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MY WARS; Nazis, Mobsters, Gambling and Corruption
Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg Remembers

Francis C. Grevemberg and W. Thomas Angers
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War hero returns to La. as police chief and beats the mafia, which tries to kill him, bribe him and kidnap his children

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The book MY WARS: Nazis, Mobsters, Gambling and Corruption: Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg Remembers with W. Thomas Angers details the legendary crusade of Grevemberg against the mafia, gambling and corruption. Gambling was illegal in 1950s in the State of Louisiana and yet gambling was rife throughout the state with many public officers being bribed to look the other way.

You will be fascinated to find how
• the mafia got a foothold in Louisiana
• widespread bribery and corruption was
• many times the mafia attempted to bribe and then kill Grevemberg when he refused all bribes and attemped to kidnap his children
• what steps Colonel Grevemberg took to take back his state
• Dr. Carl Weiss was “framed” for the murder of then Louisiana governor Huey P. Long so corrupt officials could hold onto mob protection money

This informative and inspiring autobiography of Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg tells the story of one man’s life experiences: his family history and his military service in World War II that helped him to choose to fight corruption in his beloved state of Louisiana. His heroic war service with around the clock risk of death rendered him a fearless citizen soldier who could not be intimidated by the big time hoods and thugs who tried to silence him. In his role as Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police, he went after the mafia to shut down illegal gambling in the state. It is through the support of the journalists of the Associated Press such as Jim McLean and Franklin Banner Tribune Publisher and former Louisiana Press Association President Robert J. “Bob” Angers, and pastors and citizens of Louisiana including those of the Louisiana Moral and Civic Foundation that Grevemberg credits for the strength to carry on under the constant threats to him and his family.

Grevemberg shows us that it only takes the passion of one citizen to inflame the rest of us with the desire to fight back against corruption and win! This legendary crusade of Grevemberg’s was the subject of a 1950s movie by Universal Studios entitled “Damn Citizen.”

My Wars is replete with pictures and excepts of public documents, such as the Costello testimony and the Louisiana hearings, and affidavits, that help to tell the story of Grevemberg’s crusade against corruption, gamblinga and vice.

As NEWS, worthy of note, it gives the details of how Huey P. Long was actually killed, not by Dr. Carl Weiss as has been believed, but by his own bodyguards and how the Bureau of Criminal Investigations by public corruption and obstruction of justice covered up the details by framing Dr. Weiss.

This is an account of Grevemberg’s life and his wars with first the Nazis, then the Mafia, Gambling, Corruption and Vice as told by Grevemberg himself to and extensively researched by W. Thomas Angers.

To schedule an interview with Thomas Angers or for further information please contact W. Thomas Angers at Beau Bayou Publishing at 337-769-1272.

New Book Describes Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg’s Crusade Against
The Mafia, Gambling, Corruption and Vice

(Note to editors: For further information on MY WARS including photographs, review copies or to schedule an interview contact W. Thomas Angers at 337-769-1272 or 337-501-2238 or visit beaubayoupublishing.com.)

Huey Long brought New York mobster Frank Costello and his slot machines into Louisiana and former Superintendent of State Police, Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg endured attempts by the Mafia to kill him, bribe him, and kidnap his children. He received a mafia black hand death threat letter. The crusading crime buster and a crusading Louisiana journalist joined forces to shut the Mafia down tight in Louisiana in the 1950’s
These disclosures and many more are contained in a compelling new autobiography entitled: My Wars: Nazis, Mobsters, Gambling and Corruption: Colonel Francis C. Grevemberg Remembers just released by Lafayette publisher Beau Bayou Publishing Company.
The book chronicles the crusade of Grevemberg against gambling and vice in Louisiana from 1952 to 1955. Slot machines and casino devices were illegal in Louisiana at the time and often operated by the mafia and other criminal elements and were contraband under Louisiana law.
The threats against Colonel Grevemberg and his family are reflected in never before published documents obtained from the FBI under the Freedom of Information Act.
My Wars documents a visit by a Frank Costello representative and specific attempts to bribe Grevemberg with attempted payoffs on each mob owned slot machine. In another visit by another mobster, the mobster threw open a satchel of money and told Grevemberg to "pet it" to see how good it felt in an attempt to bribe him.
The book details uncovering of public corruption of officials by the mafia including a raid in which Colonel Grevemberg found a list of hundreds of New Orleans Police Department officers with their name, rank and specific amounts of weekly payoffs as bribes to refuse to enforce gambling and vice laws.
In destroying over 8000 slot machines while in office Colonel Grevemberg endured a forced rescinding of his first order to destroy all slot machines by Governor Kennon who informed him that although illegal, slot machines had just been re-licensed by the state. In a plan described by Grevemberg in the book he details a meeting with former Louisiana Press Association President and Franklin Banner Tribune publisher, Robert J. "Bob" Angers, Jr. to devise a plan to delay destruction of slot machines until expiration of the license tags. The plan included early announcement that the tags would not be renewed and a decision to start the immediate wholesale destruction as soon as tags expired whether the governor was behind him or not. Angers provided press support and leadership and helped isolate the governor from any further interference.
My Wars describes a ride to north Louisiana in which eyewitness state troopers at the scene of the shooting of Huey Long informed Grevemberg that Dr. Carl Weiss was not armed at all and that Long was in fact shot by his own bodyguards. Grevemberg signed an affidavit to this effect with attorney and publisher W. Thomas Angers which is quoted verbatim in the book.
The book opens with the history of the Grevemberg family in Louisiana which is one of the oldest and most prominent in the state It is included because the legendary superintendent's pride in his family and state is one reason he decided to shut the mafia down and take his state back.
The book details his brilliant military career involving many famous battles of World War II including no less than five D- day invasions such as Anzio and the invasion of southern France. Grevemberg received the French Croix de Guerre, the Italian Valor Cross, the Soldiers Medal for Heroism and many more.
His war service with around the clock risk of death rendered him

ISBN: 0935619011
ISBN(13-digit): 9780935619010
Copyright: 2004
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 208
Acid Free Paper: Yes

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