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Sinister Knight
Jayme Evans
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Kara Angel was a spitfire more than an angel, but only when she thought her life was in danger. As a computer science teacher at a community college, she never expected to find the right man because the best ones were gone. That’s what she thought until Mario de Marco came along. Only one problem. He kidnapped her and hid from the local sheriff. He had to be a criminal, didn’t he? His associates were dangerous because one tried to kill her as soon as Mario brought her to their secret rendezvous

Mario de Marco had a job to do--traverse the airfield and keep intruders off the property. It should have been an easy post while his comrades made special plans for an international rescue. Easy until a beautiful spy showed up. She was suspicious from the start, snooping in an airplane hanger where she shouldn’t have been. How had the enemy found out so soon about the rescue? One of the men. was in danger because of his involvement, and he wanted to kill the lovely spy. Mario had to find out what he needed from the spy and keep her safe. She thought Mario wanted to kill her because he had kidnapped her, but he had to make her understand that he’d rather make love to her.

Foreboding rushed over her like icy fingers across her back. She didn’t know why, but she had to leave. Now.

She turned too fast to breath. Someone was there and she almost ran into him. A tall, dark-haired man. A frightened breath caught her and she smashed her hand across her heart. “Good grief! You scared me half to death. You shouldn’t sneak up on someone like that.”

Then an icy chill froze every muscle. The man had a gun pointed at her.

“I wouldn’t try anything, señorita.” His voice held a slight accent and sounded churlish, even threatening.

His eyes looked dark, bottomless—cold as black ice. A new shiver traveled up her spine, and the pit of her stomach cramped.

“I’d hate to put a bullet in that lovely body of yours,” he said. “Turn around and put your hands above your head. Both hands. And don’t make any sudden moves.”

Fear tingled up Kara’s neck, and she stiffened. What had happened to the air in here? It had become so stuffy, so hard to breath. Besides, the stranger had to be kidding. People just didn’t shoot trespassers in this part of Kentucky. Maybe it was one of those realistic-looking water guns, and she’d get a face full of water. Maybe he’d start laughing any second now, and then tell her it was all a ridiculous joke…

“Now!” His face could be set in stone, and it emphasized the determined tone of his voice.

Fear drove into her body like a jagged fork twisted in with both hands. One stiff leg at a time, she turned and lifted her hands. In her back, cold metal radiated through the thin, cotton material of her blouse. The gun?

She had taken lessons in self-defense classes. What had the instructor said? Sheesh! It’d been too long. The trainer had demonstrated chops, slices and kicks. Each pose came to mind clearly, but what had the instructor said about a gun? What had she said about a lone attacker?

With the gun already in her back, it’d be difficult to knock out of his hand, even if she could move fast enough, but it was worth the try. She yanked her right arm down in a body twist, and brought her elbow around into the gunman’s extended arm. The gun left her back, and then something made a sliding sound. The gun…she hoped.

How fast could he move? Idiot! Don’t think about that and get out. A few more feet and she’d be at the open hangar door. She took a couple of steps, but his hand clasped her arm. He moved fast in spite of his large frame. Her body jolted to a stop and slammed against the man’s chest and then her scream echoed through the hangar. The sudden stop gave her the lightheaded sensation of falling. He brought his arm around her chest and pinned her upper arms to her sides. His hard muscles radiated warmth on her back.

“Nice try,” he murmured in her ear.

The cold mocking in his voice made her more fearful than if he had raged at her. She tried to jerk her elbow back to hit his stomach, but his arms pinned hers too close to her body to give any leverage. “Let go of me!” she yelled at him.

She attempted to pull away, but he was too strong. Terror escalated, causing her breath to come in choppy spasms. He had a gun. Now he had her.

“Don’t be stupid,” he said.

His voice had hardened. Something she hadn’t noticed before, and didn’t care to notice now. She just wanted to get loose, and get away. Far away. She stomped her heels on the floor and aimed for his toes. He danced better than her, and she kept missing. Arghh!

Her frustration seeded itself deep inside of her. “Let…go…of…me!” She tried to drop her chin enough to bite him, but she couldn’t reach his arm.

“You little wildcat! Stop fighting!” His voice roared.

“Let go!”

“Can’t do that, señorita. You caught me off guard, but you won’t again. I’m much too strong for you, and you won’t get away. Stop squirming.”

Multi-published author, Jayme Evans writes the 'weird stuff'. As a time-travel, romantic suspense, paranormal and futuristic author, she likes to carry her imagination to the extreme and escape from the 'real' world. Jayme lives in Kentucky with her with her youngest son, his wife and two grandchildren. She has two married sons, four lovely granddaughters and a spunky grandson.

Jayme began writing when her oldest son flew the nest in 1992. She took the Writer's Digest Advanced Novel Writing Workshop to complement her love of writing.

“SINISTER KNIGHT is a romantic suspense book with a bit of the paranormal. I am considering the dreams Kara had about the castle on Mario's island as being the paranormal part of the story. It is only a thread throughout the plot, but it adds to the storyline. The characters of Kara and Mario are strong enough to carry the story almost by themselves. The other characters are secondary and used only as needed in the plot.” -- Hattie Boyd, Scribes World

Sinister Knight: This was a very entertaining story with a very good plot line with well-developed characters. The suspense mounts until the last page - Brenda Gill

To Sail Through Time: ***** stars This book is an enjoyable read. I would recommend it for all lovers of romance. -- Sandy Cummins

To Sail Through Time, 4.5 stars out of 5. I can highly recommend this book as a 4.5 stars out of 5. Well written, well paced and thoroughly enjoyable to read. I eagerly look forward to more novels by this particular author, especially if she continues in this genre.--REVIEWED BY: Katherine Schlem

TO SAIL THROUGH TIME was a fun read, full of adventure, bits of history and romance all in one. I thought the author did a good job portraying the conflicts between a man from the 1800’s and an independent woman from the 1990’s. While this romance had the predictable fairy-tale ending, the plot had sufficient twists and turns to make the ride worthwhile. I got quite a laugh at some of the situations Bethany got herself into, and I thoroughly enjoyed the discussions she and Joshua had over human rights and fair treatment of prisoners. A good book to pick up for a fantasy trip of your own. -- ***1/2 Recommended Aimee McLeod

Eternity's Many Loves - I enjoyed reading this story, stayed up till the wee hours of the night to finish it. I can only hope [hint] that Ms. Evans has plans to write stories for Ethan's vampire friend's Demetri Lupino, and Blake. Curious to know what happens with them! I highly recommend reading, "ETERNITY'S MANY LOVES" 5 Stars, --Charlene Smith, Simegen

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ISBN: 1590889932
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889930
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 231
Paper Weight (lb): 9.8

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