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Waltz in Time
Diana Lee Johnson
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Getting away from her 1990's life at a Civil War weekend became more than Virginia Berkeley bargained for. Caught up in the romance, costumes, and company, she becomes a willing participant, but an unwilling catalyst. Can she let go of this unlikely love and her heart?

Col. Robert Carter, CSA, escaped his Yankee captors, to fall into the care of a traitorous and deranged female. One moment she's properly attired, the next dressed like a man, but in his arms she is all woman. He must return to his men and the impending battle. Can she help him reclaim his honor?

Ginny couldn’t walk through the lobby with her splotchy red cheeks and puffy eyes, so she passed the building to enter by the side exit Jonathan discreetly used the morning before. As she rounded the corner of the building, she came face to face with the shabbily dressed Confederate who’d been stalking her.

She gasped, but did not scream. It was daylight, there were people within screaming distance, and there were no vehicles into which he could spirit her off. She had to keep a cool head.

“What do you want?” Her voice was sharp and agitated.

“Who are you?” came his raspy response.

“Who am I?” She choked. “Who the hell are you?”

“Are you a spy?” He had a strangle hold on her arm now and she was becoming frightened.

“A spy?” she shouted in disbelief.

“Yes, a spy! I saw you go to the Union camp. You and that, that, turn-coat!”

She had a lunatic on her hands, but what should she do? Should she humor him, scream for help and chance provoking him? She didn’t know, but she had to stay calm. He must be really caught up in this play-acting of the festival.

“Of course I’m not a spy.” Hoping to distract him and escape, she spoke in a calmer tone. “I was invited to visit the Union camp to entertain. We were in a brief period of truce, to exchange coffee for tobacco. I went over to the Union camp with the permission of Captain Childress.”

“Captain Childress?” He ran his fingers through his dirty hair, blinking and sighing as he did. “I don’t know him.”

“He’s the commander of the encampment here.” It was not easy to keep her voice even with her arm in the vice his hand made.

“The boy. Who was he?”

“The young sergeant?”

He nodded.

“He was Sergeant Blackburn.”

“I don’t know him either.” He hung his head and closed his sunken eyes.

It was only now that Ginny’s senses began to function. She became acutely aware of a pungent odor coming from the man and his dirty uniform, or semblance of a uniform. He ran his fingers through his dirty hair again and she could see what looked like dried blood on his head. That must have been why he had what looked like a bandage on his head the first time she saw him on the bridge.

She reached out tentatively toward the wound. It was filthy, infected. “You need to get to a hospital,” she urged.

“No hospital. Not ‘til I figure out what’s goin’ on here.” He pushed her hand away, which didn’t upset her. His hair and the wound could be teeming with varmints.

She almost gagged. “You can’t go around like that. Let me call someone, please.” She spoke softly.

“NO!” he shouted and turned as if to run, but instead he sank onto a stone garden bench near the side door of the inn. Putting his head in his hands, he wept.

“Please, don’t.” She kept her voice calm and reassuring as she reached for his hand with no thought to the smell or filth.

“Nothing is right. Everything is so confused. People look the same for a moment, then they look different. Lights, lights are not from candles and gas, carriages approach the bridge with no horses…” He grabbed great hunks of his hair in both hands and, cowering and rocking as he sobbed, sank from the bench to his knees on the cold ground.

“Are you by any chance trying to tell me that you think it’s eighteen sixty-three?”

He looked up at her. “Is it sixty-three already? I didn’t think Christmas was here yet.” His words were beginning to slur, his eyes becoming glazed.

“Look, I don’t know who you are, or where you came from, but let’s get one thing straight right now. We’re just playing at the nineteenth century here. It’s just a Civil War festival, that’s all. You and I both know it’s nineteen ninety-three.”

He jerked to his feet. “You lie!” He tightly grabbed both her wrists. “You stand there in those clothes and make sport of me. I have been shot, beaten and imprisoned, but I know who I am, and what the century is, even if I am not sure of the exact date.”

Diana Lee Johnson is a native of Northern Virginia. By day she’s the Purchasing Agent for a municipal government. By night (and weekends) she’s a writer.

