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Sweeter Than Honey
The Loffington Twins, G52Private Invesigators

Judy Boettcher
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PI Honey Loffington investigates a suspicious death and becomes her client's sole alibi witness. The court reporter on the case, Mark Ryan, begins to occupy Honey’s thoughts and raid her dreams. But how will love grow…when the two can’t be seen together?

Mark accompanied Honey to her car and waited as she unlocked and opened the door. A light, misty rain moistened their faces and created oily rainbow swirls across the blacktop of the parking lot.

Suddenly, Honey froze. “Mark, where’s your car?”

Mark, passing her the bag of rolls, casually asked, “Why?”

Honey immediately tossed the bag into the back seat, slammed the car door and clicked the locks shut with her key chain. “They’ll recognize my car if we chase them in mine.”

Mark’s face said it all, as he looked around the parking lot. “We’re going to chase someone?”

Honey yelled, “No time, Mark. We’ve got to go. Where is it?”

“Well, okay.” Mark turned around to locate his red Mustang. “Over there.”

Honey started walking in that direction. Mark snatched his plastic grocery bag from the cart and charged by her, running.

“Wait, Mark. Don’t run. They might spot us.”

Mark slowed beside her and matched his pace to her quick gait. “Got it. Whom are we chasing, by the way?”

Honey watched an old green Pontiac exit the parking lot and turn right. “Lonnie Presley and Lyle Denning.”

As they reached the back end of his Mustang, Mark said, “Lonnie Presley?”

“Yes. And his sidekick, Lyle.”

Mark hesitated by his car door. “Who’s going to drive?”

Honey answered, “You are.”

“Why?” Mark asked.

Honey looked exasperated. “Because it’s your car.”

“Oh, yeah.” He pulled the car keys from his pocket, unlocked the door, and swooped the grocery bag into the backseat of the Mustang. He got in and reached over to unlock the passenger door.

Honey wasted no time jumping into the low bucket seat and reaching for the seatbelt. “Hurry. There they go. See them?”

Mark inserted and turned the key, flipped on the windshield wipers, and squinted across the parking lot. “Yes, I think so.”


Pulling back the restored Mustang’s floor gearshift to ‘D,’ Mark pressed the gas pedal to the floor, and shot out of the parking space. Luckily, he had parked far enough away from the grocery store to avoid much pedestrian traffic. He slowed momentarily as a store employee crossed the lot with a long line of shopping carts lassoed together, heading for the front door of the store. Mark waited a few seconds to traverse safely around the store employee.

“Go around!” Honey cried, with her face pushed as far into the front windshield as the seatbelt would allow. “Turn right!”

Mark followed directions, and after lurching into the four-lane street, searched for the green Pontiac. “Where are they?”

“I’ve got them. I’m not taking my eyes off them. They’re two cars ahead of us. But try to catch up.”

Mark signaled into the left lane, gunned the gas pedal, and shot ahead of the next car.

“That’s good. Stay here.”

Finally allowing himself to exhale, Mark clenched both hands around the steering wheel and wiggled deep into his bucket seat for the chase. “Do you do this a lot?” he nervously chuckled.

Honey complained, “Not often enough.”

Mark glanced at her face, made even more beautiful by the faint glow of passing streetlights and the excitement of this shared magic moment.

~ * ~

As they followed closely, Honey took her cell phone from her purse, hitting the speed dial for Allan’s office. His secretary quickly transferred the call.

“Allan! I’m in pursuit of Lonnie Presley right now. He’s with Lyle Denning in Lyle’s Pontiac.”

Allan cautioned her to be careful. “Where is he headed right now?”

“We’re east on Speedway, nearing Euclid. We’re following fairly close.”

Allan didn’t miss a thing. “We?”

“Uh… just a friend. Look, he’s signaling right ahead. Stay with him.”

“I didn’t see you after court today. I wanted to congratulate you on your testimony.”

“Thanks, Allan. I tried to do my best.”

Allan’s voice was faint. “What’d you say, Honey? You’re breaking up.”

Judy Boettcher lives near the always dusty, but fast-growing city of Tucson, Arizona, where she and her husband enjoy plotting paths through their 3 1/3 acres of desert cactus. After studying both court reporting and interior design, Judy has now been smitten with writing all types of fiction--including comedy, mystery and suspense. She has two grown sons and one rambunctious grandson.

Casting the Loffington twins as private investigators provides a delightful bit of excitement. Mystery, adventure, romance and a Christian worldview, all come together smoothly for a very enjoyable read. Awake, My Love certainly got this reviewer’s attention! ~ Reviewed by Joyce, Love Romances (http://loveromances.com)

Awake, My Love is a tale of two kind people searching for their soul mates and a God of love in action. Gently told, with scriptures as evidence of grace, this romantic tale touches a reader’s spirit. Awake, My Love isn’t just a story of boy meets girl. Awake, My Love proves a loving Father reaches from Heaven to offer love and salvation to mankind. ~ Eileen Key for The Road to Romance (http://www.roadtoromance.ca)

Subplots involving Laney’s best friend, who is unfairly accused of stealing a necklace, and a friend of Brad's, who’s the victim of arson, keep this story rolling to its satisfying conclusion… Ms. Boettcher has woven humor and spirituality throughout her book… ~ Reviewed by Alice Klein, Simegen (http://www.simegen.com)

"Sweeter Than Honey...a charming mix of romance and mystery." -- Stacey Lee, Author of Other People's Secrets

Sweeter Than Honey: "...put your feet up and turn up the light. Once you start this book you won't want to put it down." -- Morgan St. James, Author of A Corpse in the Soup

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ISBN: 1597058688
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058681
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 230
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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