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Tales of Someplace Else
William J. Calabrese
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Welcome to the strange world of W. J. Calabrese, populated by ghosts and monsters. Deal with dreams and nightmares. Find out what happens on the thirteenth floor of a building that does not have a thirteenth floor. Enjoy, if you can, the ‘gift of seeing'. Meet a man who lives in a tree. Wander the mysterious Gray Range. These are truly tales, not from this world, but from someplace else.

The noise of the party reached yet another crescendo. Someone had suggested a game of charades, which seemed to feature obscene phrases, titles of porno films, well-known dirty jokes, and such things. The boy and girl team that was “it” energetically acted out the assigned phrase with gestures and movements that were more than suggestive. The other teams loudly shouted their guesses. Even the blond, dewy-eyed ingénue now gleefully called out the coarsest of obscenities. She and the rest of the guests were enjoying themselves.

They were all afloat in a sea of cocktails and self-appreciation, with perhaps a bit of a cocaine undercurrent. No group of people in the world, Susan reflected, can be quite as silly as movie people when they were intent on having a good time.

For neither the first time nor the twentieth, Susan regretted having come along on this “weekend jaunt to the quaint English countryside,” as the handsome young actor who had invited her had referred to it. His beauty had turned out to be barely skin deep, and during the time he had spent with her, he had talked of almost nothing but himself and his own career. He had shown no interest in Susan’s career or her plans for the future. Susan had quickly grown tired of him, and he of her. They had quarreled briefly and without much passion, and had gone their separate ways. She expected that he was off in one of the many rooms of this huge manor house, enjoying some recreational sex with one of the script girls.

Susan had no real reason for remaining any longer. She had no meaningful attachment to anyone in the party, nor did anyone in the party appear to feel any real attachment to her. She was just one of the scriptwriters, and a junior one at that. She was sure that she wouldn’t have been invited at all if it weren’t for the young actor’s sudden whim. But, even though her “date” was otherwise occupied, she couldn’t just disappear, not this early. It would be noticed, and she would be marked down for it. Perhaps someone would decide that she wasn’t a “team player” and her services were “redundant.”

That would be unfortunate. She didn’t like the job, but it paid very well indeed, and she needed the money very much indeed. The London filming session, the last session for the film, was just about to begin and she must remain in reasonably good standing until it ended. It was another peculiarity of film people that, although those with the power showed precious little loyalty to anyone, they demanded it from those who worked for them. In about four weeks, they would be wrapping up and going their own ways. In Susan’s case, that meant home to Connecticut and to the half-completed novel that waited there for her. She doubted very much that she would ever take another scriptwriting job. Scriptwriting did not much resemble real writing, anyway. There was very little opportunity to be creative and no satisfaction in it at all. One did not enjoy scriptwriting, one just, with luck, survived it.

Susan began to work her way around the room, looking to find a place where she could remain out of the main flow of the party, while not appearing to flee from it. Then, after a reasonable time, she could drift off to her room, unnoticed. She was sure that, after about two more hours, nobody in the party would be noticing anything.

The Offering is Bill Calabrese’s seventh published book since he retired seven years ago from the information services field. All seven have been published by Wings ePress. Bill promises to pick the pace in the next few years. He presently has five novels at various stages of completion. He vows to keep on writing until Somebody in Authority tells him to stop. In his spare time, he produces a regular column, titled “Just Faith, a Hunger for Justice”, for the quarterly magazine From the Heart published by his church Sacred Heart of Southbury, Connecticut. He lives in Southbury with his wife, Roberta, and their Tortoiseshell cat, Scheherazade.

Like a story to chill, to tantalize, and to make you look over your shoulder at least twice during your reading of it? Then you’ve come to the right place! William J Calabrese takes us back to those tales that chill, with the expertise of a connoisseur of Weird Tales.

So sit back, get comfortable, and be ready to be unnerved in the way we should be--when atmosphere and imagination packs enough of a wallop to leave you with goose bumps, and things that go bump in the night have you wondering exactly what is out there! -- Angela Verdenius, Heart of the Forsaken

This collection of smartly written vignettes slyly seduces the reader into other realms made believable by this crafty storyteller. Told with perfect timing and ironic humor, TALES FROM SOMEPLACE ELSE is not to be missed by those who enjoy intelligent and unique horror. -- Rayne Forrest, The Skies of Mahdis, When the Night Comes

Bill Calabrese introduces his readers to many strange and ghostly lives in this fantastic collection of eerie stories. From android runaways to apparitions with an appetite for love, Tales From Someplace Else grabs its readers and refuses to let them leave.-- Stephen Gambuti, Center Moon: Stone of Cordova

“I must say that The Amazing Adventures of Nicholas Noodle is fantastic! It is very adventurous and different from many other books that I have read. Some of the characters that Nicholas meets are odd but friendly and others are gruesome and mean. There were many cliff hanging moments where I was on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. This book was really exciting and fun to read because there is a lot of action and adventure!” --John James Brindisi, Age 10, Middlebrook School, Trumbull CT

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ISBN: 1597059846
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059848
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 200
Paper Weight (lb): 8.6

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