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To Sail Through Time
Jayme Evans
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Dr. Bethany Henry looses control of her independent life when a curious storm and waterspout sends her yacht sailing through time. Bethany, and her twin, Bryce, find themselves in what they believe to be a mock battle, which turns out to be real. Men do not die in fake battles. Captives on a privateer's ship, they are not in 1999 anymore, but in 1814, and in the last days of the War of 1812.

Captain Joshua Blackmon has scores to settle with the English and Spanish. He sails in league with Jean Lafitte of Barataria. Vengeance is his driving force until an American beauty on a strange boat shows up. He wonders who is the captive? Does he control Bethany or does she control his heart? Nay! He will never give up his fight to rid the sea of those who would harm his countrymen, even for the love of a woman. Bethany must learn to love the pirate, before she can learn of the Virginia gentleman behind Joshua Blackmon.

She glanced back at Captain Blackmon. “I guess that means we can look at your ship now?”

“Aye,” the captain said. “We can board now.”

“I’m not going,” Bryce said. “Bethany isn’t either.”

Bryce never dictated to her about what she could or could not do. Why would he be so concerned now? “I am too,” she said.

“The both of you shall go,” Captain Blackmon said.

Bryce looked really teed off. He stood with feet apart and hands on his hips. “Not of my own free will.”

“So be it,” the captain said.

Had the captain really said that? Surely he wouldn’t force Bryce onto the sloop. She moved toward Bryce, but the captain moved beside her. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back against him. He withdrew his cutlass, and placed the blade along her Adam’s apple.

“What the...?” she cried out. If she had felt shock before, it was nothing compared to the sensations running through her now. Fear, ultimate and paralyzing, brought a shiver. He played a dangerous game. He could let that danged blade slip. She breathed in slowly. Captain Blackmon’s two partners had pulled their own cutlasses on Bryce’s neck, and made it impossible for him to move in any direction.

Captain Blackmon’s warm body smashed against her. The muscles in his strong arm around her flexed.

“Consider that your strange vessel is seized.” His voice bellowed behind her head. “You and your sister are my prisoners until I get the answers I desire.”

Bryce’s face blazed red with anger. “This is absurd! There are much better yachts. What do you hope to gain by hi-jacking this one? Man! We’re just vacationers. We don’t have anything of value onboard.”

The nerve! Bethany’s temper flared. “Prisoner my eye! You’re carrying your game a little too far, Captain. Put your toys away before someone gets hurt...namely us.”

“Hey man!” Bryce yelled out. “She’s right. This is dangerous play.”

“I assure you, sir,” the captain said. “That this is no game.”

Captain Blackmon turned her around slowly in his arms. The cutlass stayed next to her neck. The green in his eyes glinted in the sun. He met her gaze with a pointed stare as his breath brushed across her face.

“It seems that your brother refuses to answer honest questions about your strange vessel.” His voice remained calm, but it didn’t make her feel less afraid. “Consider your boat, and its booty, mine until the words you both speak so strangely, made sense. You called us pirates...yet I prefer the term, privateers, for we were commissioned to provide the service we do. I have papers from Cartegena to attack and sink any Spanish or English ship, and I fly the Cartegena flag.”

His cold expression frightened her. One careless movement, one twitch, and she could be hurt, maybe killed. What a time for her nose to itch.

“I...I... don’t care what flag you fly,” she said. “We’re not Spanish or English.”

“That remains to be seen,” he said.

Remains? Where else would they be from? “It’s a sick game, and I don’t want to play. Please, get off of this yacht.”

“By the stars, woman!”

Captain Blackmon’s shout startled her. She stiffened in his arms.

“Do you not see that this is no game?” he asked. “You are my prisoner and being taken prisoner by privateers should alarm you enough to cease your foolishness. Stop these riddles now for I am not amused.”

He accused her of doing riddles? He had been one big riddle since he hopped onto their boat. What if he lost his balance with the sea’s sway? He could slice her throat.

“You’re probably just a stressed out software engineer,” she said. “Go find your jollies somewhere else, and get that danged blade off my neck.” Even as she spoke, she felt the sharp edge of the cold metal.

A muscle twitched in his jaw. She had better keep her mouth shut, because he wasn’t impressed by her false bravery.

“Again your words confound me, magician. Nevertheless, my crew and I will look forward to more entertainment from your bag of tricks.”

Multi-published author, Jayme Evans writes the 'weird stuff'. As a time-travel, romantic suspense, paranormal and futuristic author, she likes to carry her imagination to the extreme and escape from the 'real' world. Jayme lives in Kentucky with her with her youngest son, his wife and two grandchildren. She has two married sons, four lovely granddaughters and a spunky grandson.

Jayme began writing when her oldest son flew the nest in 1992. She took the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing Workshop to complement her love of writing.

“SINISTER KNIGHT is a romantic suspense book with a bit of the paranormal. I am considering the dreams Kara had about the castle on Mario's island as being the paranormal part of the story. It is only a thread throughout the plot, but it adds to the storyline. The characters of Kara and Mario are strong enough to carry the story almost by themselves. The other characters are secondary and used only as needed in the plot.” -- Hattie Boyd, Scribes World

Sinister Knight: This was a very entertaining story with a very good plot line with well-developed characters. The suspense mounts until the last page - Brenda Gill

To Sail Through Time: ***** stars This book is an enjoyable read. I would recommend it for all lovers of romance. -- Sandy Cummins

To Sail Through Time, 4.5 stars out of 5. I can highly recommend this book as a 4.5 stars out of 5. Well written, well paced and thoroughly enjoyable to read. I eagerly look forward to more novels by this particular author, especially if she continues in this genre.--REVIEWED BY: Katherine Schlem

TO SAIL THROUGH TIME was a fun read, full of adventure, bits of history and romance all in one. I thought the author did a good job portraying the conflicts between a man from the 1800’s and an independent woman from the 1990’s. While this romance had the predictable fairy-tale ending, the plot had sufficient twists and turns to make the ride worthwhile. I got quite a laugh at some of the situations Bethany got herself into, and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions she and Joshua had over human rights and fair treatment of prisoners. A good book to pick up for a fantasy trip of your own. -- ***1/2 Recommended Aimee McLeod

Eternity's Many Loves - I enjoyed reading this story, stayed up till the wee hours of the night to finish it. I can only hope [hint] that Ms. Evans has plans to write stories for Ethan's vampire friend's Demetri Lupino, and Blake. Curious to know what happens with them! I highly recommend reading, "ETERNITY'S MANY LOVES" 5 Stars, --Charlene Smith, Simegen

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ISBN: 1590889592
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889598
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 325
Paper Weight (lb): 13.6

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