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Spellbound Trilogy

Rhonda Plummer
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Rosemary Prescott, a feisty, outspoken, intuitive psychic always walks away a winner from games of chance. Then her luck hits a brick wall or more precisely, Walker Owens the handsome, sandy haired devil who owns Dreamland Casino. Accepting a challenge to work for Walker for 30 days, Rosemary is determined to keep her independence by outwitting a 300 year-old spell, and a meddling aunt’s wayward magic.
Walker is being blackmailed. With 30 days to comply with the blackmailer’s demands, the last thing he should do is offer Rosemary a job, but he needs to know how she is, “cheating” And if he can convince himself that there is nothing more to the offer he can dismiss the chemistry between them as nothing more than temporary insanity brought on by stress and some overly imaginative dreams.
With the ghostly appearances of their parents stirring up mischief, a plot to strip Walker of his inheritance and past life dreams disrupting their nights Walker and Rosemary learn that loving the right person doesn’t mean losing your independence.

Outskirts of London, 1700

She was old, tired, with bones that creaked and a back that bowed.

As she cast a dozen and one willow twigs within the circle of truth etched upon the hard packed earth, green eyes gone hazy with age reached into the future. Life was a twisting maze of choices, some good, some bad and some indifferent. Ignoring the good and the indifferent, she concentrated on the bad, the ones that affected her, hers and the future.

With an old burlap satchel holding the herbs needed, she lowered her old body before the open pit fire and waited for the apex of the full moon. Having cast aside fancy words and rhyming verses many years before, she spoke to the Gods with heartfelt words.

“God of my soul have mercy on this old woman for being blinded by a mother’s love. From this day forward what the Gods have decreed will not be left to chance but tutored through divine visions. With the coming of the first shed blood, the female of my bloodline will know her calling. With truth to self, she will gather her power, live her power, trust her power and use the power in a manner that will honor her soul, her Gods, her truths.

“Within the shadows of dream, her soul will touch the soul created to join with her for all eternity. When the Gods deem the time is right they will meet, test their strengths, learn their weaknesses. Sparks will fly, honor tested, as they learn, accept or deny the true meaning of love, trust, and companionship.

“If a maiden slumbers with any other than her chosen mate, abuses her power or neglects her power; the power will be torn from her without mercy. Have mercy on their souls. As I say so shall it be.”

Chapter 1

Under her hand, the rock hard shaft throbbed with exhilarating energy. Taking pleasure in the intoxicating power, Rosemary felt her feminine core was ready to melt from the pure delight of feeling the boy toy’s satisfying purr beneath her. Having enjoyed the heady power of pushing him to the limit, she knew it was time to ease back, to slow the tempo, to pace herself and the nicely packaged toy.

Ignoring common sense, she pushed.

Murmuring encouraging words to stroke his ego, she took pleasure in testing his boundaries to the max.

A sudden hissing sound did not bode well with her heightened feelings. As she eased back on the pressure, the driving momentum of unleashed energy relieved itself naturally.

She sighed.

Obviously, he was not prepared to meet her demands.

Before the acceleration of the powerful beast could reach the posted speed limit, the rancid odor of burnt rubber had her full attention.

“Hells bells!” Grinding her teeth together, Rosemary pulled the car onto the shoulder of the narrow two-lane road. Before the Mustang stopped rolling, she popped the hood.

As she lifted the car’s hood, puffs of blue gray steam, mixed with air hotter than a furnace stoked full of blistering coal, filled the air. Dots of hot rusty water spitting out several holes in the dead radiator landed on her arms and legs.

A drop of moisture trickled between her breasts as she muttered, “Damn.”

Watching a geyser of steam begin to roll out of a long crack in the radiator hose, she would have sworn she heard the clear, calm baritone voice of her father lecturing her on the finer points of car ownership.

While she was mentally listing her options, the hum of a well-tuned engine didn’t catch Rosemary’s attention until she heard a door slam.

Glancing around the car’s hood, she cursed fate and her damnable luck. The five foot eleven, hazel-eyed sidewinder snake slithering towards her had haunted her dreams for weeks. The sleeves on his plaid western shirt were rolled up to his elbows. Faded denim jeans riding low on slim hips emphasized a well-toned body. A smattering of freckles, a lazy smile, a tiny chip on a slightly crooked eyetooth and two dimples gave him boyish charm. The foolish belief that she had blown his magnetism out of proportion instantly

"This story made me laugh out loud, made me want to strangle certain characters, and all in all made me smile. I felt like I was actually sitting down in the room, a fly on the wall if you will, witnessing how Walker and Rose's love unfolded. It was a pleasure to see how love can completely blindside you when you aren't looking for it, and when you think you have no room for it. This book is definitely a keeper." - Rated: Five Books by Viscaria, Long And Short Of It Reviews


“I am enjoying this series so much; I can’t wait until the third book is released! In Abracadabra, Rhonda Plummer continues to develop her overall story of the triplets with their extended family and the family curse but she also tells a wonderful story about Rosemary and Walker. I like how Ms. Plummer develops the character of each of the triplets as strong, self-reliant, independent, spirited women and she doesn’t match them with weak men either.
Rosemary and Walker are both very likable characters, although somewhat stubborn, and some of the twists that develop in this story are hilarious!
This series is not like any other series I have read with psychic gifts, witches, or ghosts, all of which are in this series but with a new twist I haven’t seen before. Each book in this series is imaginatively funny, full of paranormal happenings, with mystery to solve, and a sweet romance. Ms. Plummer teases and tempts the reader with almost having hot sex scenes but they can only be fulfilled in your own imagination; the main characters have to contend with ghostly parents showing up every time things heat up for them. If you enjoyed Hocus Pocus you will love this story too, if you haven’t read Hocus Pocus go get it first and then read Abracadabra!” 5 Angels and a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read! Reviewed by: Stephanie B. Fallen Angel Reviews


4 Out of 4 Roses, Highly Recommended!

"Like book one in the “Spellbound Trilogy: Hocus Pocus” the sisters find themselves watching as one of their own discovers true love. However, in “Abracadabra” our fated lovers find themselves involved with a greedy stepmother who will stop at nothing in her need to destroy Walker. Also, the sisters’ talents are in danger of being broadcast countrywide by those who would use these same talents for no good.

Another round of applause for Rhonda Plummer. I didn’t think she could possibly top “Hocus Pocus,” but she did. The sisters are still enchanting.
Aunt Pesty is still lovingly meddlesome. The parents still handing out structure advice and admonishments. And this time around, Cole gets to watch some other helpless guy fall in love with one of the redheaded triplets. I love this trilogy, and I haven’t even read book three, yet! Please don’t stop at only three books. More!" Christine I Speakman, The Muse Book Reviews


“Granted, this is only the second book in the trilogy, but it is my favorite so far. Not to say that Hocus Pocus was not believable, far from it in fact. But Abracadabra , to me, had very realistic events and reactions to certain events. I love the relationship the triplets have with each other, and their interaction within their circle of friends and family really rings true. As in Hocus Pocus I had a little trouble following the jumps from scene to scene but otherwise I truly enjoyed Abracadabra . These characters do make an impression! I am looking forward to reading the third book and I really hope there are more after that. The possibility is there so I am keeping my fingers crossed!” Becky, Bitten By Books Reviews

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ISBN: 1603130837
ISBN(13-digit): 9781603130837
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 376
Paper Weight (lb): 15.6

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