220
Paper Weight (lb): 9.4

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