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Tonight With Tarzan
Karen Hudgins
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Tia St. James, interior decorator, discovers “Tarzan” lives in Picardy Heights. He’s London T. Parker, a charter pilot and adventurer, who posed as the famous hero for the poster she hangs in the Jungle Jangle.

London soon wants to whisk her away to a real African rain forest. Yet, Tia tries not to love a man who risks life and limb. How will London help Tia jump over the cliff of the past--and land in the arms of… Tarzan?

London Parker ambled toward Tia. He stopped a mere two feet away from her, which turned on all kinds of sensory modes in her body. His was an alarmingly sweet presence and she recollected herself.

“Not really,” she said forthrightly. “I’ve better things to do, thank you.”

He pushed the bush hat that he now wore back from his forehead. His sunglasses were still tucked in the front of his shirt.

“How’ve you been?” he asked as if he hadn’t seen her for a week.

Tia replied, playing along. “Busy in the jungle. It can get rough.”

He whistled. “More than you know.”

“I’m sure, but I’m here to buy a tent.”

London seemed to be weighing her before he asked, “How’s Ollie?”

Tia twitched her mouth from side to side. Didn’t London work at the airport? Didn’t Ollie annoy him? Didn’t she wish she’d checked her lip-gloss?

“He’s in good hands,” she said keeping it cool. “So, this is a surprise. What’re you doing here?”

“I’m going over some notes,” he answered. “Not much business tonight.”

Tia nodded. “It’s Saturday night. People are out on dates, or at home or whatever.”

London shrugged. “You’re not.”

Tia hedged. “No, I--I’m not.” She caught the question in his eyes. “I’m working, focusing on my project and staying--”

“Dates might do you some good,” London interjected matter-of-factly.

“Excuse me?” she asked growing irritated. How could he know what she needed? How could he assume anything about her? She could feel the spitfire brewing in her own eyes.

“Just a suggestion,” he said, winking.

“Good,” she retorted. “Because what I don’t need is lovelorn advice or hit on.”

“Then, you make the moves,” he replied. “Give yourself a chance to loosen up. Breathe. You’ve had a serious bad turn, but life’s not over yet.”

Tia stood motionless. She couldn’t tell which was worse. London’s audacity and persistence, or the rising heat blistering in her neck. Did she have “loser” written on her forehead? By the grace of God, she kept her surface demeanor cool. Somehow, she needed out of here--preferably with a tent.

“You’re right. It’s not over yet. When I find a man who’s sensitive, truly cares about me, is attractive and doesn’t have a death wish, I’ll give it some thought.”

“Thinking won’t be enough, darlin’. You might lose your chance.”

She straightened her spine. “Are you always this…pushy?”

He paused. “Just trying to help.”

“And I look like I need help?” she asked bravely.

“Yes,” bolted from him.

She recoiled. “Well, I do. Only with a tent--which is why I’m here.”

London stood still holding the clipboard in his hand. She got the feeling he was doing more. With just the two of them inside, things got cozy real quick.

Tia warily eyed the top page that was filled with scribbling and sketches. Nodding at them, she asked, “So, you’re working on notes. What kind of notes?”

“Tent type notes.” A yellow pencil with a pink eraser rested behind his ear.

“Uh huh,” she said looking squarely into his eyes. They glimmered, even here in the lantern light. She learned earlier today that, once snared, Tarzan’s eyes were hard to let go. Now, it seemed even tougher. But she prevailed, keeping this all business casual.

“Do you know when the tent salesman will be back? Because I’ve got some questions, and I can’t leave here tonight without a tent.”

Dropping the clipboard on a folding campstool, London hiked a corner of his mouth into a half smile. “What sort of questions?”

“Brian-the-salesman type questions,” she replied with sugar coating.

“Brian is the manager and owner of this store. He knows these tents better than most. But I’m covering for him until he comes back in about an hour. So if you really want to talk with him, it can be arranged at a later time.”

Romance novelist Karen Hudgins’ first novel was published in 2001. She then wrote three more for WingsePress.com. Her books are character-driven, and she creates the kind of stories she likes to read, or see in the movies. A dash of adventure, something mysterious, and lightly sensual romance fill her pages. Karen is also an avid digital photographer. She enjoys rock music and travel. She also works for a university and is a docent at the St. Louis Zoo.

Tonight With Tarzan: “Karen Hudgins has penned a novel filled with wonderful characters whom you can’t help falling in love with.” -- Judith Leigh, When the Vow Breaks, 2008, Highland Press.

Tonight With Tarzan: “Dynamic story spiced with humor, suspense, and more than a little jungle heat. Great Read!”-- Kathleen Coddington, Witch Ball, 2007, Cerridwen Press.

“Loved it! TWT definitely deserves a place of honor on your book shelf.” -- Debbie Hull, The Men of Her Dreams, 2003, Wings ePress.com.

“TWT makes me believe in romance! -- Kelly Erwin, Reader.

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ISBN: 1597056847
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056847
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 342
Paper Weight (lb): 14.3

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