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Scholarly Pursuit
Robert J. Allison
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Mary Benton is a beautiful, but tough Army MP who loves the action of being an MP, but when she is assigned to be a nursemaid to a General's son she is sure the action is over. The General's son turns out to be a twenty-one year old genius with five PhDs, a mind like a computer and zero social skills. Mary empathizes with him, but all Mary wants is action and she gets plenty when terrorists kidnap him.

Mary Benton was a feisty little thing, five feet seven inches tall, and one-hundred-thirty pounds. Despite her size, or lack of it, down at the military police (MP) station, they liked to say that Mary was as mean as a snake and twice as fast. She didn’t dispute that; after all, she was a small woman among large men and, for the most part, the only woman. Mary was actually pleased by the comment, since she took it to mean that she was accepted among the men and the very few women that she worked with as MPs.

Mary took a seat in the front row of the briefing room. The rest of the fifteen members of 1st platoon were filtering in now, and she liked to be right up front. The briefing room wasn’t large, but it was adequate. It was furnished with a bunch of old school desks, the type with a writing area that folded down on the side when not in use. The walls were covered with a plaster stucco material painted white. Everything inside a military building seemed to be painted white, and everything on the outside seemed to be painted some shade of green. The military, especially the army, was in a real rut she decided.

She had no more taken her seat when the patrol supervisor strolled into the room. Sergeant First Class Peterson slammed his stack of folders on the single desk at the front of the room and got everyone’s attention. A second later, Lieutenant Marsh strolled in and Peterson yelled, "Attention!"

Now, anyone with half a brain knew that the lieutenant was going to come in right after the patrol supervisor, and that they should be ready for that eventuality, including Private First Class Johnson, but he was new and, Mary decided, not too smart. Johnson, contrary to everyone else in the room, had already pulled his writing platform up and dropped it into position across his lap. When the lieutenant came in everyone jumped up, but Johnson couldn’t get up, at least not all the way, and he made quite a picture trying to stand up with a school chair clinging to his lap. Not to mention the noise he made dragging the chair with him as he tried to stand.

The lieutenant and the patrol supervisor looked at Johnson and then at each other and just rolled their eyes in mutual disgust.

"As you were," the lieutenant yelled, as Johnson thankfully stopped struggling and dropped back down to a sitting position, his chair letting out an almost human groan.

No one laughed, but it was a struggle not to and the smirks abounded.

At a nod from the lieutenant, Sergeant Peterson commenced to give the briefing. "Okay folks, welcome to the night shift, the specialist is passing out the latest Al Qaeda hit list, and everyone gets a deck of the famous ‘Iraqi Most Wanted’ cards. The intelligence community thinks there may be one or two of them who slipped out at the end of the war through Syria and made it to Europe, so keep your eyes open." As he spoke, one of the desk clerks moved among the MPs passing out packets to everyone.

The sergeant continued, "Benton."

"Yes, Sergeant," Mary answered.

"Tell us about the brawl you had last Saturday."

"Wasn’t my brawl, Sarge, and it’s all in my report," she replied, squirming slightly in her chair.

"Yeah, but we want to hear the details, your reports are good, very thorough, but the story loses something when you write it down; we like to hear you tell it first hand. You got a knack for it."

Mary didn’t like being singled out like this, but she was fairly called and had no choice. She said simply, "It was a Turk."


"Well you’ve heard that old saying, Sarge, meaner than a Turk on a Saturday night. He was Turk, and it was Saturday night."

The lieutenant tried to hide his smile as the sergeant persisted with a straight face, "Spill it, Benton."

Robert is an attorney who has been practicing law in Central Illinois for over 20 years. In the 1970s he served in the U.S. Army as a Military Policeman and later was a Captain in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corp, Army National Guard. Robert draws on his life experiences in his writing and melds his experiences with his characters to give them a realism that draws the reader into their lives.

The First Suitor: When Jack Allen, an entry-level computer analyst working in his fourth floor cubicle at the NSA, receives a phone call from his boss, little does he realize what is in store. Jane Marshall, the daughter of the President, is having problems with her computer and Jack is sent to fix the problem... Be sure you have a supply of tissues handy by the time you near the end of the book. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will be looking for more of Robert Allison's works in the future. All lovers of romances will want to read The First Suitor. --Robert H. Goss, Roundtablereviews

Matters of Faith: I cannot begin to tell you the depth of this story, but I will tell you that’s not a run of the mill work. You will be taken on a read of a lifetime and will be elated at the ending of this outstanding book. Just who was behind the kidnapping of little Pamela and is she still alive? Will Elizabeth ever come out of her coma? ....The answers await you in this remarkable read. We have tragedy, murder, deceit, unspeakable evil and love, and faith, working through characters that will become more real to you than your next door neighbor. The story is complex and totally engrossing as author Robert Allison craftily intertwines events and people, building a pyramid of mystery and suspense, yet touching the very core of faith, loyalty and love. The emotions that are stirred during this read leave you convinced that this life saga is not a fiction tale but a journal of real-life happenings. Good job! I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Every element for a wonderful read is nestled between the pages. A gift to you the seeker of a great read by a very talented writer. -- Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

Matters of Faith is an in depth book that really takes hold from the first page... Robert Allison has blended a terrible tragedy, along with murder, fraud, with a mixture of love and faith throughout the characters as they work together to find much needed answers to the problems surrounding them. Each story is captivating as it creates events that build up to a thrilling conclusion that causes an adrenaline rush.

Robert Allison is a gifted writer who has taken words and made them into a suspense filled book that delivers. He weaves the characters into different stories allowing the reader to feel the emotions that they all must endure...His writing grips and holds you to the last page. I cannot stress enough about this mystery. I really found this book a great read. Matters of Faith will be available at Wings ePress January 2006 in e-book and paperback. Be sure you pick up a copy and be prepared for a heart-racing thriller. -- Linda, Romance at Heart Magazine

Fairway Fatality: I have to say Robert James Allison is a master at his craft. He has learned how to take the reader down one road that appears to have the ending and then quickly take you on a turn that whips around and totally disorients you, leaving you to wonder what happened. Who done it, and why, is never known until the ending and this story is no different. Complex, yet simple, this book has it all; mysterious characters clamor for your attention as years of hidden secrets are played out in a top-notch conclusion. Hats off to you Mr. Allison, you did it again. Don't miss this one folks; a real winner. -- Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer, MidWest Book Review

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ISBN: 1590886097
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886090
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 318
Paper Weight (lb): 13.3

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