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Yours till Niagara Falls
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Embarrassed by her attempt to warn Jade about a conniving college classmate, Kia flees to her beloved Camp in the Adirondack’s to mourn the loss of her family. When Jade shows up uninvited and unexpected, she agrees to let him stay in one of her log cabins. Although she isn’t ready for love, she wants to trust Jade, but his association with her unscrupulous ex-boyfriend, makes it difficult to believe he isn’t there for a sinister reason.

They reached Niagara before ten o’clock. Jade parked his Bronco in a parking lot, and they went directly to see the falls.

“Oh my gosh,” Kia exclaimed when she saw the water plunging over the falls, the force so strong, it created a constant mist of fog, like a huge, uneven cloud. “I’ve seen it before, but it’s more awesome than I remembered.”

“It really is a sight,” Jade said nodding. “I can’t help but marvel at nature and the power of water.”

“Me neither.”

A short time later they bought tickets for a tour, where they learned that more than 500,000 gallons of water cascaded over the cliffs every second during the tourist season.

They took an elevator to the foot of the falls. A wooden walkway led right up to the crashing torrent. Dressed in yellow plastic ponchos provided by Maid of the Mist Tour Company, they huddled close behind the falls, listening to the noise that made shouting necessary to be heard.

Unable to dampen the desire that darn near knocked him to his knees every time he touched Kia, Jade struggled to remember they were in public, and he shouldn’t be entertaining the thoughts going through his head.

“This must be one of the most scenic and wonderful places in the world,” Kia shouted, a look of awe covering her lovely upturned face.

“I agree.” Jade wrapped his arms around her, his square yellow poncho stretching awkwardly as he held her close. “Does the force of the water pound through you as it does me, Kia?”


“Then you should know that pounding, that force, that’s how much you affect me.”

Unable to resist the temptation to kiss her, even though he hated making a spectacle of himself in public, he kissed her long, and hard and with passion, urged on by the powerful sound and force of the falls rumbling nearby.

Laughter and clapping from other people in their tour group brought him back down to earth.

“Are you on your honeymoon?” one young girl asked, squinting at them through foggy glasses.

“Not yet,” Jade said, “I haven’t convinced her to spend the rest of her life with me.”

Where had that thought come from? When he saw Kia’s shocked expression, he wondered if he should apologize. But the saying on Kar and Rand’s headstone drummed through his head. Yours till Niagara falls. The words held more meaning now that they had seen the falls together.

Part of him wanted Kia to be his until Niagara ceased to exist. But that dangerous thought threatened his well-planned future. Did he care? Yes. But not as much as he had expected to.

After the trolley tour that included a Tour Lockport pass, they found a restaurant and ate an early dinner.

“What a busy day,” Kia said, brushing her long hair behind her shoulders.

“Tours are hard work,” Jade said.

She laughed. “Yes, whenever our family vacationed Dad always said half a day of sightseeing was all he could take. Much as he enjoyed seeing new things, eight full hours of museums and tours was too much at one time.”

“You must miss them very much.”

“I do,” she said, “but each day helps, and I’m not as lonely as I expected to be, not with you staying at the camp.”

He picked up his mug, and took a sip of coffee before he said, “I like staying there.”

“I like having you there, too.”

When he tried to pay for lunch, she objected until he said, “You’ve fed me almost every night since I’ve been up here. Today’s food is on me.”

She smiled. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” After he paid the check, he said, “I think we should buy a couple of souvenirs to remind us of today. Is there anything in particular you’d like to look at?”

Kia didn’t hesitate. “Yes. Earrings.”

They found a small jewelry store right away. When he saw Kia studying a pair of pale green earrings, he said, “The color’s too light to be emeralds.”

“They’re peridot. My birth stone.”

“I’ll buy them and that matching ring. Wear it on your right hand as a token of our friendship.”

Born in Utah, Peggy sometimes writes under the pseudonym of Evanell. She graduated from Orem High School, attended both Brigham Young University and the University of Utah.

After working as a secretary, she moved into the oil and gas industry.

In addition to Utah she has lived in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and England. She served as both Treasurer and President of the American Women's Club of London and contributed articles to their London Bridge magazine.

Peggy has three sons and thirteen living grandchildren having lost a twelve year old grandson in 2000.

Married to her current husband for twenty-nine years, she also has four step children and three step grandchildren.

Peggy has always loved to read and vowed to give the characters in her head their own written stories someday.

Her hobbies include Golf, Tap Dancing, Ladies Putters, Mah Jongg and being a Queen Mum of a Red Hat chapter.

One Stolen Night is a page turning story about Pam and Steven fated to meet and spend one night together. A night that will affect the ensuing years as each searches for happiness apart. Years later, fate gives them another chance at happiness, but first they will need to forgive past lies and have the faith that they were meant to be together forever. --Cherrie Kimbrough, ~Keepsakes~, ~Rosewood~

One Stolen Night: Love doesn’t follow smooth paths for Steven and Pam, especially since they both used false names the night they met, and Pam later believed he died. This intriguing tale holds the reader through all the ups and downs until love is at last realized by both Steven and Pam. The reader also is given an insight into the faith of the Latter Day Saints which has guided Pam’s life and helps her find peace for the one mistake she has made. --Cherie Lee, Co-author/“The Saga of Thundercloud and Dancing Star”,

Also President of West Valley Authors

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ISBN: 1597056906
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056908
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 292
Paper Weight (lb): 12.5

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