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The Warlock
Tamia Dawn Osbourn
booksXYZ price: $16.95
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What is a man to do when his mate has been kidnaped by his own brother? He goes after him.

Devon DeCaro, a prince of a world of witches, shapeshifters and vampires. He needed to find his mate that was foretold to his family a thousand years ago after a war and his family had overtaken the throne. Dev searches for his mate in the Mate Search trace and found Belinda Ramsey, the woman who was foretold in the prophecy, on Earth of all places. He goes to Earth to meet his mate when she was abducted by his brother, Kosek.

Belinda Ramsey was enjoying a night of leisure with her best friend and foster sister when she was abducted from her apartment one night during a storm that swept through California. After traveling through space and landed in the middle of a jungle with a pack of wolves. Belinda meets the man of her dreams, literally, and he calls himself: Her Mate.

Devon refused to leave her side. He still held on tightly to Belinda’s hand, smoothing her brown hair away from her soft face. Emotion swirled deep within him when he remembered how very close he’d come to losing her before he’d even had a chance to claim her love. Two days had passed since the healer had worked her power on his mate. Patience was a virtue he’d learned early, but applying it now tested him completely. Why hadn’t she awoken yet? It’d been too long, or so it seemed.

The healer specifically told him not to awaken her before she was ready. Devon sighed as he glanced away from Belinda’s pale face. Would she hate him for wanting her to stay here, on another world? Could she come to love him for who and what he is? He began to worry about where his thoughts would lead him when Belinda’s head slowly moved, her lips opening to a soft moan.

Gripping her hand tightly, he whispered softly, "Belinda." The feel of her hand in his brought warmth into his groin. Her beauty and sexuality continued to astound him. Would these feelings ever end?

He whispered her name again, placing his warm hand against her forehead. Beneath her lids, her eyes moved frantically and he couldn’t help wondering what lay in her dreams. Her head rolled again, away from him this time.

Devon lifted his hand from her forehead and held his breath, waiting for a sign that she would soon join him. When she remained silent, he released a weary sigh and relaxed his hold on her hand. Lowering his face down to her bed, he closed his eyes and let his thoughts drift.

Minutes or hours later Belinda’s hand moved within his. Devon came awake instantly and lifted his head; he looked down at his beloved mate. Color darkened her cheeks in a healthy glow. Thank the gods her skin had lost its pale hue.

"Belinda," he whispered, his voice raw from more than the remains of sleep. Within seconds, her eyelids began to flutter, then open.

She must have heard his thoughts, he realized suddenly. For during his time of rest, he’d called to her, begged her to join him. And she responded.

Looking up into his intense gray eyes, she swore she was having another of those sexy dreams.

"You." Her voice emerged in the softest of whispers. He smiled and her eyes were instantly drawn to his soft, sensuous lips.

Tearing her eyes away from his masculine beauty, she searched the room for something familiar and received a shock. Her stomach lurched forward in rebellion at the sight of red and gold furnishings. Everything in the room was blindingly, red and gold. The walls, the rugs, everything. It was hideous!

"I think I’m going to be sick," she mumbled as she struggled to sit up in the biggest bed that she’d ever seen. Sweat began to bead on her forehead and her stomach began lurching.

Devon made a quick sweep of the room, searching for something that she could use while Belinda covered her mouth with her hand. Her eyes found his and he read her desperation. Green was not a color she wore well on that lovely face.

Finally his eyes landed on a golden bowl with an arrangement of flowers. He dumped the flowers onto the red and golden-weaved carpet. Thrusting the bowel into Belinda’s lap, she drew away her hand and vomited.

Tammie Ainsworth writing as Tamia Dawn Osburn is a California Native. She enjoys watching the Sci-Fi channel, whenever her three kids will allow her. She also enjoys reading as much as she loves to write. She would love to hear from her fans and they can write to her at tamiaosburn@hotmail.com or tammieainsworth@yahoo.com

The Guardian of Paradise is a wild futuristic romance filled with twists at every turn, and a romance to knock anyone's space socks off. ~” Jenn Nixon, Author Play Nice and Live to See Tomorrow.

Her Imprisoned Heart: The son of revolutionist leaders, Kole Adrian, since the age of five, has been imprisoned for twenty years. He has never seen a woman. Taira is the daughter of the President of Kapnek a man who has grown hard and ruthless. He has no idea that his daughter is the leader of the hated rebels. When the rebels break into Hazen Prison to rescue some of their members, Kole escapes and comes face to face with Taira. Love blossoms, but can it survive and grow in the explosion of a country torn apart, pitting rebels against soldiers, daughter against father, and a man who has suffered much, fighting for what he believes in? An incredible story that unfolds against a backdrop of violence, betrayal, hope for the future, and a tender, passionate love that will linger in your memory long after you've finished the book. -- Angela Verdenius Heart of the Betrayed, Golden Wings Award

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ISBN: 1590886496
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886496
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 242
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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