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Sapphire Summer
Joanie MacNeil
booksXYZ price: $17.95
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Alexandra Jordan doesn't anticipate the challenge ahead of her when she agrees to spend the summer as a research assistant for acclaimed author, David Meredith.

The last thing he needs is another meddling female minder in his life! Once he accepts Alex isn't like the other women, her beguiling ways soon intrigue him...until he discovers her secret.

David deliberately avoided her, Alex suspected. She hadn’t seen him since breakfast. Keen to start work and become involved in his latest project, Alex went in search of him. He was nowhere to be found.

“Well, it’s your loss, David Meredith,” she muttered as she stood in the doorway of his study, tucked away in a naturally lit alcove at his end of the house. She hadn’t been in this room until now. “If you want to go sneaking off, sulking, then that’s your problem.” Her gaze roamed around the study. A computer sat on one side of a large desk, the chair shoved against it. That and the fact that the desk was not littered with paper, gave the impression that the study hadn’t been used for quite some time.

Alex’s gaze moved to the books filling the shelves around the walls. Curiosity got the better of her and without thinking she might be intruding into David’s private domain, she moved towards the shelves on the far wall. Neatly arranged on the top shelf were copies of all David’s novels. Beside them were books he used for reference. The next shelf housed books on fishing, travel, ancient history and various novels.

She pulled one of David’s works from the shelf. Opening it, Alex began to read.

“What do you think you’re doing in here?” Alex jumped as David’s voice cut into her.

She spun around, her gaze flicking to see fire in his eyes, and aware of the sparking of her own temper. “I was looking for you so that I might do what I’m being paid to do.” The book was still open in her hands. Snapping it shut, she replaced it on the shelf. A photo on a lower shelf caught her attention. Alex itched to pick it up to get a better look but David’s sharp tone distracted her.

“You’re not being paid to snoop.” He moved into the room, his stance, height and expression gave him a menacing look.

Alex swallowed. “I wasn’t snooping. Your library caught my eye. Habit, I’m afraid. It’s the researcher in me. You have quite a collection.”

David’s gaze narrowed on her and Alex felt herself mentally shrinking under its power.

“Yes, but they’re not much use to me now, are they?”

Alex caught the gruffness in his voice, and just a hint of sadness, of regret.

“No, I suppose they’re not. Is it all right if I borrow some to read while I’m here?”

“If you must. It’s not as if you’ll be here very long. At least reading will keep you occupied and out of my way.”

Alex wasn’t about to give up while she had David’s attention. “Do you mind if I look at your notes for your new book, the one I’m supposed to help you with?”

He looked at her suspiciously. “Why?”

“Because I’m interested. I’d like to see what I’m missing out on. It would be a pity to include on my résumé that I was a research assistant for David Meredith though he wouldn’t let me see his work.”

David glared at her. He moved to the desk, yanked open the drawer and began tossing its contents across the top. A small box of microcassettes fell on its side, spilling the tiny plastic cases over the smooth surface of the desk. Half a dozen folders stuffed with loose sheets of paper followed, along with a handful of index cards. “If you want to waste your time, be my guest.”

He turned and strode from the room.

Alex’s hand moved to rest on her stomach. “We’ll see,” she muttered, “we’ll see.”

She began to flick through the notes. At least she’d get an idea of what he was writing about. It would give her some leverage in their conversations. David Meredith possessed a tortured soul and Alex hoped she could get him to open up to her. Anything would help. He might even change his mind about letting her stay.

Australian romance author, Joanie MacNeil, writes short contemporary romances and the occasional short story. Joanie is coordinator of the Canberra Romance Writers, a member of Romance Writers of Australia, the ACT Writers Centre, and the Canberra Society of Editors.

When she’s not involved in writing-related activities, working or studying, she enjoys going to the movies, having coffee with friends, participating in combat classes at gym, and bellydance. Her dreams are to travel more and to live by the sea.

“A Time For Love is a poignant, tender story about two people haunted by mistakes of the past, but with the courage and spirit to overcome their fears and fight for their happy ending. Joanie MacNeil is a truly gifted storyteller.” -- Carrie Brock, In the Heart of the Diamond

A Time For Love is a heartwarming romance about first love and second chances. Claire and Nick have been hurt in the past and must now overcome assumptions and attempt to communicate with one another again. Although not as sensual as some books, Ms. MacNeil skillfully turns up the heat, keeping conservative views to the forefront. The Australian setting is interesting, while the scenes with Claire’s sons add an endearing touch and further define the hero’s character. Overall, I prefer a faster pace and more action; but if you’re in the market for a sweet love story, I would recommend A Time For Love. -- Pat Cavender, Bookbug on the Web

A Time For Love, by Joanie MacNeil, will captivate your soul. Claire Vincent, single mom, finds herself in the clutches of long lost love, Nick Sheridan. They both try to resist the desire running rampant when in each other’s company. However, neither is ready to trust after both failing in their previous marriages. Now, Claire has twin boys to think of first. Can she trust this man who deserted her many years before and allow herself to believe in a marriage and home made in Heaven? You’ll soon discover if love truly conquers all. -- Kim Gaona, Kim’s Reviews, http://www.kimgaona.com

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ISBN: 1597059463
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597059466
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 256
Paper Weight (lb): 10.8

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