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The Siren's Song
Tonya Sue Harms
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Laird Jamie MacQueen agrees to a marriage of convenience, but Nicolette refuses, for she has other promises to keep. Her fiery spirit and tantalizing beauty tempts Jamie, and he pursues her with a tenderness and passion that she can’t resist, until finally Nicolette follows her heart.

Nicolette struggles against the forced betrothal, but finds Jamie so powerfully compelling, so strong in spirit and beautiful in body, that she cannot dismiss her attraction. When she can no longer deny her feelings, and finally surrenders, she is ripped away in a twisted, savage plot.

Will their love survive her Uncle’s demented need for revenge, or will the demons from Jamie’s past tear them apart?

Defiantly, Jamie raised his gaze to look at his captor. The whip cracked behind him, and he felt the lightning strike of the leather as pain pierced deep into his ribs once more.

He drifted into unconsciousness. A cruel image of the bloody battlefield came, and he saw the brutal Englishman. Somewhere deep in the recesses of his soul he heard the chant again, "it’s not over, never over," those dreaded words that haunted his dreams.

Struggling once more to remain lucid, he raised his head. Forester! The English knave ran him to ground in the Colonies. He closed his eyes and drifted back into darkness. America, I am in America. Safe! I’m only dreaming.

Frigid water hit him in the face, sodden, icy streams ran down his shoulders, and fire blazed across his back as fierce spasms racked his body. Nausea rushed over him, like ocean waves breaking on the shore.

His face jerked to the side from a vicious slap. The blows came again and again, each hit more forceful than the last. Then cold water doused him from head to foot. Agony rippled, bringing him to full consciousness. His eyes flew open, and he shook his head to clear his mind. His gaze lifted slowly and he found himself surrounded by a sea of red uniforms.

"He’s waking!"

Jamie heard one lone, benevolent voice, as the savagery of what the man witnessed became clearly disturbing.

"I see no sport in this, old boy. He’s helpless, nearly beaten to death and still you continue. Bad form, I must say."

"Lieutenant Strathington, I suggest you keep your opinions to yourself, or I will have your rank, Sir."

Jamie stirred. The voice from the meadow, Forester’s voice, this was no dream, only grisly reality. Awareness sharpened his wits.

He noticed the tiny shafts of light that crisscrossed the dirt floor. "The barn," he whispered, as memory slowly returned. His gaze traveled upward. His hands were bound together and held above his head by a rope thrown over a rafter. His legs were spread wide, and the ropes at his ankles staked to the ground. He hung defenseless, like a slab of meat on a hook.

Fire consumed him, and he realized it was the excruciating pain from being whipped until his back was little more than shredded flesh that made him ache so.

Jamie closed his eyes again. Those many years ago, Forester had been right, and although not yet over, perhaps it would be soon.

Hatred pulsed through him, just as strongly as the blood flowing through his veins. He cursed his stupidity for not anticipating the man’s hunger for revenge. He should have realized his sworn enemy would follow him to America. Here, as at home, they fought on opposite sides, perhaps destiny decreed them to do battle forever.

He should have been on his guard, but no matter. Alec would come. His cousin would search the depths of hell if necessary. Desperation seeped into his soul when he suddenly admitted the truth. No one had heard, or seen, his capture. No one knew, and no help would come. How could Alec track a ghost?

He heard the youthful voice speak again. Clearly, the lad did not recognize that the devil reincarnate lived in Forester.

"Your threat is vein, Sir. Remember I have connections. Highly placed connections."

A shout rang out, "He is an animal, a Scottish dog, and not worthy of your concern! I owe this man a debt that is long outstanding. Stay out of this, I warn you, or you shall suffer along with him."

He heard the creaking of the heavy door. Jamie squinted to keep from being blinded as brilliant light spilled into the barn. Several of the redcoats moved outside, and he realized his last hope for mercy just vanished into the hot, dusty air.

Someone roughly grabbed his hair, yanking his head backward. "Wake up you animal." The hideous, shrill voice rang out again. Animal. Animal. The word echoed in his mind. Suddenly, another slap across his face nearly broke his neck with its intensity. His eyes adjusted slowly, finally focusing on his nemesis.

Sue resides in St. Louis, MO, with her husband. She currently works for a large travel company and loves to travel. She has lived in Germany and Japan, and some of her favorite places to visit include Egypt, Athens, London and Paris. She enjoys babysitting her grandchildren, and of course, reading and writing romance.

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ISBN: 1590889790
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889797
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 368
Paper Weight (lb): 15.4

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