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Shadows in Time
Twila P. Hanna
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A rundown farm deep in the hills of Kentucky seems an unlikely place for Juliette Sutton-Ross to seek answers to guarded secrets of the past. When she is informed she must come to Morningstar Farm for the reading of her estranged grandmother’s will, she agrees, hoping she’ll uncover the reason for her mother’s bitterness. Her introduction to the roguish country doctor is shocking enough, but far more startling is the content of the will. Where did a woman, who lived so poorly, get half a million dollars? Inheriting half of the money couldn’t even tempt Juliette to consent to bizarre conditions imposed in the will, but the promise of answers did–so much, she agreed to become the temporary wife of Doctor Prescott MacKenzie.

Mack has met Juliette’s type before, and he has the emotional bruises to show for it. A country doctor from West Virginia and a rich Connecticut socialite, live in two different worlds. If he gives in to the attraction he feels for Juliette, a temporary bridge between their worlds is doomed to collapse when the terms of the will are fulfilled. He can’t afford to make the same mistake twice, not even for desperately needed money.

The sound of shattering glass brought Prescott MacKenzie to an upright position instantly, his heart thudding heavily against his chest at being awakened so abruptly.

"What the hell was that?"

He raked his fingers through his sleep-tangled hair and listened intently for a few more seconds.


Had he been dreaming?

No. Something had definitely crashed to the floor in the room beneath him.

He slipped out of bed and wrapped a rumpled muslin sheet around the lower half of his naked body. A scowl of contempt formed when he glanced in the direction of the clock on the bedside stand.

"Six hours of sleep in two days. It’s like being a damn intern again," he grumbled.

Crossing the small room darkened by drawn window shades, he stepped out into the hall and let his bleary eyes adjust to the bright daylight streaming in a window at the end of the hall. Murderous thoughts about mice whose antics undoubtedly were behind the crashing sounds, entertained his imagination with vivid and gory pictures of the revenge he would like to take on the furry pests.

This was one of the few times he actually missed the traitorous feline who deserted his job as mouse catcher immediately after Maisie’s death. It hadn’t taken long for the mice to discover the cat’s absence. They’d moved in quickly and he’d been at a loss how to keep them from overrunning the unguarded house.

Picking up a shoe from a pair he’d kicked off at the top of the stairs, and clutching the sheet around him with his other hand, he descended on silent feet, intent on catching the marauding mice in the act and dispatching them with the size ten Nike. He’d only gone a third of the way down the stairs, still hidden by shadows, when his eyes widened in surprise to see the mouse that had awakened him.

A woman stood in front of the open china cupboard, seemingly mesmerized by the broken glass scattered at her feet. Her back was partially to him, although he saw enough to make a quick and very male assessment. She had a slim figure, but one that was rounded where it counted, beneath the well-fitting, tailored slacks and the soft green blouse she wore.

But what the devil was this woman doing rummaging through Maisie’s china cupboard?

She hardly looked like a burglar. In fact, the air of elegance about her identified her as a stranger to this part of the country. The clothes she wore were not homemade, or bought from a second hand store, or even bought off a rack in a discount department store. The way she was put together, from the smooth styling of her dark hair, the fit of the designer clothes, down to the Italian leather shoes on her feet, presented a total package of sophistication that only money could buy.

But who was she? And what was she doing snooping around?

As if a light bulb had suddenly flashed on, the answer dawned on him and he cursed his stupidity under his breath. Must have been the lack of sleep that made him forget. Only that morning Truly left the message at the clinic reminding him that Maisie’s granddaughter was coming to the farm for the reading of the will.

But she wasn’t supposed to be here until...two o’clock! The clock in his room read nearly three o’clock.

He cleared his throat to announce his presence and her shoulders instantly stiffened. She turned in a slow arc to face him, her dark brown eyes widening with shock. He flashed a quick smile to put her at ease, but the effort failed miserably. She was anything but easy with his sudden presence.

"Who...who are you?" she stuttered, glancing toward the table. He followed her gaze and noticed the leather purse, then a notepad and pen laying beside the purse. Evidently, she’d been making herself at home and he wondered just how long she’d been wandering around the house while he slept.

During the first year of marriage, I lived in Kentucky. I’ve never forgotten the friendliness of the people, or the beauty of that state. Kentucky seemed the perfect place to set Shadows in Time, a story of love and forgiveness.

I now live in a small Pennsylvania town where Amish buggies regularly rumble by my century old Victorian home. I am blessed with a family who generously provide encouragement, and eight grandchildren to love.

My love of reading began early in life, but it wasn’t until late in life I found the passion for writing. I write with the hope the stories I create will touch my readers the way so many books have touched me.

I would love to hear from my readers. Please email me at tph@nb.net


Shadows In Time is a Golden Wings Winner.

Shadows In Time is a AEPRA Winner.

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ISBN: 1590889428
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889428
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 214
Paper Weight (lb): 9.2

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