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Shepard's Pie
J.D Webb
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Detective Mike Shepherd chases sadistic Ferlin Husky Lewis a self-proclaimed survivalist, who escaped from police. Shepherd ruins his only suit, misses an important dinner date, and loses Lewis.

Ferlin, so incensed by Mike chasing him, decides to murder Mike and anyone who gets in the way.

The bullet whizzed by Mike Shepherd’s left ear and he threw his six-foot, two-inch frame to the ground. He drew his Smith and Wesson in the middle of his leap to safety.

Well, relative safety, considering someone’s taking potshots at me.

The shot came from behind barrels stacked just inside a South Cicero warehouse. That warehouse, earmarked for destruction to make way for a high-rise, was not supposed to be used for target practice. Mike rolled for cover behind the rusting, black ’95 Olds 98 he had been tailing for half an hour, which now blocked the alley next to the warehouse.

Mike Shepherd, sweating profusely in the sultry August evening, looked down at the knee that took the brunt of his dive into the gutter. “Hell!” He cursed the jagged hole in the pants of his only suit and the smudge of blood around the edge of the tear.

The Olds belonged to Ferlin Lewis, a nasty lowlife who had spent more time behind bars than in them in the past twenty years. Assault, grand theft, bank robbery, larceny and the current record in the Chicago Motor Vehicles files for delinquent parking violations populated his rap sheet. Ferlin had crammed a nearly unbelievable 422 traffic citations in the glove box of that Olds.

For five minutes Mike huddled behind the car waiting for some sign of movement or noise. The silence in this part of Cicero was eerie considering it was usually bustling with gang bangers, prostitutes, drug dealers, or all of the above. Perspiration dripped onto the dial of his Desert Storm military watch. He raised himself to a crouch and peered around the fender of the Olds. Another bullet ricocheted off the concrete inches away from his hand and fragments of the pavement peppered the right side of his face.

Shepherd, you got yourself pinned down good here.

Twenty minutes ago he should have been sitting down in a restaurant with Diana Barton. She wasn’t going to be happy waiting there all alone. On top of everything else Mike had neglected to recharge his cell phone and had no way to call Diana. By now she’d be royally pissed and had probably informed everyone in the restaurant what a bum Mike Shepherd was and made a not-so-subtle exit.

Nuts! Bad timing. Horrible timing! But he’d spotted his nemesis tooling down the Dan Ryan Expressway and couldn’t afford to pass up the two thousand dollar reward a bail bondsman offered for Ferlin’s capture.

A door slammed somewhere deep inside the warehouse. Was Ferlin trying to get away or was he just wanting Mike to give him a target? Mike brushed off his clothes and ran the back of his hand across his forehead to swab away as much perspiration as he could. He waited beside the car for the next bullet to imbed itself, hopefully somewhere other than in his body. Nothing happened.

He took a deep breath. Now or never. Up and running.

Moving quickly past the open double doors of the warehouse, he paused long enough for his eyes to acclimate to the darkness. The only noise coming from inside was the click of his leather heels echoing off the walls as he began to creep across the concrete floor. Then, just outside, a car started up and screeched away.

Mike reached the other side of the building and hit the crash bar at a dead run. The clank of the door reverberated in the vastness of the building, but no alarm announced his exit. A lone streetlight brightened a large section of the alley, empty except for a dumpster buried in overflow against one wall of the warehouse. No Olds. Mike held his gun pointed toward the ground as he checked up and down the alley. No one was around. Ferlin and the Olds had disappeared.

Mike shoved his pistol into the shoulder holster, and then he noticed the untorn knee of his suit pants sported an oil stain, so big not even one of those fast-talking television spokespersons could claim to be able to remove.

J. D. (Dave) Webb resides in Forsyth, Illinois with his wife of 40 years and their toy poodle, Ginger. Writing has been a life-long interest and Dave became a full-time author in 2001. He spent 25 years in corporate management after a tour of the Philippines and Viet Nam compliments of the Air Force, then 12 years owning a shoe repair and sales store. All the while writing short stories and suppressing an urge to write a novel. After two of his short stories were published the novels began forcing their way out.

With Shepherd’s Pie, J.D. Webb dishes up a deliciously enticing concoction. Part cat-and-mouse thriller, part tongue-in-cheek send up of the tough P.I. genre, Webb’s story is chock full of genuine thrills and hilarious tidbits. His tough and terse fiction might easily brand him as the Mickey Spillane of the Midwest. Give him a try. I think you’ll find yourself quickly hooked by this tasty offering. -- Reviewer: William Kent Krueger, Copper River, www.williamkentkrueger

SHEPHERD’S PIE: I liked the masculine voice of this “Mike Hammer” style shoot-um-up. Private Detective, Micheal Shepherd has his impressive military background, and past police training to help keep him out of trouble. But then, along comes the most cold-blooded, steel-hearted man he has ever run into. ... Ferlin Lewis evilly threatens and intimidates every person Mike has ever loved, and one-by-one vengefully slays his apartment building neighbors. Ferlin even plays cat-n-mouse with Shepherd’s girl friend, Diana, just to watch his enemy squirm. Yet, Mike knows that somehow he can’t allow Ferlin to escape again. He must draw upon his every survival instinct just to survive. He must track down this psychopath who doesn’t deserve to live. -- Reviewer: JoEllen Conger

Shepherd's Pie: Meet Mike Shepherd, Chicago’s pie-loving P. I., whose on-again, off-again relationship with ladyfriend Diana rivals that of Spenser and Susan. When former cop Mike’s longtime nemesis, madman Ferlin Husky Lewis, kidnaps Diana with murderous intent, the chase is on—but just who’s chasing whom? The action never lets up in a pulse-pounding game of cat and mouse as Lewis toys with his prey and wreaks havoc with Mike’s colleagues and neighbors. The gents will savor the rock ‘em, sock ‘em action, and the ladies will relish the romance, as Mike, Diana and their cadre of resourceful friends dish up a story with something for almost every taste. If you have an appetite for nonstop action with a satisfying dollop of romance, help yourself to Shepherd’s Pie served up J. D. Webb style. I guarantee you won’t go away hungry. -- Rating: 5 out of 5 cups, Reviewer: Judith K. Ivey, Waiting for Armando, www.judithivie.com

Moon Over Chicago is an enjoyable mystery. Readers are treated to a colorful narrative of Chicago as Fulton charges full steam in keeping his friends out of harms way as he aids Lucy in her escape from Arthur Mathew’s. The plot develops at a well timed pace and there are plenty of twists and turns on the way. Along with the action there are plenty of laughs with Fulton’s humorous point of view. -- I highly recommend Moon Over Chicago and give it four out of five stars, D K Gaston, D. K. Gaston Book Reviews

Moon Over Chicago: I loved the undertone of Chicago’s underworld in this tale of Fulton Moon, Private Detective’s tactics to correct society’s wrongs, and to protect the innocent. But as tough as he likes to think of himself, he still has a soft spot in his heart for a pretty face. Much to his chagrin. There is a lot of great background color to this hard hitting, fast moving tale -- JoEllen Conger, Conger Book Reviews

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ISBN: 1597053966
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597053967
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 236
Paper Weight (lb): 10.0

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