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Who's Watching the Kids
Christy Cameron
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Nanny Sara McClain’s biggest mistake wasn’t getting her head caught in her new employer’s fence--it was letting his eight-year-old niece and nephew try to help.

Now Sara’s still stuck, slathered with peanut butter, and facing a boss who’s more handsome than he has a right to be.

"Dev?" another child’s voice yelled. "Where’d you go?"

"Over here." The bushes shook a few yards to Sara’s right.

A small pair of sandaled feet scuffed through the grass and passed in front of the hedge.

Sara caught a glimpse of a floral print skirt and deduced that this must be Bethel.

"What are you doing?" the girl’s voice scolded. "You’re not supposed to get dirty. That nanny’s coming."

Sara bit her lip. A little dirt was nothing compared to the first impression she was about to make.

"I’m not getting dirty," Devon announced with an air of self-importance. "I’m helping this lady look for her cat."

"What lady?"

"The one with her head in the fence."

Sara had a sudden desire to kick herself--and probably would have if she could have figured out how, considering the position she was in.

"Devon," Bethel’s tone was skeptical, "you know Uncle Jake doesn’t like it when you make up stories."

"I’m not making it up."

"You are, too!"

"Am not! I can prove it."

Footsteps stomped in Sara’s direction. She shrunk back, praying that some benevolent spirit would grant her the power to disappear before the shrubs could part.

No such luck.

"See?" Devon pulled back the branches and smirked triumphantly.

A second freckled face, framed with longer red hair, gave Sara a wide-eyed perusal, then turned to Devon. "What’s she doing in there?"

"I told you." He sighed with exasperation. "She’s looking for her cat."

"To tell the truth--" Sara let out a short, nervous laugh. "--I-I seem to have another problem."

They looked at her with interest.

"I think I might be... well..." She braced herself for their reaction. "...stuck."

"Stuck!" The pair gaped.

For a split second, she dared to hope they wouldn’t laugh.

But they did.

Loud, high-pitched whoops filled the air. Devon doubled over and slapped at his knee. Bethel disregarded her earlier admonitions to him and threw herself down to roll in the dirt.

Sara’s face flamed. She wondered if their reaction was any indication of what their uncle’s might be, but doubted it. Judging by the stiff formality of Jake Wardell’s letter, the attorney was some grumpy, hunch-backed old man who had long since lost his sense of humor. No doubt he would be angry--and with just cause. Anyone who couldn’t handle herself with some semblance of dignity should not be in charge of two impressionable children, let alone a classroom full of them. Maybe it was best that she didn’t fulfill her dream of becoming an art teacher. Maybe this was fate.

She blinked back tears as the twins’ laughter began to subside.

Bethel was the first to catch her breath. She wiped at her own eyes and looked up at Devon. "How are we going to get her out?"

We! Sara started and bumped her shoulders against the bars. What did she mean we? Weren’t they going to get an adult? "You guys, I think--"

"I know!" Devon began to hop around in excited circles. "We’ll do what Uncle Jake did when I got my foot stuck in the vacuum cleaner."

Sara tensed. "Vacuum cleaner?"

Christy Cameron writes romance because she can’t resist a happy ending. A once-and-future college English instructor, she lives on a farm in Illinois with her husband and their three kids. Over Yesterday is her second published novel.

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ISBN: 1590887298
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887295
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 206
Paper Weight (lb): 8.9

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