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Christopher W. Wilcox Sr.
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The investigation of a series of mysterious terrorist bombings leads Special Agents Judy Deavers and Eric Johansson into a secret world where myth and reality collide. What they discover is so explosive that it could tear the very fabric of the civilized world apart. The ultimate fate of humanity is in the balance and it is a race against time to stop the last clock from ticking down.

Judy Deavers was still silently swearing as she parked her assigned Bureau car in her reserved slot in the parking garage at the Federal Building in Spokane. The pre-Memorial Day weekend traffic had been terrible! The drivers in this town must ingest large amounts of controlled substances for breakfast. It was the best explanation for the erratic manner in which they drove. As she processed through building security, she glanced at her watch and realized she was now ten minutes late. Fine example to be setting for the staff, she railed silently as she waited for the elevator. Pressed toward the back by the throng of people boarding the elevator, she tapped her foot in irritation as it stopped at every single floor before finally reaching the fifth. As the doors opened, the passengers could see the large shield on the wall surrounded by the words that still thrilled her even today: Federal Bureau of Investigation. She pushed her way through the people to exit the elevator before the doors could close.

She walked down the hallway toward her office. Even in sensible flat shoes on linoleum tile, her steps were nearly silent. The others always said she moved like a cat, and she was aware they thought she did it to sneak up on them. That thought always made her smile since she would never have to stoop that low. She had an unerring sense when someone was just marking time or going through the motions, and those slackers usually exposed themselves quickly. Having a woman as Special Agent in Charge had been unsettling to many of them.

Entering her office, she had no sooner sat down than the intercom buzzed. Her assistant’s voice was far too chipper for this time of morning, to her way of thinking anyway. “What do you need, Mike?” she asked.

“You have a call on line two; none other than the Commandant of the Washington State Police himself. He’s very adamant about speaking with you personally.”

“I wonder what he wants. Thanks, Mike.” Pushing the blinking button on her telephone, she said, “This is Special Agent Judy Deavers. What can we do for the State Police so early in the morning, Commandant?”

“I think we’ve got a case that needs your involvement, Agent Deavers.” These were words Judy Deavers knew cost the Commandant dearly to utter. The State Police tried to avoid federal involvement in their investigations whenever possible. For him to be calling this early in the morning with a request for FBI support could not be good.

The Commandant’s normally affable personality was subdued as he said, “At approximately midnight last night, an isolated private dwelling up in Tumwater Canyon was destroyed by explosion and fire. When our crime scene investigation unit examined the site, they found residue of Semtex. They also found some kind of calling card at the scene.” He paused. “It looks like we may have some kind of radical group.”

Judy sat back in her chair. “Well, that’s a hell of a way to start the day, Commandant. You got a contact number for me to liaise with the local authorities?”

“The crime scene is presently under the control of Captain Mike Holgrin, the area supervisor for the State Police.” The Commandant gave her the captain’s cellular telephone number. “Our CSI unit is still on scene and will remain there until your people arrive and take over.”

"AEthereal is a story that revolves around two agents who must find out who is causing explosions in some caves. No sooner than they arrive at one scene there is another explosion that sends them to another state. After the agents have a meeting with the President and learn the real secret behind the mission, they soon become targets that must be erased. Judy and Eric are shocked to hear there are dragons that must be spared on their assignment, no matter what the consequences. In their search for the assailant, they learn they have feelings for each other. The episode with the President is an unforgettable scene. The plot is thick and the well-developed secondary characters make it a treasure to read.

Mr. Wilcox is a talented author who puts you inside the characters head, allowing you to practically pick their brain. His writing is consistent and flows smoothly with twists and turns that mesmerize every page. The plot is thick and the well-developed secondary characters make it a treasure to read. He has penned a fabulous read that hypnotizes the reader and has them begging for more. A fast paced story that you do not want to miss."

Cherokee 4 cups
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


"FBI agents Judy Deavers and Eric Johansson have no idea what they’re getting into when they begin the investigation of several bombings throughout the country. Someone has a grudge against a British based company known as Æthereal, Limited. Their real estate holdings in the United States are being bombed and the FBI is determined to find out why. The agents find themselves deeply involved in a national secret that dates back to the presidency of Dwight Eisenhower. The secret, one that could get them both killed instantly if they ever divulge it to any other living soul, is so extraordinary, they doubt that anyone would believe them if they did tell. Dragons? Living on Earth, in human form? Why would the government of the United States put forth so much effort to keep the dragons, known as Æthereals, a secret? More importantly, who found out about the Æthereals and are out to destroy them?

Æthereal moves at a good pace as it answers the aforementioned questions, but it does not stop there. The story moves on to the purpose of the Æthereals on Earth, why they return here, who their enemies are and how Man and Æthereal can co-exist, helping each other protect their home world from the sixty-five million-year-old threat of alien invasion. I cannot begin to describe all of the situations taking place in this story without revealing the thrills and surprises awaiting the reader. I can best suggest that Æthereal has the classic earmarks of the finest science fiction and fantasy melded into one epic tale. "

Reviewed by MargeAnna Conrad, © December 2005, Rating: 9


"Mr. Wilcox weaves a wonderful story combining a bit of the X-Files, a smidge of Jurassic Park, a sprinkle of romance and a highly suspenseful story. At first glance a story about Dragons, Humans and Grays seems a bit far-fetched, yet Mr. Wilcox takes this interesting mosaic and tells a truly spellbinding story."

Love Romances Reviewed by Gina 4 1/2 hearts


"ÆTHEREAL is a great science fiction story to add to your collection. With a world that reminds me of Anne McCaffrey's Pern, brings to life the dragons of myth, and even launches into mentioning Stargate. Christopher Wilcox brings you to the point of wanting to take part in the war to save Earth. Get ready for the greatest adventure of human history with the Æthereal by your side."
~Lysa Demorest, SUITE Magazine


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ISBN: 159374434X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593744342
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 342
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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