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To Wish Upon A Star
Jayme Evans
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Julia Lincoln loves Halloween night and trick-or-treaters, but when an injured, costumed man stumbles into her living room, he isn’t a trick but a real treat to the eyes. She had never dreamed to actually go out in space, and make her wishes upon a star come true.

Daamic, of the family Ominar, had only wanted to study the humans on the interesting planet called Earth, but when an assassin’s attempt landed him in the lovely Earthling’s abode, he wants to show her more of his world…and his heart.

“Trick or Treat!” two small goblins yelled out.

Julia Lincoln loved Halloween.

Halloween night produced at least a dozen or more varieties of ghosts and goblins in their frightful treks, creeping across lawns, seeking their hoards of treats from door to door. Fairy-tale princesses, clowns, rock stars, monsters, cartoon characters and the like swarmed in droves of candy seekers.

Uh-oh, a small vampire fell when he lost his footing on the front stoop. His candy spilled out across the concrete.

“Careful, little one.” She helped him scoop the goodies into his plastic pumpkin and handed it back to him. “There you go, buddy. Oooouuuu. Just don’t bite me.”

He giggled and stuck out his reloaded pumpkin. “I won’t.”

She dropped several more pieces into his orange container. It wouldn’t do to leave a bunch of this stuff around the house. She’d eat it and gain five pounds. “You’re just about the last one. I think.”

He mumbled a thank you and ran to his father... well, she assumed the man was his father. It could be a big brother, an uncle, a neighbor or the mother’s boyfriend.

It was interesting watching the two as they hurried up her driveway. The little one giggled and wanted to move on ahead, but the man grabbed the boy’s hand and pulled the child back. Children were such a delight. She had wanted to settle down from her travels one day and raise a family, but at her age, the best husband prospects were already married with children of their own.

Her house sat at the outer limits of a dead-end street. The treat seekers trekked the long length of her driveway because of her reputation for the most excellent booty around. She certainly couldn’t let them down, and this time of the year she could be a kid again. Life was busy enough without being a kid once in awhile.

Eerie music played from her open living room window. Amid cobwebs and black, dangling spiders, she sat in a chair on her front stoop--the same way as last year, and the year before. How many years? Good grief, she must have been doing this for four or five years just from this house, her parent’s old house. The ritual kept up the family tradition. How often could she be a witch and be liked? She even painted her face and skin with green makeup and put green spray on her hair. The danged makeup itched and she scratched her jaw. Even with the pleasure of the occasion, she had to suffer with the smell and pastiness of thick theatrical makeup. Once a year, she enticed little ones to take chocolates and sweet-and-sours from her black cauldron. Not a bad day, for sure.

That little boy must have been the last because no one else ventured up or down the lighted street on either side. Doggone-it. Those few hours of trick-or-treat always went too fast. Well, she might as well go into the house and settle in for the night. She gathered her full-length black skirt and stepped through the entrance of her home. She turned and closed the door and switched off the outside light. She could get a shower now and get out of this clammy makeup.

She had taken no more than one step away from the entrance when something sounded at the door. It had been no more than a few seconds since she closed it. Was that a knock? How could she miss someone on that street? Maybe it was a neighbor, but why didn’t he just knock like everyone else? All her neighbors would pound on the door, especially if she had just closed it in his or her face.

Whoever it was scratched on the metal door and now opened it. Could Bob Trumble be trying to frighten her? Oh man! He was such a tease as well as a good neighbor, but she had seen him leave with his wife and little fairy princess.

She glanced through the peephole. No one. Or was it? A big mass blocked it. That Bob! How did his wife put up with his shenanigans all the time? Julia parted the big wooden door just enough to see out. The safety chain stretched.

Multi-published author, Jayme Evans writes the 'weird stuff'. As a time-travel, romantic suspense, paranormal and futuristic author, she likes to carry her imagination to the extreme and escape from the 'real' world. Jayme lives in Kentucky with her with her youngest son, his wife and two grandchildren. She has two married sons, four lovely granddaughters and a spunky grandson.

Jayme began writing when her oldest son flew the nest in 1992. She took the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing Workshop to complement her love of writing.

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ISBN: 159705772X
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057721
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 358
Paper Weight (lb): 15.0

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