Stories flow through her mind like movies projecting in her head, waiting for her to find time to write them down. Diana must switch them off so she can work at her day job. “I weave a little of myself into everything I write. My characters take on their own personalities and I wait like the reader to hear what they say next.”

Writing poetry since the age of 6, Diana dabbled in short stories at 13, but took prose more seriously as an outlet after she turned 30. She enjoys writing fiction in several genres hoping to entertain a variety of readers with drama, suspense, humor, and romance. Her characters could be someone you know or someone so outrageous you can only imagine meeting them.

She would love to hear from you. Please visit her website:, or write her at P. O. Box 3003, Falls Church, VA 22043.

Dramatically written, this poignant tale will touch your heart. Diana Lee Johnson has penned another winner. I can't wait to read her next book.-- Judith Rippelmeyer, Editor in Chief, The Word On Romance, www.thewordonromance.com

Wrong Side of Love is a remarkable story with a clever twist that will surprise and amaze the reader. It is a meticulously compiled and authentic historical novel that takes place during the Civil War era and has an enduring theme of family love and devotion...Tina Dean, Associate Editor, Virginia Writing

Castle of Sorrows: “How skillfully Diana Johnson has revealed yet another dimension of her craft with this exciting and enchanting novel. The colorful narrative in which Castle of Sorrows is clothed, and the skeleton of events on which it hangs, all show the marks of a storyteller who writes with sensitivity and is gifted with exceptional human understanding. This suspenseful novel is a thrill from beginning to end.”--Tina Dean, Associate Editor, Virginia Writing

“Very different from Diana Lee Johnson’s previous books, CASTLE OF SORROWS is nevertheless an excellent read. Let Donald, Douglas, Dierdre, Grandee, and the ghosts of the past enchant you. Drift away to the beautiful Scottish countryside, filled with castles and tradition and enjoy CASTLE OF SORROWS.” --Judith Rippelmeyer, Editor in Chief, The Word on Romance

Tomorrow Came Early, the much-anticipated sequel to Too Late for Tomorrow, is a fabulous read! The saga of the spirited Hamiltons continues in this moving and powerfully written historical novel set at the end of the Civil War. The love, devotion, and courage of this dynamic family, especially young Andrew Hamilton, will touch your heart and soul as you read this compelling story; family secrets and intrigue will keep you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be carried away on the wings of this highly recommended book!-- Tina Dean, Associate Editor, Virginia Writing

…Steeped in the rich history of the turbulent pre-Civil War and Civil War years, TOO LATE FOR TOMORROW sets readers deep into the heart of the issue of slavery and its consequences on this nation. Deftly intertwined with the issue of slavery, Ms Johnson adds Jeremy and Gabby's personal tale of love, deception, and obsession.

I wouldn't consider this a light read, or mere entertainment, but an attention involving novel. TOO LATE FOR TOMORROW is nevertheless a marvelously written story from the pen of a wonderfully erudite author. Readers who love Civil War period romances will adore TOO LATE FOR TOMORROW. I highly recommend it. --Judith Rippelmeyer, The Word on Romance

An exciting and heartwarming story of family love! This is a must-read book for anyone who loves historical romances, particularly those of the Civil War era. The characters are rich and full, with family ties and love being the strings that bind them all in one way or another. This is a novel of a family forced to deal with strong beliefs and opinions, frequently at odds with each other, but always with love enough to fill even the reader's heart. You will want to read every word on every page of this Civil War saga. I have just three more words to say: sequel, sequel, sequel! --Tina Dean, Assoc. Editor, Virginia Writing

Just Deserts is a sweet read. Warm and witty characters, a fabulous story, and a dollop of humor makes this recipe another winner for Diana Lee Johnson. Make room on your keeper shelf for Just Deserts. -- Judith Rippelmeyer

Pretty as she is, Carolyn isn't looking for love when she enrolls in a college course. However, in the weeks that follow she finds herself being courted by two men who are determined to win her affections while having much more in mind than just their amorous feelings.

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ISBN: 1590889460
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889466
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 338
Paper Weight (lb): 14.2

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