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The Vixen
A. Dee Carey
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What if the fortunes of man were determined by a woodland creature? In this unique tale of Arthurian Legend familiar characters mesh with new and unusual individuals. The heroine, a fox who can become human, unites with an abandoned royal to fufill a Druid Ordination. Though the pair fights the constraints of the present outcome, they learn love endures all test and find their true calling.

Olyn was surprised beyond belief. What can this mean? Did what I saw actually occur? Was this a vision? A portend of things to come? Oh, how I wish I still had all my powers. But, he didn’t, and no amount of wishing would make it so. He would have to do some thinking on the matter. It seemed strange that today he would see a vision, and find a mole so like the royal mark on young Leigh.

Gathering his robes up around his ample thighs, he hurried as best he could to the room deep in the dungeon, hidden from all, save himself. Neither Leigh nor Helga would dare venture anywhere near what was referred to as Olyn’s place. Far beneath the ground of the castle’s only remaining structure, the donjon, his area was well protected and thus suffered little from the ravages of time. This room held images of Olyn that reflected his old, greater powers. He well remembered when it held a full complement of sorcerer tools. When he had served the king he had been a respected wizard. The steps were broad and slippery, and Olyn descended with difficulty. It had been some time since he’d last ventured to his place. He had little need of spells of late. Far too long out of practice, he needed to force himself to concentrate.

The wizard looked about the cold, unlighted room and set the torch he’d brought with him in the sconce on the wall. What little light the torch provided served only to accentuate the macabre air of the dungeon. Olyn chose this place partly because he knew neither Leigh nor Helga would venture down beneath the castle. Helga hated bugs and things that crawled, and Leigh did not like small confined spaces. Nonetheless, it served Olyn’s purposes. Grabbing a rag from the large table in the center of the room, he began to swat the dust from the numerous volumes lining the walls on makeshift shelves. His eyes, now acclimated to the darkness, sought out the tome that would give up the answer to his quest. Scanning his personal journals, he found nothing. At last his eyes beheld the “Master Tome”. The answers to the greatest questions of time were held in this ponderous volume.

He’d not consulted the tome since he’d left the King’s court. In truth, he should not even retain possession of the book, but since Morganna had stripped him of everything else, he felt justified in keeping it. Carefully, he cleared a space on the large table. With reverence he carried the “Master Tome” to the awaiting table. He opened the first page and looked to the table of contents.

A rat scuttled across the floor diverting his attention. When he turned back to the book, somehow it fell open to the directions for the “Mantle of Sorcery.”

From the page rose a plume of smoke. It stung Olyn’s eyes and blurred his vision. Suddenly, the smoke cleared and there suspended above the page was a vermilion cloak, trimmed with snow-white fur and edged with the finest black embroidery. As many years as Olyn had been a wizard, he’d never seen this marvelous cloak before.

Slowly, the cloak unfurled as Olyn reached up to it. Swiftly, the garment closed back upon itself.

“Do not seek to touch the mantle.” A deep voice seemed to emerge from the very walls of the dungeon.

Olyn had heard of the mantle, but he’d never imagined he would ever see it. It was usually revealed only to wizards of the third level. Those of his powers that remained reached the first level. He knew he should be frightened, but for some inexplicable reason he was not. He withdrew his hand. The page of the book turned by some unseen hand.

Words rose from the page; the print took on sound.

“You are chosen.” The voice boomed with the force of a hurricane. Olyn’s eyes grew wide.

“Chosen? By whom? And for what have I been chosen?”

“You are an instrument of the Druids. The Druids have chosen you.”

“What am I to do? What is my task?” Olyn asked, completely awed.

A. Dee Carey started writing as soon as she could hold a pencil and will continue to write until she can no longer hold the pencil. She is married to a wonderful man who puts up with her zany imagination and encourages her to follow the dream. He has been her helpmate in all endeavors for 48 years. Having support is the life blood of writing. Dee continues writing about her beloved foxes and hopes many will enjoy the fox “tails.”

In FOX IN THE MIST Dee Carey has created a thrilling fantasy wherein appealing characters, both human and animals, excitingly strive to oust a usurper and return the rightful heir to the throne. The heroine is equally charming as both a fox and a girl, and the young hero has just enough vulnerability. Now--I want a fox! I want a tiny unicorn to dance in my palm!, Fran Keighley, award-winning Wings author.

FOX IN THE MIST - Dee Carey has a flowing, somewhat unusual style, and Fox in the Mist moves quickly. Her descriptions are simply fantastic, and I had no trouble picturing every single element- from the prancing of a tiny unicorn to the thrilling sensations of a single romantic touch, to the idealized sweeping vision of Arthurian castles. What a lovely, lovely book I look forward to more unusual magical tales from A. Dee Carey -- Fox in the Mist 5 unicorns from Enchanted it Romance

The Vixen: Ms. Carey spins for her reader a fine “Tail.” With a carefully structured plot, this author weaves her unique braid of Arthurian legend. If only “The Vixen” was required reading during my study of British Literature. -- Laura Turner noted journalist

The Vixen: Within the body of a fox lay the spirit of the vixen, awaiting the female human vessel it would finally inhabit. At the base of the neck, the boy will bear the fox-shape mole. When these two shall meet, they will rule Ireland as it has been foretold…

Travel back in time to the ancient Druids, to a time of magic long lost in the mist… to a time of the Vixen…

If you love the tales of olde, that touch of magic that has often been lost in stories of fantasies written in a modern world, then read one of A. Dee Carey’s books--she writes with the finesse of the ancient masters, perfectly capturing a time when magic lingered and anything could happen… -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of a Peacekeeper

The Fox and the Chalice is a fascinating blend of the history of The Catholic Church and the religion of the ancient Druids. There is amazing detail that draws you into the characters’ world and doesn’t let go. The characters are rich with emotions ranging from avarice to selflessness and from raging lust to eternal love. I highly recommend this unique, absorbing read from the very talented A. Dee Carey. -- Mary Paine, A Dangerous Dream, www.marypaine.com

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ISBN: 1597058297
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058292
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 322
Paper Weight (lb): 13.4

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