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Strike Three Armageddon
Kenneth Baker
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Kenny knew something was wrong. He had an idea what it was and it scared him. The phony born again preacher knew what was going to happen, and was determined to save himself and his close friends.

The struggle for safety and life begins. Who will win and be safe.

It was 3 o’clock in the little town of Batesville, Mississippi; two miles off Interstate 55 and forty-eight miles south of Memphis, Tennessee. Sue Wilson stood outside of her school bus and watched the horizon to the northeast. The sky in that direction was starting to turn a muddy brown. She knew the color was because of the debris thrown into the air from the meteor strike up in Richmond. Her heart went out to the people in Virginia for such a devastating loss. Sue glanced at her watch and saw that in two minutes her first busload of children would come screaming out of the grade school. She looked back to the northeast with a frown.

Mayor Julius Hobarton was entering the grade school parking lot from the east to pick up his two children. It was Martha’s birthday and he had promised he would take her out for dinner after school. Her birthday party was to be at 8 o’clock at their home that evening. As he parked he noticed Sue Wilson standing beside her bus looking to the northeast. He honked and waved at her.

The school bell rang and sixty screaming children burst out of the school doors. They ran and lined up to get on the school buses lined up at the curb.

Julius saw Martha and David come out of the school. He honked the horn and they waved that they saw him. He settled back listening to an oldies station in Memphis on the radio, suddenly the music turned to static. He switched to another station and also got static. He cursed, mentally thinking that a brand new car’s radio shouldn’t go out the first week.

Sue was helping the last child on the bus when a loud sonic boom overhead hurt her eardrums. Several of the children on the bus screamed in pain. She looked up and saw a huge glowing light.

David had just buckled his seat belt and Julius put the car in drive as the boom sounded when he saw Sue looking up in the sky.

Neither Julius or Sue had a chance to scream as a two hundred foot piece of molten rock slammed into the grade school at thirty eight thousand miles per hour.

In an instant the town of Batesville, Mississippi disappeared forever.

~ * ~

It was two minutes after two in the afternoon as Doug Harris drove his eighteen-wheeler down State Route 83 in western Kansas. He was twenty minutes out of Oakley, headed for Scott City and had the road to himself. He hadn’t passed another vehicle in five minutes. He had just poured himself a cup of coffee from his thermos when he heard a high, shrill sound coming from the south. The sound grew in volume, in less than three seconds it was so loud it burst Doug’s eardrums. He didn’t even have time to blink as something intensely bright slammed into the highway a quarter of a mile ahead of him.

Because of the angle, when the meteorite hit in front of Doug, it plowed a trough two hundred feet wide and ten miles long straight up the highway. Doug’s heavy eighteen-wheeler provided no more resistance than a gnat on an elephant’s back. The meteor slammed into the truck and was half a mile down the road in one-tenth of a second. All that was left of the truck and driver was a half dozen fist sized chunks of molten steel.

Mr. Baker worked for the Telephone Company for thirty years. He retired in 1999 and took up writing full time. He lives in a very isolated area along the West Virginia, Kentucky border with his wife, two dogs and three cats. He tries to write as he sees the world, so a lot of what goes into his novels are his perceptions of how the world should be.

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ISBN: 1597059927
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059922
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 306
Paper Weight (lb): 12.8

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