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The Sweet Smell Of Death
Sylvia Rochester
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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DEA agent, Trent Harrington, poses as a writer to investigate claims of drug smuggling in the bayous of Louisiana. Within weeks, his informant lies dead. Laney Gravelle, refuses to believe her father’s death is an accident and launches her own investigation. To protect her and his case, Trent convinces Laney to let him help. What he doesn’t count on is falling in love.

Their tumultuous adventure erupts into a romantic relationship, but Laney is in love with a lie--a writer who doesn’t exist. Can she love the real Trent Harrington, the agent involved with her father’s murder?

Marlon Gravelle crouched low in the small aluminum boat, pulled a cell phone from his pocket, and punched a pre-programmed number. Even with the drone of the plane’s engine overhead, he lowered his voice.

“Trent. I found it.”

“Marlon? Why are you whispering? Where the hell are you?”

“I’m on Bayou Creevé. Spotlights marked the target. A Piper or Cessna made the drop.”

“Dammit. I told you never to go out without me. Get your ass out of there. Now! You hear me?”

“Yeah, but… Lights coming. Gotta go.”

Marlon dropped the phone at his feet and frantically paddled for cover. A searchlight scanned the bank no more than a hundred yards to his right. The gurgle of a motor at idle speed drew near.

Come on! Come on!

Knowing he wasn’t going to make it, he grabbed the phone and slipped it into the black water. A second later, light targeted him. His breath caught in his throat. Perspiration streamed down his face.

The motor stopped. The boat drifted closer.

“Hold it right there.”

Marlon’s heart pounded in his ears, but something in the voice sounded familiar.

“Would you get that God awful light out of my eyes?”

There was no answer, only the double click of a bolt-action rifle chambering a round and a split-second flash when it fired.

Sylvia lives in the heart of Cajun country on beautiful Bayou Corne. Surrounded by a cypress swamp, she has only to step out her back door to enter a world of mystery and majesty.

A native of Louisiana and graduate of L.S.U., she lives life with gusto. From camp counselor, to working with NASA, to a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ethiopia, she has explored the world, drinking in the sights and sounds of diverse cultures.

Sylvia is a member of Romance Writers of America and Heart of Louisiana, the Baton Rouge Chapter. In addition to writing, she is also a full-time artist. Landscapes in oil are her specialty.

She hopes you will visit often. Feel free to contact her.

The Sweet Smell Of Death: Everyone is suspect. Lives change forever. Laney becomes a target. Ms. Rochester weaves this work with extraordinary skill. She takes you on a ride through the Louisiana bayous, meeting characters and seeing places you won't soon forget on a quest to save Laney's life. Will Laney forgive Trent when she discovers the truth about him? Or will she blame him for her father's death? The Sweet Smell Of Death is a must read. I look forward to Sylvia Rochester's next Novel. -- Jacqueline McGuyer, Blood Secrets

Sylvia Rochester's The Sweet Smell Of Death is a page turner. She keeps the reader guessing who done it and every time that you think you've figured it out, she adds another twist. If you enjoy a good mystery this is the book for you. She makes her characters come to life within the pages of her books and you fall in love with them just like you would if they were real people. -- Four Beacons, Kathryn, www.lighthouseliteraryreviews.com

When Evil Loves: This page turner keeps you on the edge of your seat worrying about Lindsey and wondering what's going to happen next. Rochester is a masterful writer of suspense and When Evil Loves is proof of that. I'm already looking forward to her next book -- Elaine Grant ~ Make-Believe Mom RITA FINALIST Harlequin Superromance Sept 2007

When Evil Loves: With the release of thriller WHEN EVIL LOVES, Sylvia Rochester proves what a wonderful Southern writer she is. Fast paced and descriptive, the story takes the reader on journey around the Baton Rouge area and the costal marshes of Louisiana. -- A great read! Eleanor Cocreham, WingsPress Best Sellers ---CHOICE MAKERS---RISK TAKERS

Shadow Of The Soul: Another touching story from Sylvia Rochester--this time a paranormal set in 1870 in the Cascades. When the boy in a set of twins is born terribly disfigured, and near death, the frantic father makes a drastic decision which will forever affect his family. As the boy, Matthew, grows up in the isolated wilderness world of a trapper and his wife, watched over by the protective she-wolf who rescued him from death as an infant, his sister Rachel grows up with their parents in nearby Lizard Creek. Yet there is the invisible bond of twins between them, sometimes glimpsed as an eerie shadow that weaves through both their lives. Even as the two siblings are drawn together, there are those who want the dark secrets of the past hidden and the twins permanently separated. Only the shadow of their souls can overcome the evil that threatens them and reunite a haunted family. You won’t be able to put this book down! --Elaine Grant, Rita Finalist, Harlequin Superromance Sept 2007

Shadow Of The Soul: Few writers dare to make their heroes less than perfect but Sylvia Rochester reveals a new dimension to her writing skills when she breaks the rules in Shadow of the Soul. Sylvia offers the reader a poignant story of a young man’s trials in dealing with a severe disfigurement. Reared by a mountain man, befriended by a she-wolf, and guided by a phantom spirit, Matthew Calder’s search for acceptance tweaks the heart strings when he discovers a twin sibling, a mother’s love, and a father’s deception. A truly wonderful story--one well deserving of five stars. --Eleanor Cocreham, WingsPress Best Sellers, Choice Makers, Risk Takers

Courage To Care is a heartwarming book that takes the heroine, a brave young doctor who longs to practice in a time when women are not welcome in the field, on a journey of discovery from the her birthplace in the Old West to the treacherous streets of 1800's New Orleans and back home again. Courage to Care follows this young woman from first love to maturity in a wonderful book that will keep you reading far into the night. -- Elaine Grant - AN IDEAL FATHER Harlequin Superromance --October 2008

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ISBN: 1597058106
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597058100
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 308
Paper Weight (lb): 13.0

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