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Transplanted Love
Sherry Derr-Wille
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Lori Carter has been to hell and back and when she agrees to a blind date she insists he cannot know about her transplant. For one night she wants to be like everyone else and not the bionic woman.

Kent Saunders can’t believe a beautiful girl like Lori isn’t involved with someone. Until he learns the secret she has kept from him, he wants her in his life on a permanent basis.

"Just relax, Lori," the technician said, as she rubbed Lori’s arm with an alcohol swab.

"One little prick and it’s all over."

"Quit teasing, Beth," Lori replied. "Compared to those fifteen gauge needles they use in the dialysis unit, this is like a mosquito bite. You just don’t know what it’s like to have nails stuck up your arm three times a week."

Beth released the tourniquet and finished drawing Lori’s blood. "Will I see you next week?"

"No, I have clinic in Madison. Hopefully, they’ll let me start coming every other week. I’ll let you know what I find out."

"I’m certain it will be good news Lori," Beth assured her. "I can’t believe how wonderful you look. Compared to the way you looked on dialysis, it’s miraculous."

Lori acknowledged the compliment. Even after hearing the same words almost daily for the past three months, she enjoyed the sound of them. After four years of listening to the whispers behind her back about how terrible she looked, Lori basked in this positive note.

Pulling out of the parking lot, she turned her thoughts to the past two days. After Kent’s surprise arrival at church yesterday, she knew he would be at the Athletic Club tomorrow night.

Castwells appeared to her left and Lori fought the urge to stop and see Kent. As soon as the thought crossed her mind she dismissed it. How could she stop and see him when she didn’t even know which department he worked in?

I spent all day yesterday with him and I know next to nothing about him, she thought. It seems as though we only talked about me.

What about the transplant, her inner voice asked.

Lori refused to even think of an answer. She would tell Kent about everything when she thought the time right and not before.

With Castwells behind her, she turned down the street toward DATA INC. The morning shift cars already crowded the back lot as Lori pulled into her marked parking place.

"Good morning, Lori," Jayne Blake chirped, when Lori entered the office.

"Good morning, Jayne. What’s up? It looks like you have something on your mind."

"I do. Bill wants to meet with you at ten. He has some new ideas for the home entry department."

"New ideas? Like what?"

"You’ll see. Don’t look so worried. He’s got a new twist I think will work out well for everyone."

Lori hurried to her office to review the batches she would be sending out with the home entry girls.

"Sometimes I wish you’d be a clock watcher like the rest of the people around here," Bill Werner said, interrupting Lori’s concentration.

"Oh dear, the meeting. What time is it?"

"It’s ten thirty. I decided if I wanted to have a meeting with you, it would have to be in your office."

"I’m sorry, Bill. What’s going on?"

Bill pulled out the chair opposite Lori’s desk and sat down. "I’ve decided to have the home entry people bring in their work between eight and nine in the morning. That way we can transmit the batches by noon and have the next day’s work ready to go out by four. It would mean changing your hours to seven to four, though. Do you think you can handle it?"

Lori thought over the proposal. "You know, I think it just might work. We would have to give the girls some notice, though."

Bill handed her a piece of paper she hadn’t noticed earlier.

Effective one week from today, all batches will be picked up and dropped off between 8 and 9 a. m. Any questions, contact Lori Carter or Bill Werner.

"It looks like you have all the bases covered. Look Bill, I know you agreed to set this program up to accommodate my schedule four years ago. I’ve always thought we should change it around. With the noon pick up, we hit naptime for the little ones. I certainly don’t mind changing my schedule. I’m only sorry I didn’t suggest it sooner."

A light rap at the door interrupted them. "I’m looking for Lorinda Carter."

Lori glanced up to see a man wearing a shirt with the words Rossi’s Floral embroidered over the pocket. "I’m Lori Carter."

Mild Mannered receptionist, wife, mother and grandmother by day, Sherry Derr-Wille spends her nights writing and writing and writing. Having been inspired by an English assignment in her sophomore year of high school, she had never quite finished the assignment. New stories pop into her head every day with never enough time to write them all.

A Wisconsin native, she grew up a country girl, but enjoys her “city” home. She and her husband of over 40 years, Bob, live in a mid-sized town close to the Illinois border, where she works as a receptionist for an insurance office and he is retired. Deeming Bob “A Saint” for putting up with her, she has never regretted marrying her high school sweetheart just two days after graduation in 1964.

Becky's Rebel: Ms. Derr-Wille brings the spirit of understanding the plight of the Civil War survivors. Becky Larson and her Rebel, Joe Kemmerman, reminds us that love and faith overcome all obstacles. A must read for those who still need to understand there is no different in the hearts of people, North or South. Becky’s Rebel will make you laugh, shed a tear or two and have you falling in love, once again, with a time and it’s people that is uniquely America’s ... the Civil War era. -- Debbie Fritter – The Perfect Match – Whippoorwill Press

Hello Do You Know Me is a wonderful heart-warming love story. It touches your heart from the very beginning. It has everything that makes you turn the pages. Matt Bratzman has lived another man’s life for thirty-five years. Betsy Connor is a widow again. Now out of the blue her first love is back from the grave. But it can't be. Jerry Fellows was killed in Viet Nam. Sherry Derr Wille’s characters are real and you find yourself cheering for them and wanting them to find a happy-ever-after. If you like stories that grab a hold of your heart and don’t let go. You'll love this one. Along the way there is some humor and tears and love that survived through time. There were many tragedies out of the Viet Nam War but thanks to Ms. Wille this one had a happy ending.-- Judy Leigh Peters, A Father’s Hope, Joshua’s Faith, http://www.judyleighpeters.com

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ISBN: 1590886445
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886441
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 250
Paper Weight (lb): 10.6

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