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White Heart, Lakota Spirit
Ginger Simpson
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A band of young Sioux killed her family and abducted her. Now Grace Cummings fights her growing attraction for her handsome captor, and when White Soldiers attack the village and rescue her, she must decide whether to stay with her own race or return to where her heart lies.

Ginger Simpson

Fawn’s eyes flew open in terror. She gazed up at the burly soldier holding a torch directly overhead. Her body trembled.

A second man ducked through the door. “Whatta ya got here?”

Passing the flame closer, the more ragged one leaned in to glare at her. His scraggly beard and tobacco-stained teeth were clearly visible in the light, and his uniform buttons strained against his girth. He reached up and scratched his dirty hair. “Geez, Captain, this un’s white.”

The captain stepped closer. His appearance was one of authority. His uniform, although soiled with dust, fit him well, and his pants still maintained a razor-sharp crease. Clean-shaven, with blonde hair, he was a good-looking man. “Well, I’ll be damned, Riley. I think you’re right. She may be dressed like an Indian, but her hair color gives her away.

Riley reached down, grabbed Fawn’s arm, and yanked her to her feet. “You speak English?”

The steely grip of his fingers dug into her skin and she fought to free herself. “Let go of me, you animal.”

Riley turned and smiled at his commanding officer, then looked back to Fawn with a disgusting leer. “Look’s like we got us a wild one here.”

The captain tapped Riley’s shoulder. “Let her go. This young lady is probably glad to see us. She’s probably been waiting to be rescued.”

Fawn stepped back and rubbed her arm to ease the painful grip. She glared at the man called Riley, then squaring her shoulders, she faced both soldiers and fired questions at them. “Why have you come here? Our people have done nothing to harm you. Are you in the habit of attacking women, children, and old men?”

When she thought about the war party that had left that morning, she swallowed hard. They haven’t done anything to you... yet!

The captain removed his hat. “Our people? May I ask your name, Miss?”

“My name is... Dancing Fawn. I am wife of Little Elk.”

“I mean your real name.”

“My given name is Grace Cummings, if that’s what you mean.”

“How long ago were you captured?”

“I... I was captured some time ago, but I’m here of my own free will.”

Suddenly, the man’s attitude changed. “I do believe this woman is delusional, Private Riley. Tie her up. We’ll be taking her back to the fort with us.”

Fawn fought, but she was no match for the burley man who restrained her.

~ * ~

When Riley yanked Fawn outside, the sun was up. The serenity of the dawning sky and the calm flow of the nearby river belied the fact that life had suddenly turned to chaos and death. Bodies littered the camp--mostly elderly men and women who probably didn’t stand a chance of escape.

As Riley dragged her along, Fawn anxiously scanned the area. Terror gripped her insides as she searched for her friends. Oh, Green Eyes, where are you? Are you safe with your son? Please God, help me. What are these men going to do with me? I know they hate me because I’ve been with the Indians.

They passed a corpse lying in a contorted position. The clothing was that of a woman, but the face was indiscernible from apparent blows to the head. Choking back bile, Fawn shuddered at the useless killing. She felt a tinge of relief that it wasn’t her friend. The woman was much too short.

“Maybe they made it to safety,” she whispered.

Her bound hands pointed at the dead person. “How could you kill a defenseless woman. Does it make you feel more like a man?”

Riley wiped tobacco spittle from his chin. “Ain’t no woman, jes’ a dirty squaw like you.”

Springing at him like a mountain lion, Fawn pummeled his chest with her fists. “You... you animal you. That woman was a human being. She lived and breathed just like you. What gives you the right--”

Riley pushed her so hard she tumbled backward and landed on the ground with a thud. He leered down at her. “You touch me again and you’ll end up lookin’ just like her.”

I live in Stockton, CA and have just recently retired to devote more time to writing. Sisters in Time is my third published book, my second with Wings. I’m so fortunate to have found wonderful publishers who believe in me. Hopefully, you’ll see my name on more books in the future. I hope my stories are as enjoyable to read as they are to write. I can’t forget to mention my husband, Kelly. He’s my biggest fan.

Ginger Simpson does an outstanding job in creating her characters and describing the often-brutal challenges they are forced to confront. As you read Prairie Peace, you will laugh, cry, and finally sigh with contentment - Susan R. Sweet, Author of, A Deadly Agent - Wings ePress, Inc.

An enjoyable historical Western, with a different and unusual story and ending. Just when one thinks she’s figured out what will happen next, Mrs. Simpson throws the reader a curve. The characters in PRAIRIE PEACE are believable and loving–a great combination. Janet Cooper - Author of 41/2* Dreams of Yesterday and 41/2* Mooncussers

Prairie Peace is an exciting, cant-put-it-down tale of love and passion. It’s a must read. I highly recommend it. JoEllen Conger - Author, Return of the Goddess, This Old Dog, Tales of the Spirit of Hope, Goodbye my Darling

Prairie Peace was a wonderful, realistic read, capturing the truth of the historic west. Love, forgiveness and prejudice come full circle to make this an emotional, top notch read. I see a bright future for debut author Ginger Simpson - Tami Sutton - Reviewer for The Best Reviews


Stunning is just about the only word I can come up with to describe SISTERS IN TIME by Ginger Simpson. This story flows with such ease and comfort that the reader has no problems following along and is captivated by everything in this story. Mariah and Taylor are two different women who learn so much about themselves and the reader can at times really identify with each of them. Ms. Simpson writes this captivating and mildly suspenseful tale with sharp and precise depictions of the times in late 1800s and does it with class. This is a thoroughly enjoyable story from start to finish. I was riveted throughout and could not stop reading it once I began. SISTERS IN TIME comes highly recommended. One has to read it to believe it! -- Reviewed by Tracey West for The Road to Romance


Ginger Simpson has captured the essence of the transformation of the American West and how it affected lives in her latest novel WHITE HEART, LAKOTA SPIRIT. The strength and determination of settlers and Native Americans is skillfully portrayed by Ms Simpson as she tells us the tale of Grace and Little Elk. ...Accomplished author, Ginger Simpson has written an exceptional book, WHITE HEART, LAKOTA SPIRIT, which will touch your heart and your conscience. I whole heartedly recommend that you pick up your own copy because it is destined for your keeper shelf.


Rating: 4 EBOOK Take a journey through the Dakota Plains in 1874 with a beautiful white girl and young Sioux warrior. With the injustices of war inflicted on both the white men and Indians, can true love and forgiveness really blossom between Grace and Little Elk? ...White Heart, Lakota Spirit is a heart-warming tale of two people from very different backgrounds. Ginger Simpson does a wonderful job spinning a tale of treachery and turning it into a happily ever after love story. The beginning of this enchanting story is very unique from any other book I have read. The secondary characters add a lot of authenticity to White Heart, Lakota Spirit. It is wrought with turmoil, pain and romance. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Simpson's work. -- Billie Jo, Reviewer

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ISBN: 1597059803
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059800
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 243
Paper Weight (lb): 10.3

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