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To Touch The Sky
Margaret B. Lawrence
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Luke McLaughlin arrives in Oklahoma to take part in the Land Run of April 22, 1889. He hopes to start over and again own land, but must battle to survive when someone from his past works to destroy him and his dream

Sarah Grayson and her family also come for the land. She must fight against forces she can’t control to gain her dream of a home and family of her own.

Luke’s deep voice rumbled like an avalanche, mercilessly threatening, silky smooth with fury. “You boys are a long way from home. I think you need to mosey on along and take care of your business, and leave the lady alone.”

They whirled toward him, all three looking up at the same time to see the tall man smiling at them. Their hands automatically went to their guns.

He never looked away, his smile didn’t waver. Speaking so quietly they were unsure they heard him, he said, “Huh uh. I don’t think you want to do that.”

His eyes, glacial as he stared, chilled them to their bones. Jack thought them the coldest eyes he’d ever seen. All three knew they didn’t dare ignore the Winchester ‘73, .44-40 he held to his shoulder. Jack, known as a fast gun and a not-quite-bright individual, pulled his gun and pointed it at Sarah’s temple. “I think ya might wanta drop the rifle, mister.”

Barely audible, just a breath really, nevertheless he heard it. “Luke?” In his peripheral vision he saw her tear-filled eyes staring up at him and could feel her terror but he didn’t dare give in to their demands. He had to win this battle or they would both be lost.

Sarah closed her eyes. Just when I thought I would be saved, I’m going to be killed. I don’t want to die. I have to take care of Mama. She gulped, forcing the nausea down. What is he doing? Why doesn’t he let them have the rifle? Can’t he see they’re going to kill me? Oh, please. Let them have the rifle.

Luke smiled, and spoke gently, “Nah. I don’t think so. Now, let me see… I think what I’m goin’ to do first is take off your ears.” He nodded at Jack. “Hmmm? Yes, I like that idea. It might even improve your looks. What do you think?” His chuckle rumbled in his chest.

Sarah couldn’t believe this man, who seemed so nice yesterday, sat there talking about shooting off parts of this man’s body--and laughing. Why is he laughing? He scared her to death. What’s the matter with him? This isn’t funny.

Luke, not daring to take his eyes off Jack to look at Sarah, continued to smile. “Then maybe I’ll take off your toes. Uh-huh, toes second, then… let me see…”

Jack squinted up at Luke. This one was strange. Cold as ice. Jack snarled, “Are ya crazy, mister? Long before you get to my toes…”

Luke continued as if uninterrupted. “And what should I shoot off next…? I have some ideas… but I can’t mention them in front of the lady.”

“…I’d shoot the little lady,” Jack snarled. What Luke said finally penetrated his thick skull and feeling the blood drain from his face, Jack stepped behind Sarah.

Luke responded to the threat to Sarah’s life in a calm, dispassionate voice. “You could shoot her--and in your place I’d probably think the same thing.” His voice harsher he said, “But… if you do, then who will you hide behind?” Again his voice changed, sharpened, showing his anger. “And--I want you to understand this while you’re makin’ up your mind--before her body hits the ground I’d shoot out both of your eyes.” Now sounding like a teacher talking to a dim-witted pupil, he quickly glanced at the other two. “And then I’d drop your friends in their tracks before they could draw breath. Now… you might want to think about it for a bit… you know... just to make sure that’s how you want things to play out. It’s your call.” Luke’s eyes never wavered throughout the exchange.

Terrified by the way Luke talked, Sarah thought, He really would shoot out their eyes. Would he care if they killed me?

They looked at Luke, looked at each other, and decided they wanted no part of this. Sarah hung suspended and they dropped her to the ground as if suddenly unable to hold her. They leaped back on their horses, the leader, his anger and fear obvious, watched over his shoulder as they rode away.

To keep herself entertained, while awaiting sleep, for most of her life Margaret told herself stories. It never occurred to her that other people might be interested in reading the tales she wove in her imagination. Then in the mid-80s a friend encouraged Margaret to write a book. After getting over the initial surprise at her friend’s suggestion, she started writing her first novel. It was To Touch The Sky, a western historical set at the time of the Oklahoma Land Run.

After completing the first draft and while working on editing and revising, life intervened with the long illnesses and and eventual deaths of family members. The writing had to be put aside. For more than ten years her stories waited until Margaret could begin writing again. Then in late 1993 she began working to rewrite and revise her story.

This project was interrupted by the writing of two romantic suspense novels: Caresse; A Loving Touch and Michael; A Gift Of Trust. The former was released in January by Wings ePress, Inc.

She is currently working on Brianna; A Badge Of Honor, the third book in the romantic suspense series. She is having a difficult time trying to convince two other characters in this series that she will get to their story eventually if they will only be patient.

...This book has edgy foreshadowing that keeps you smiling and screaming at the heroine. True to the classic “Don’t open the door, don’t go down the stairs” plot, this books is a teasing pleaser.” -- 3 STARS, Kerrie Colantonio, Romantic Times Magazine

... Margaret B. Lawrence sets up a terrifying premise that of an unknown stalker, in Michael; A Gift Of Trust. After the truly sad, abused life Michael has led, almost any loving man would seem like a savior. J. B. happens to be tall and handsome, too. Suspenseful and heart-wrenching. 4 STARS, Rickey Mallory, Affaire de Couer

... Ms. Lawrence wove in the previous characters with dexterity and pulled me right into the story. For anyone looking for a ‘hero to die for’, I highly recommend this book., 4 Stars. Reviewed by Karen Larsen ,Assistant Coordinator ¾ Reviews Scribes World

MICHAEL; A GIFT OF TRUST is a must read for romantic suspense fans. Margaret B< Lawrence knows how to write a story that will keep your attention till the very last page. Readers be on the look out for the next novel by Margaret B. Lawrence. This is one writer to watch as she rises to the top of her profession.-- 3 stars***, Reviewed By Jewel Dartt:, Midnight Scribe Reviews

Margaret Lawrence’s gripping, fast-paced story full of unexpected twists and turns, and the growing romance between a relentless homicide detective and a woman in peril who must learn to give him her gift of trust – and love, will keep you rooting for Michael and J. B. to the stunning end.-- Barbara Clark, author:, TEARS OF THE HAWK, A BREATH OF HEATHER, A TOUCH OF FIRE,

“A suspenseful, beautifully written, heart-grabbing tale of how love and perseverance overcome fear and trauma to join two hearts as one.” -- Ann Bachman, TOGETHER AGAIN and BROKEN DREAMS,

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ISBN: 1590889371
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889374
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 374
Paper Weight (lb): 15.6

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