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Albert's Rain
Annette Snyder
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Albert’s dream led him toward independence. Escaping slavery, and to pursue a life where no man controlled him, was his goal. Frivolities of friendships could vanish with the whip of a switch, but freedom could be held a lifetime.

Rayna’s choice was to set an example and board a ship so her people could survive. Only after arrival in America, at Bristol Plantation, did she realize what consequences her sacrifice held. Her surrender meant life as a slave and separation from her island family.

Can Albert’s heart transcend language and barriers of repression and allow Rayna close? Will Rayna put aside hurt caused by the plantation owner and permit Albert’s love to heal her heart? Can the pair abandon mistrust and let the kindness of strangers be their salvation?

The rain came. It was a good day. It meant Albert might get a chance away from the fields and he was tired. It was early, well before dawn and Albert could hear the rain pelting the roof of his house. The rain had only started. It hadn’t leaked through the holes above his bed yet. It hadn’t dribbled through the moth-eaten spots in the curtains of the glassless windows.

She stirred beside him. “It’s rainin’.”

Her warm skin moved against Albert’s and instantly he felt his arousal as he remembered the night. Sashay was smooth and dark all over; her hair was downy and free from lice and her teeth were white and clean. She was thin but not skinny as a field hand, more as a well-fed housemaid, and giving as the Master’s bitch. Albert liked it when Sashay shared his bed. He was sure to get a good night of lovemaking. For the same reasons, Albert didn’t like it. He was always tired the next day, too tired for working in the fields. That’s why he was glad to hear the rain and hoped it would continue. If it stormed all day, he’d have time for his other work. He had plows and hoes to hone and thought about the barn and where he last saw the sharpening stone. He hoped if someone borrowed the stone they put it back so it would be easy to find. Then she wriggled beside him again and he set aside thoughts of work.

“We should git up. I should start thet laundry early. Missus probably has her whities in a pile!”

In the dark, Albert rolled to see Sashay’s smile. He knew she wanted to start her day even less than he did. She told him she didn’t care for her new assignment in the Master’s house as laundress and would much rather still be tending the sitting gardens like before. “I’d like seein’ your whities in a pile.” He felt her body give.

“I swear, Albert! Ya git any bigger and ya jist ain’t gonna fit inside.”

“You complainin’, woman?” He felt his hardness enter her warmth.

Sashay moaned seductively. “Ain’t complainin’.” She bucked against his thrusts and breathed between. “Jist statin’ a fact.”

The night before, Albert made sure to satisfy her. She deserved that. She snuck out of the quarters she shared with some of the other house slaves and came to his shack where he lived with six other field hands. Sneaking around sometimes meant death to slaves, depending on the mood of the Master, but Sashay wasn’t in the Master’s company anymore and hadn’t been for weeks. Maybe Master Bristol wouldn’t care if Sashay was sleeping around since he had a new bitch to pork.

Albert watched Sashay for months as she swept the front porch of Master’s elegant house. The way she moved under that skirt and apron, and how her dark eyes shot those seductive glances toward him across the yard, made the steaming days feel cool. She always surfaced outside to sweep the porch, with its prominent white painted pillars, or hung the colorful wool rugs for batting when he traveled across the yard to the barn to get supplies. Once in a while, she’d bestow a silky smile and he wondered what it would be like to have her. Messing with a house slave was forbidden, but before Albert knew her name, he felt her heat encircle him.

And he knew Sashay watched him as he toiled in the fields with the plow horses. He felt her eyes on him whenever she was about. He was easy to spot; maybe that’s what caught her attention. Albert was big and lean. His strong, six-foot frame towered over the other field hands and, for a slave, he felt like he dealt with the others well. He had a certain power of authority and the other slaves listened to him. Albert didn’t know why except that he was big and brawny, maybe too big to disobey and risk a pounding. Sometimes, the overseer listened to him too, maybe because of his stature, but more than likely because he was smart about horses and plows. Albert didn’t know, but whenever Sashay was around, his body moved under the heat of the sun and his voice commanded the horses as if he owned them, and he knew she wanted to know h

“This historical novel, set in nineteenth century America both before and after the Civil War, was a treat to read. Albert and Rayna meet as slaves on the Bristol plantation, but both are nobler than their terrible surroundings, and they are soon drawn to one another. When Rayna is raped and impregnated by the white slave-owner, Albert marries her to protect her name and honor. This is only the beginning of their life together, however, as they face the challenges of a flight from slavery, another child of their own, and a brand new life in Boston after the Civil War is over...I enjoyed Albert’s Rain despite a few minor issues and recommend it highly. Ms. Snyder captures this period in history very well, and it was refreshing to read about a non-traditional hero and heroine and the struggles they conquer to build a life together.”
Reviewer: Dandelion, The Long And Short Of It Reviews


“Albert’s Rain is a glimpse into one man’s and one woman’s journey from slavery to freedom to helping another…Ms. Snyder takes us into this world through the gentle eyes of Albert.…it is more the simplistic manner in which Ms. Snyder tells that makes “Albert’s Rain” stand out from other similar stories.” 3 out of 4 Roses! - Reviewed by Christine I Speakman, The Muse Book Reviews


3 Stars! "Snyder's good story about love and sacrifice has characters that are well defined.... Life lessons such as love, friendship and helping others redeem this...story, the fifth of the Travis Pass novels. " - Reviewed by Keitha Hart for Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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ISBN: 1593749309
ISBN(13-digit): 9781593749309
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 172
Paper Weight (lb): 7.4

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