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Savannah's Secret
Marie Held
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When cub reporter Serena Watson’s curiosity about an explosion at historic ‘Peck House” in Savannah, leads her into the world of intrigue, she finds herself relying on protection from a stranger who knows a good deal about her, but whom she doesn’t quite trust, especially when he disappears with the vital title search information which seems to hold the key clue to the mystery.

As she continues to dig further into historical records, her life is suddenly in danger, and the stranger, Brent reappears – with her father, no less, to arrange for her safe escape. Can she once again trust this man with her desperate flight in a raging storm, to his sailboat, hidden in one of the many inlets of the outlying marsh surrounding the outskirts of Savannah and into safe open water.

Her father’s eyes narrowed and the frown on his forehead deepened perceptively.

“And you mean to tell me, young man, that you left my daughter alone all night in an apartment that you knew was being watched?”

“No, sir,” Brent’s answer was brief.

“I see.” The fingers were again pressing at the temples. “So at least at this point you were concerned for her welfare.” He raised his eyebrows in Brent’s direction.

“I had realized who she was the night before at the restaurant, when she mentioned your name,” Brent answered.

Serena answered for Brent. “He did stay over. I believe the term he used was ‘guard dog.’ He slept on the sofa just to make sure that I would be all right.”

“Ah, so now we get to the part that made you so unbelievably rude this evening.” Her father looked very pleased with himself. “Brent took the printout...”

“And the notes,” Serena interjected.

“And headed for parts unknown, or so you thought.”

“I had no idea who he was,” Serena spoke out in her own defense.

“I’m amazed the name didn’t ring a bell,” her father sounded disappointed.

“I was very young when I would have heard the name. Besides, most of the time you only used first names.”

“So true. One of the disadvantages of being a modern parent,” he sighed. “That still doesn’t explain why you are so exceptionally angry. I could understand if you were upset, but I do feel you have carried it a bit far. Particularly in view of the fact that Brent is not likely to be aware of your excellent memory. It would have been very little trouble for you to simply reconstruct the title information.”

“You haven’t seen the printout yet,” Serena murmured rebelliously. “It was not simple. I mean I did it, but there was a lot of work involved.”

“You did what!” Brent exploded.

“My dear man,” her father explained patiently, “you must bear in mind that you are dealing with my daughter. To be perfectly honest with you, I would probably give up before she would even consider the possibility.”

“But she gave me her word she would let it be,” Brent set his cup down hard.

“She gave her word,” Morris said thoughtfully. “Knowing my daughter, I would venture to say that she probably kept silent while Matt and his girlfriend gave their word.” He paused to collect his thoughts. “Even so, remember that was before she thought you had betrayed her.”

“But I didn’t ..” Brent waited as Morris raised his hand to indicate he had not yet finished.

“Also, this is the same young lady who assured me that she had told me everything about the break-in. Somehow she failed to mention the fact that her apartment was under surveillance.”

Serena retreated from the steely stare of her father. “I thought he had made it up. I mean, that’s what I thought after he disappeared with my printout.”

“Brent Kirvin would never lie about something so serious,” Morris Watson continued his stare in Serena’s direction.

“But I didn’t know who he was,” Serena protested.

“That, of course, is Brent’s fault.” Morris turned his attention back to Brent. “As a matter of hindsight, it would have been best to let her know.”

“Yes,” chimed in Serena. “You realize that a simple phone call would have cleared up this whole misunderstanding.” She was more than willing now to be graceful about coming to a compromise. Her father’s offhand praise was ringing in her ears.

“She can be very good at digging up material, but she certainly has a lot to learn about what to do with it once she has it,” Brent spoke to her father.

“True,” her father agreed. “But remember, she’s not in your line of business.”

Serena felt her ears steaming. “And just why couldn’t you call me?”

Born in and raised in the Low Country of South Carolina, Marie Held graduated from Winthrop College with a Batchelor of Arts degree. As a single mother, she raised her two sons in South Carolina, which she considers to be her most challenging and rewarding accomplishment. Sailing her small cape cod catboat, and taking care of her horse were her relaxing hobbies.

While working at a law firm in Columbia she became fascinated by title searches created while closing real estate loans for a law firm in South Carolina. This process is required by title insurance companies to assure there are no problems with the quality of the deed being transferred. The seemingly boring chore of researching back in time to assure that ownership of these properties were properly transferred at each transaction actually creates a story-line of the property, the families who owned it, their children and grandchildren.

After remarrying and retiring to Florida she learned to play golf, which she enjoys greatly. After being adopted by an abandoned puppy while playing golf one Saturday morning, she began doing Agility (the dog obstacle course) with 'Bogey. The two of them, the ‘old’ retired lady and the abandoned puppy eventually were able to qualify for the AKC Agility Nationals.

She enjoys designing cross-stitch patterns, quilting, especially baby quilts for grandkids, and doing window treatments for home decorating.

“Savannah’s Secret” offers not only threats and action, but real character development; both principle and secondary characters are well thought-out and plausible. ...

You will thrill to the continually growing threat; this story is truly a combination of mystery and romance, thriller and maybe just a little chiller. You won’t want to stop turning the pages for a moment! From super characters, believable situations and unpredictable action, this story has it all. -- Savannah's Secret by Marie Held is a great page-turner. 4 Books. http://www.longandshortreviews.com

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ISBN: 1597056537
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597056533
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 238
Paper Weight (lb): 10.1

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