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Sex, Lies and Rodeo Games
Diana Kirk
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Suzanne Grey needs an ending for her book on how male stereotypes handle sexual dysfunction. Where else does she go but to the rodeo capitol of the world, Cody, Wyoming to find a willing subject who will bear his soul. Someone with a recent spine injury. But a simple white lie told by an eager matchmaker catches Suzanne in a vortex of lies, complicated by the increasing attraction of two handsome cowboys.

Matthew McKenna is in love. Bull riding has been his mistress until a spine injury two years prior forced a career change. He's a rodeo bull fighting clown and proud of it. He's dated just about every woman for counties around, but none have been able to capture his heart. Still, there's something different about Suzanne Grey. Just how different he's about to find out.

He slid his fingers deep inside and a strange sensation washed down her spine. He moved expertly and well. In and out. With rhythmic, sensual thrusts. In and out. Again and again. In and out.

Suzanne focused on the water glistening off the man's strong masculine hands. There was something about his touch, the way he rubbed the cloth over the smooth glassy surface of the tumbler as if it were a prized specimen. He forced it over the rotating sponge, dipped it in clear hot water, and started the process all over again.

The man continued his ritual, washing and rinsing until all the glassware was stacked clean and sparkling against the wall. He wiped the damp towel along the mahogany counter until it, too, glistened like the crystal. He glanced at her. For a brief instant, his gaze locked with hers and she experienced the same flash of heat, again. She averted her eyes in an effort to keep her thoughts from straying in a dangerous direction. Hot, steamy, four-alarm-fire thoughts weakened her resolve. The sudden urge to giggle overwhelmed her. Ridiculous. It wouldn't do for a sex therapist to lose sight of her purpose.

Hoping for a better look, Suzanne removed her reading glasses, batted a wayward curl, and leaned forward. There was something about the way his biceps flexed when he rubbed hard against the surface of the polished wood. He was tall and good looking, not in a movie star handsome kind of way, but subliminally, on another level, a darker and far more dangerous one.

His body had the look of natural strength, not from hours spent in a gym, but from real work. Muscle-forming, backbreaking work. Visions of his shirtless torso skittered across her mind. She was in the Wild West and he was a cowboy. A sheep-dipped, tanned-hide, dyed-in-the-wool specimen of manly man. Yee-haw!

Desultory strains of Alan Jackson reverberated around the room and warmed the very marrow of her bones. Couples merged and booted males roamed in search of females.

"Hey there, sweet thing," a slurred voice from a corner close by drew her attention. "Wanna dance?" Two girls glanced at each other and giggled when a third stood and followed him into the crowd of two-stepping twosomes.

Yes, Cody, Wyoming was the heart of rodeo country and the last bastion of he-men. She'd interviewed jocks in every profession: racecar drivers, bullfighters, wrestlers, pro-baseball, basketball, and football players. Contacts from her postgraduate days had proven invaluable for getting inside the sports world. Always it had been the personal physician who'd made the introductions and eased the way for her interviews. And it had been easy. That is until her colleague, mentor, and onetime lover, William Addison, had laughingly suggested she end her book with a chapter on spinal injuries in the macho of all macho-men, the cowboy.

She hadn't really needed another chapter. Although, she had to agree, it would round the book out nicely. Here she was in Wyoming, sitting in a bar or was it a saloon? She stared at the pine-knotted walls papered in animal skins, while fantasies of best-seller lists filled her thoughts.

Sex books usually did quite well.

Suzanne glanced down at her notepad and jotted a few more lines. Taboo among peer groups, male dysfunction is a subject that has little collected data since males rarely seek out medical attention. Dysfunction can have a number of causes from clinical to psychological. It is in extreme cases of spinal injuries----

"Excuse me."

Suzanne glanced up, straight into the raven eyes of the man she'd been staring at earlier. Staring wasn't exactly the right word. Ogling was more like it.

"Need something?" The hard angles of his face and deep dark eyes stirred something in the pit of her stomach. A thought flashed through her mind. Oh, yes, cowboy. You've got exactly what I need.

"I suppose I should order?"

Diana Kirk aka Diana Hart

Diana Kirk was voted Best Author on the Internet in the 1999 Preditors & Editors website poll, and in November, 2000, she was a featured author in Writer’s Digest Publishing Successes. Her books have received rave reviews and awards, and she has been published in print, audio, and electronic formats. Kirk has written on medical education for national and regional journals. Ms. Kirk is the author of over eight novels; a children’s book; a play, and a horror short story collection. She teaches the prestigious Long Ridge Writers Group Breaking Into Print Course (http://www.longridgewritersgroup.com )

Ms. Kirk is a former president of the Nebraska Writers Guild; served as an officer of the Electronically Published Internet Connection (EPIC); and is a member of Sisters in Crime; Kiss of Death, World Romance Writers, Romance Writers of America, and Romance Authors of the Heartland. She has judged numerous contests for Romance Writers of America, Rocky Mountain Romance Authors, and EPIC

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ISBN: 1590889746
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590889749
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings ePress
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 204
Paper Weight (lb): 8.8

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