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Wings of Love
Jewel Stone
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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Reporter Phillip Gallagher is hot on a tip to uncover the identity of a famed romance writer when his life as his rental truck slides off the icy road and crashes into a tree. When he regains consciousness, he discovers the woman who disappeared from his life taking with her his heart, Abigail Harper, his wife.

Snowed in a remote cabin in the Cascade Mountains, Abby and Phillip live in the moment, discover a passion never experienced before. Only when she learns the real reason he came to find her, their scorching days and nights come to an abrupt end.

Will Abby and Phillip find a way to mend their broken wings and learn to soar together on Wings of Love?

For three days death hovered outside the cabin door, waiting to claim the man Abigail Harper once loved with her entire heart and soul. She could do nothing to save him, the mountain’s winter fury held her captive. A chill surged through her as a gust of wind rattled the door and blew a spray of icy snow over the small-pane window as if warning: The Angel of Death is ready to enter.

Arms wrapped around her waist to ward off the cold winter chill, Abby went to her desk to try the phone line once again. With trembling fingers, she lifted the receiver to her ear. No dial tone greeted her, only terminal silence.

Unable to escape the inevitable, her hope for Philip’s survival diminished. He was going to die on the cabin floor; she grew more certain of this as each day passed. Defeated, she lifted the layers of blankets that covered Philip to lie down beside him, wrapped her arms tightly around his chest, and prayed fervently for his life.

As if her petition was heard, a sound, low and deep, came from Philip. His head moved slightly.

Abby’s eyes flashed open, and she tilted her chin and looked to Philip’s face in utter disbelief. Seventy-two hours had passed since she dragged his body in out of the blizzard, where he’d collapsed on her front steps. There had been no movement or sound from him since.

"Philip…Philip, are you waking? It’s Abigail. Can you hear me? Philip, please! If you can hear me, move your hand or nod. Something…anything."

There was no sign, no sound, no response from him. Abby settled her head back on his chest and cried, her tears pooling on his clammy skin, sure her mind had conjured up the event out of desperate hope.

Outside the snow stopped falling. The sky parted, allowing angel fingers of light to filter through the dark clouds in soft rays, beam through the window, and warm their silhouetted bodies lying on the cabin floor.

His hand came up and ran through her hair. "Abigail?" he whispered.

She lifted her head. "Philip?" She couldn’t have imagined his word or touch this time for his hand still cupped her skull. Relief spiraled through her.

For the briefest moment, his eyes opened and he gazed at her in obvious confusion, then a slight smile formed on his chapped lips. "I…thought I…was…dreaming…of you…" His eyes fluttered closed again.

Abby gently shook him, trying to rouse him. He only slept, his arm around her shoulder, mouth upturned just a bit. Never before had she felt more joyous.

"Thank you. Oh! Thank you," Abby whispered toward the heavens, choking back a sob of joy. Exhausted from three days of stress and worry since she found Philip on her doorstep, she lay her head on his chest and let the rhythmic rise and fall of his breathing rock her to sleep. Only in her slumber, she dreamed of a time she had been trying to forget about for three years.

~ * ~

Sidney Porter strummed her red manicured nails on the mahogany desktop as she waited for Charlie to finish fidgeting in his chair. "Any word from Gallagher yet?"

"No. It has only been three days. From what Philip told me before he left, the cabin is in a remote location deep in the Cascade Mountains. With the snow this time of year, he could be having trouble finding it, let alone reaching the cabin and making contact."

She leaned forward in her chair. "What do you know of the lead Gallagher got?"

Charlie took a hanky from his pocket and wiped a bead of sweat off his brow, then repositioned his wire-rimmed spectacles. "Uh, not a lot. He just told me he got a solid lead, then boarded a flight to Washington."

Sidney stood, walked to the window, and looked out at the New York skyline. "If you hear from him, you are to report to me right away. Understand?"


Having lived in Africa, Mexico and around the United States as a child, Jewel Stone now lives in rain drenched Western Washington State. Her home is nestled in the lush green forest of tall evergreens and ferns, providing her with the beauty of nature surrounding her while she works on her romance and fiction writing.

Jewel's family consists of a husband, two children, dog and a cat. Hobbies (when she isn't bleeding over her keyboard writing!) include: Walking on the beach, gardening, shopping and reading.

This well written romance has terrific characters. Phillip is to die for, but can he prove to Abigail that she's more important than his job aspirations? And Abigail is the epitome of a young innocent girl who has matured into a self sustaining woman. Can she maintain her momentum without Phillip, especially after he comes back into her life with such heated devotion? I suggest you read the book if you want answers.

Wings of Love is for mature readers due to the strong sexual content that drives this romance. -- Laurel Johnson, Midwest Book Review

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ISBN: 1590888499
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888490
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 246
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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