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To Trust Again
Mary S. McGuire
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Laney Westfield and Danny Adams have come full circle in their relationship. They have grown up together and briefly dated before each went his own way to marry others only to find themselves again irresistibly drawn to each other after the tragic death of Laney’s husband. They were to find, however, their relationship was not one that could be so easily resumed for there lay many obstacles before them--the reliance of the community on Adams’ Enterprises, an alcoholic wife and, most astounding of all, a charge of murder!

What an interesting place. She bent over a multi-floral white rose bush to inhale its wondrously sweet scent.

A man’s voice called, "Don’t move, I want you to stand there while I draw a mental picture of you just as you are."

Ignoring his request, she turned. "Danny, what on earth are you doing here?"

"I hoped I’d find you still here after Roman told me he was showing you the property. I came to tell you your SUV will be repaired and delivered tomorrow. I saw you at Ruby’s, but you and Roman left before I could catch you."

"Thank you for bothering with it."

"No bother. I’m just glad to have you back home."

"I was discovering Dorothy’s garden. It is amazingly beautiful--something so everlasting about it. Somehow it almost transcends time."

Chuckling, he said, "I don’t know about that, but this garden was built with work and sweat--I do know. Aunt Minnie was Dorothy’s cousin and, after I got big enough, she’d bring me here every spring to spade up a flowerbed or pull weeds. Cousin Dorothy would always tell me there was nothing like working in the soil to build character. She called it a down payment on the future. Looking around, I guess I finally see her point."

"Oh, look, here’s an asparagus bed." Dropping to her knees, she began pulling back the vegetation to find the tender shoots. "Do you have a pocket knife?"

He reached into his jeans and withdrew one. "Here," he kneeled beside her, "let me help."

When he finished cutting a sizeable pile of the green stems, she rose, gathered up her skirt, and put them into the rudimentary, cloth carrying vessel. "Aren’t you the pioneer woman harvesting your garden, though. All you need is a sunbonnet."

She laughed. "I don’t have a bag or anything. Guess this is what is known as making do."

They walked to the grape arbor, with Laney still grasping the asparagus in the folds of her skirt, and sat resting on the wooden benches beneath the vines. "Isn’t it soothing here?" she asked.


"Danny, may we talk--not like two careful adults, but as lifelong friends?"

"I’d like it."

She drew in a breath. "Tell me about your life."

"What life?"

Sternly, she looked at him. "What life? Your life, Danny."

"I have no life. It ended last year when Little Dan died." He placed his hands, palms down, together and then moved them in a sweeping motion as if cutting an imaginary string on the ground. "Finis, end, that’s it." He scuffed the toe of his boot across the loose soil. "No son, no wife, no love, just work."

"Oh, please don’t say such a thing. Please."

"I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have spouted off like that. You have your own problems." Gazing into the distance, he added, "I took Betty Lou up to rehab to dry out this morning for the third time in two years."

"No, don’t be sorry, we promised to be truthful."

"Then, what about you?"

"I feel lost, too. I shouldn’t, I have Missy and Paul, Jr., but I feel like I’m groping. If there had been time to prepare for Paul’s death, maybe I could cope better."

"I heard he died a hero--saving all those people’s lives in the crash."

"Yes, but somehow it doesn’t stop the ache--the loneliness."

Glancing at him, she noted the tight lines around his lips and his slight scowl began to fade and then relax. He reached for her hand and smiled. "I remember when I was little, I’d fall down and hurt myself and my mom would kiss me and say she’d make it all better. Sitting here with you seems to make it all better."

He looked at the garden and then stood up, going to a rose bush covered with blooms of such a dark maroon hue they were almost ebon. He chose a nearly perfect bloom and returned and handed it to her. "This is called Don Juan. I know because I helped Dorothy plant it."

"How magnificent." Clutching the blossom to her chest, she added, "It’s nothing short of exquisite."

Mary was born on a farm near Leona, Kansas, but moved to Texas in her teen years. She graduated from Southwest Texas State and later earned a master’s degree in English from Sam Houston State and a master’s in psychology from the University of Houston/Victoria. Currently, she’s retired after having taught twenty-four years in the public schools. She and her husband, Gene, raised three children and have eight grandchildren, all of which are the light of their lives. She remains intensely interested in women’s issues both in the past and in the present.

What they are saying about A TIME TO TRUST: “Lovely, that’s the word for this writer’s latest novel! Don’t miss any of her works!” Viviane Crystal, The Write Lifestyle.

“Mary S. McGuire’s A TIME OF FORGIVENESS should be required reading for all married couples... Truly a satisfying read!”—Cheryl Norman. Wings’ author FULL MOON HONEYMOON.

RACHEL’S JOURNEY…“Mary S. McGuire’s seamless story addresses every facet of the working family woman that will remain in the reader’s attention long after the last page is turned. That she has done so in such a realistic, engaging manner is a tribute to her writing skill and evidence of how historical periods have shaped the evolution of family and work against insurmountable odds and toward a notable American spirit.” Viviane Crystal, The Write Lifestyle.

“A powerfully told tale beautifully rendered, RACHEL’S JOURNEY comes highly recommended.”--Cindy Penn. Wordweaving/Midwest Review


“Richly drawn characters struggling through difficult decisions will tug at your heart and keep you turning pages…a great read!”--Cheryl Norman, author, FULL MOON HONEYMOON)

“Vivid description of lush Hawaii serves as the backdrop to Laney’s heart-felt struggle to trust again.”--Roberta Olsen Major, BOUND)

“Lovely, that’s the word for this writer’s latest novel! Don’t miss any of her works!”--Vivane Crystal, The Write Lifestyle)

A TIME OF FORGIVENESS “Mary S. McGuire’s novel should be required reading for all married couples. In exploring a divorcee’s romance with a younger man, the author weaves an interesting and entertaining story about the lessons all couples must learn to succeed in marriage, regardless of the obstacles life throws their way. Readers will fall in love with Ryan and cheer for Meg, snarl at their detractors and high-five their allies. Truly a satisfy read!” Cheryl Norman,, FULL MOON HONEYMOON

To Trust Again “Childhood sweethearts endure tragedy, scandal and criminals before they can have a second chance at love. An emotional story, this one keeps the reader engaged, cheering for Laney and Danny to the satisfying conclusion.” -Cheryl Norman, Wings author of bestselling, FULL MOON HONEYMOON, STORMS OF THE HEART, and LAST RESORT.

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ISBN: 1590889053
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889053
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 238
Paper Weight (lb): 10.2

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