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The Warrior
Tamia Dawn Osburn
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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May and Jaquay are destined to become mates for life. When May decides to leave Wiccan for good. She didn’t know Luke has plans for her , revenge. With thee help of Daemon and Kosek, she leaves everything and everyone she knew behind.

Jaquay chases after May at the request of Dev to make sure May arrives on Earth. When they had to make an emergency landing on a foreign and desert planet, May and Jaquay becomes mates for life.

"I’m sorry, that didn’t come out right," May stuttered, feeling her face turning red and hot. She was so embarrassed she let her gaze roam over the room, then back to look at him again. "I wanted to ask you something." She crossed her arms over her chest and glanced away from his piercing blue eyes. She couldn’t calm her racing heart. It seemed to be beating out of control.

"What do you want to ask me?" Jaquay asked her. His fingers itched to move though her glossy black hair. He crossed his arms over his chest and shifted his stance when a certain part of his body began to grow hard.

"Actually, Belinda asked me to do this for her." May said as she laced her fingers together in front of her. She couldn’t seem to look at him and it puzzled him.

"What does The Queen want to know from me?" Jaquay asked. Watching her with intense blue eyes, they began to rake over her body with slow ease.

"Tomorrow is Dev’s birthday and she want to give him something special that he wants. Belinda wanted to know what that is so she could give it to him." May walked over to the night stand to pick up a small statue of a fire breathing dragon. The piece felt cold between her palms and her fingers traced over the black marble along the dragon’s snout. She placed the dragon back down then turned to face him.

"Belinda is what Dev has wanted all his life. Other then that, I don’t know what else he could want." Jaquay spoke in a soft voice to her as his eyes watched her movements. His body continued growing even harder while watching her hips swaying as she walked around his room, softly touching things.

May nodded her head in thanks then she turned and walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind her. She leaned her head against the door and closed her eyes for a brief moment then opened them. She pressed her hand against her heart, trying to calm its racing beat. She straightened and walked out of the barracks. With her head bowed, May walked down the street toward the castle.

Once she reached her rooms, she slammed the door behind her and threw herself onto the bed. May tugged a pillow under her chin as she lay on her stomach. She could still feel the warmth from being near Jaquay. Her body still tingled with awareness of how he’d taken that step towards her. Her body throbbed with a need that only he could fulfill. May let out a soft growl as she turned over onto her back. She closed her eyes as she sought her eternal peace within the center of her mind. I need some peace of mind, May thought to herself as she inhaled several deep breaths.

Minutes later she found her eternal peace. The sounds of Wiccan grew louder in her mind. She could hear the chirps of the loons that hopped around in their pens. The people talking inside the castle while gossiping amongst each other. Soon, she could sense the energy of Wiccan all around her. Her body began to tingle with awareness. She dropped off into a deep, restless slumber.

~ * ~

Later in evening May woke with sweat drenching her body throbbing for the one man she couldn’t have. She dressed quickly to take a stroll along the streets. Sitting on a bench in the park behind the castle, she watched the sky as young warlocks practiced their lightning throwing in the sky. As always, May watched the show with awe. It reminded her of the fireworks on Fourth of July on Earth. May sighed as she thought about her home planet, yhe way that people moved about in LA, the shopping and her friends. What she didn’t miss was the rush of traffic. She felt peaceful on Wiccan even though she missed Earth.

Along with the lightning throwing came the fireballs that were practiced with Dev. He patiently showed the young students how to throw them with safety and ease. Dev stopped and explained the way to throw a proper fireball to a young warlock, Jasper. Jasper threw a proper fireball that went higher than the other two students’.

Tammie Ainsworth writing as Tamia Dawn Osburn is a California Native. She enjoys watching the Sci-Fi channel, whenever her three kids will allow her. She also enjoys reading as much as she loves to write. She would love to hear from her fans and they can write to her at tamiaosburn@hotmail.com or tammieainsworth@yahoo.com

The Guardian of Paradise is a wild futuristic romance filled with twists at every turn, and a romance to knock anyone's space socks off. ~” Jenn Nixon, Author Play Nice and Live to See Tomorrow.

Her Imprisoned Heart: The son of revolutionist leaders, Kole Adrian, since the age of five, has been imprisoned for twenty years. He has never seen a woman. Taira is the daughter of the President of Kapnek a man who has grown hard and ruthless. He has no idea that his daughter is the leader of the hated rebels. When the rebels break into Hazen Prison to rescue some of their members, Kole escapes and comes face to face with Taira. Love blossoms, but can it survive and grow in the explosion of a country torn apart, pitting rebels against soldiers, daughter against father, and a man who has suffered much, fighting for what he believes in? An incredible story that unfolds against a backdrop of violence, betrayal, hope for the future, and a tender, passionate love that will linger in your memory long after you've finished the book. -- Angela Verdenius Heart of the Betrayed, Golden Wings Award

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ISBN: 1590886690
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886694
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 211
Paper Weight (lb): 9.0

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