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Whisper of a Tryst
Christine Poe
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Anna Bentley gets more than she bargains for when she inherits a haunted Victorian home on the Northern California coast. The ghost lures her back in time to the year 1880, and right into his lusty arms. She solves the mystery of her adoption and falls in love with the rugged man whose very essence holds her in the past.

Sea Captain James Duncan is set on avenging his father's exile from Scotland, until Anna appears quite suddenly onboard his lumber schooner. She is his destiny…and the only person who can save his troubled soul.

Anna Bentley awoke drowsily to a firm masculine body pressing intimately against her. The whisper of his tender lips caressed her neck in nuzzling little kisses. Her breast tingled to the touch of his large callused hand massaging it to full titillation. She sighed dreamily as her mind suddenly came to total responsive awareness. Her eyes flew wide open only to reveal the empty moonlit bedroom. She sat bolt upright and searched the room’s dim corners. Surely, no dream could be so vivid?

“Why me?” She rubbed her temples in complete frustration.

Once again, the same highly erotic dream had disturbed her sleep. It meant something significant. Her nocturnal lover was trying to tell her something. Maybe it was time to move on with her life, give up the past and begin anew. She tossed back the bedcovers and walked over to the open window. In the distance, she could hear the pounding surf calling to her poetic soul. She sighed. She wanted a place to belong and someone to love her. Not just anyone. She wanted the kind of man who existed only in her dreams and a love to last for all time.

Anna took a step back toward her bed and paused. Catching her eye, a long white envelope glowed in the moonlight as it lay on the nightstand. She reached down to pick up the letter. Postmarked from Mendocino, California, April 2001, the short letter held the answer to her future. She thought the letter a joke at first, but last week she had called the attorney’s phone number and he told her it was legitimate. She had inherited an old Victorian home in Mendocino County at a stranger’s bequest.

~ * ~

“Oh, my!” Anna’s startled gasp brought the young attorney immediately to her side in the entry hall of the old house. They stood in curious contemplation before the portrait of a middle-aged man. The strong magnetic pull she felt toward the life-sized image nearly took her breath away.

“Do you like oil paintings?” Mr. Thornton asked, straightening his tie. He glanced quickly around the hall before his attention settled upon the portrait.

“Not usually,” Anna said with a sigh, wondering why the man was behaving so oddly. Sure, the house had a musty smell from being closed up, but it wasn’t all that bad. She fiddled with the end of her tawny blonde braid as she returned her gaze to the alluring painting. “Who is this guy?”

“Perhaps he was the first Duncan, a sea captain. Uh, as I understand it, he lived here at Duncan’s Point until his tragic death at sea...late eighteen hundreds, I believe.”

“To die at sea—how awful!”

She scrutinized the man in the portrait. A distinguished gentleman in a dark suit stared back at her, looking nothing like a salty old sea captain her creative imagination would dig up. His aura gave off an authoritative air that he must have emanated in life, whether on land or at sea.

Unruly chestnut hair fell in waves about a ruggedly handsome face, making him seem vaguely familiar. A sensual smile tilted up one side of his mouth creating a slight dimple in his left cheek—a very roguish dimple that bespoke of a teasing nature. His unusual sapphire blue eyes twinkled with laughter, making her wish she could sample his charm in person. In fact, his whole expression held a mischievous sparkle that tugged at her heart.

She heard a strangled gasp at her side and turned in time to observe a worried expression cross Mr. Thornton’s peaked face. She had been so caught up in her detailed examination of the portrait that she had completely forgotten her companion. The poor man! He looked about ready to exit the house at break-neck speed.

“Are you okay?”

He blinked several times and nodded. “Y-y-yes. I’m—I’m just fine.”

Quite unexpectedly, goose bumps rose on her skin. She was not a bit afraid, but something was definitely going on in here. Her five senses were running in chaos. She had never visited this particular old house before, yet she felt welcome. A strange sort of welcome, almost like a homecoming.

Christine Poe grew up in California, moved to Utah, married and raised four wonderful children. She has been writing books since her early teens, mostly to entertain friends. Many of her schoolteachers encouraged her to write. Her high school play “Take A Trip” was a hit comedy and received great reviews. She has completed seven manuscripts in various genres, and has many more in the works. She has also written several children’s stories and over two hundred poems.

Christine currently resides in Virginia with her devoted husband, a large multi-generational family, lots of Blue Ridge Mountain wildlife, and far too many pets to enumerate, but cats are her favorite animals.

“This reader thoroughly enjoyed Heroes and Hunks; it was sexy, humorous, and guarantees a happy-ever-after ending that is most satisfying. I would recommend this book to everyone who loves a story filled with great real-to-life characters, sensual imagery, sexual tension, humorous moments, and an everlasting love.” Five Roses Kari Thomas

Christine Poe has come up with a real winner with Heroes and Hunks. A sure-to-please romantic comedy about a modern day, oh-so-sexy cowboy and a strong yet feminine heroine. The main characters are both strongly developed and readers quickly find themselves rooting for their inevitable union. Air filled with sexual tension each time these two powerful characters went head to head from a verbal sparing to a passionate embrace. The worst part of this book was that it ended.

This excellent romantic comedy is highly recommended and a definite addition to this reviewer's keeper shelf. ~Miriam van Veen ~ Love Romances Reviews

ISBN: 1590889763
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889763
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 318
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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