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Silver Wings
Mandy May
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Raine prayed for the capture of her enemy.

Jezera dreamed of peace and happiness.

Airic wished for love and a reason to rule his kingdom.

Storm was determined to regain his home.

Two kingdoms, four young hearts, one destiny…

Long ago, in an unknown year, a wondrous story occurred. It happened when the English king attempted to steal Ireland from its people. He found the Irish people’s determination to live in their homes an obstacle, but he frightened them away from a large portion of Ireland and built his castle there to watch over his newfound land.

Only half of Ireland still belonged to its people, but they accepted this, although still very bitter. They had not forgiven the king, and it was doubtful they ever would. The only thing separating the enemies was a great, long forest. It divided the two different worlds. On one side were English-accented people, on the other, Irish-accented people.

On the other side of the forest…a castle was stolen, along with its clan. An older king ruled over the keep with wisdom and kindness. He prevented many a war, and there hadn’t been one, not even an uprising, throughout his reign.

A band of Irish gypsies came to the castle. The king was excited to meet new people and, seeing and knowing the cruelty others inflicted on these unique people, he invited them to stay with him in his castle. The leader of the gypsies, a greedy man, would soon take advantage of the old king and his family. Finally, when the king tried to turn them out of his kingdom, the gypsies ran to his room and killed him. Then the gypsy leader took over the rule of the castle.

On his deathbed, he willed the kingdom to his only living heirs, his two daughters.

A new generation began.

Manda May lives with her family and pets and enjoys spending time with friends and family. She loves to write; it’s her escape from the other seriousness of life. She wrote Silver Wings when she was fourteen.

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ISBN: 1590888928
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590888926
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 152
Paper Weight (lb): 6.8

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