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The Royal Pain
Cindy A Christiansen
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Fleeing her abusive husband, Dallas ends up on a small dairy in Utah. Something strange is happening, and she might be in more danger here.

Tom manages the dairy for the Royals. Dallas and her horse drag up nightmares, and he wants her gone. That is, until he realizes she has stolen his heart.

The horses slurped up the icy-cold creek water like siphon-hoses filling huge water tanks. Tom enviously watched them while sipping on his warm canteen. He watched in male frustration as Dallas soaked her blue kerchief in the cold stream and placed it refreshingly around her neck. The droplets of water slowly dripped down her soft silky neck and trickled down between the cleavage of her warm breasts. It disappeared to places he wanted to explore. Hell. She innocently licked her temptingly curved lips. A hot ache pounded in him like thunder and flashed through him like lightning. There was that damn Brooks and Dunn song again. He hated that Ronnie Dunn.

He took off his hat, ran his hand through his hair, and let out a long sigh. Well, what good did it do him? She was hardly speaking to him right now. He had to whip up some self control from somewhere. She was like a frightened, injured deer, and if he didn’t tread lightly, she’d spook away.

Salina Creek rushed and gurgled over smooth brown rocks while cooling the surrounding air. The grass and trees were full and vibrant from stretching their roots toward the abundant flow of moisture. They walked along the rich dark bank, giving their horses a deserved rest. They stopped to feel the cool mist upon their faces and smell the fresh spruce and pine mingling in the breeze.

“Fill your canteen. There won’t be water until we get to the lake,” he said. He came up behind her and drank in her scent.

“Those clouds look like rain to me,” she stated.

“They won’t do much,” he said, trying to ignore the clouds and a certain feeling stirring in him. “How ya doin’?”


“There’s one thing that can be said for ya.”

“What’s that?” she asked.

“You’re not a complainer. Why don’t we rest a minute?” He walked over to some large rocks and stretched out.

She followed slowly, biting at her lower lip. “Why do you say that?”

“Most women whine over a broken fingernail. Aren’t ya gonna complain about the bugs or the hardness of saddle or somethin’? You beat any woman I’ve ever known, except my ma and Ina.”

“Well, when my dad gave me Yuletide, he told me to take him for a really long, hard, first ride so that every other ride I took him on would be easy compared to that one. I guess that works for people, too. I’ve just been on a few worse rides, so to speak.”

He knew she’d had more than a few broken fingernails, that was for sure. He felt sad and sick inside and mad as hell about it. Someone like her should be protected and loved and made love to like there was no tomorrow.

“What do you do outside of the dairy?” she asked.

The question scared him. He hadn’t shared his horse whispering with anyone except his family and the Royals. Was he ready for this? He took a few deep breaths and got himself in check. What was the big deal? So he was revealing a little bit about himself. “Uh... Uh...”


He was acting like he didn’t have enough brains to teach a hen to cluck. It was a simple question. Boy, howdy, get a hold of yourself!

“I’m a whisperer... a horse whisperer... trainer... horse trainer. I train horses.” He said all in one breath. He was tapping his foot so fast; you could almost hear a chugging engine and a freight whistle.

“I’ve heard of that. In fact, I saw the movie with Robert Redford. That takes a lot of talent. Where did you learn how to do it?”

He found himself studying her doe eyes and luscious full lips. He found himself wondering how he could have ever been interested in Venna. Dallas was far superior to her.

She was everything he wanted in a woman and more. He couldn’t take his eyes from her. He wanted to reach over and fulfill the desire within him.

“Did you hear me?”


“Where did you learn how to horse whisper?”

“I learned from the best. Roy Holden. Tell me about you.”

She stood up. “Don’t you think we better get going?”

That was stinking obvious. He stood up, too.

Cindy A. Christiansen grew up enjoying writing, but it was after becoming chronically ill she began writing her first novel to keep her mind active. Although it is challenging with the cognitive problems her illnesses bring, she also finds writing cathartic.

She is joyfully married with two wonderful Autistic children and two boisterous dogs. She is happily working on another romantic suspense in West Jordan, Utah.

Legacy Of Lies: What did I really enjoy about this book? I really like the characters that grew and developed throughout the book. I liked the fact that they faced trials and problems like real people, and that they actually had weaknesses like real people. On a personal note I really enjoyed the small town setting that was masterfully represented giving the novel an even more realistic structure. Also the length of this book is just right. The author didn’t need to write an encyclopedia length book to give a great story.

Things that I didn’t like would actually end up as being a part of the enjoyable aspects of the book. I hated characters that were so hard headed. I wished that they would just grow up and realize what the real problem they faced was. In a word this book is good. Overall well written and the start of a promising career for Cindy A. Christiansen. I give it a rating of 4 out of 5. It is worth the read, especially for readers who don’t usually delve into the Romantic Suspense category.-- Chris Williams, The Book Reviewers, www.thebookreviewers.com

Legacy Of Lies: A true chronicling of the damage done by lies. The author shows the pain and suffering inflicted by people who fail to realize keeping secrets causes damage, both to the liar and to the lied to. A young woman with a uninformed past tries to find the father she believed abandoned her when she was a child. Katelynn Dobbs returns to the town of Comstock expecting to find her father. What she finds is a love she thought not returned and a web of lies that entraps everyone in the little backwater town.

A romantic suspense mired in the bog of deceit. In Legacy of Lies Ms. Christiansen sustains the sexual and suspenseful tension throughout the book to the very last line. Fans of both mystery and romance will enjoy this tale. -- Foxpaw Reviews, Five out of Five Pawprints, http://careyfoxlady.googlepages.com

The Royal Pain: Cindy Christiansen pens a story riddled with suspense, mystery and emotion. The main characters are well developed and you feel the inner turmoil as they try to decide what to think about each other. The reader slowly begins to see through the layers of deceit and the ending is heartfelt. The Royal Pain is a triumph for Christiansen. 4.5 out of 5 Stars -- Manic Readers Reviews

The Royal Pain: Romantic suspense is Cindy Christiansen’s forté. A well-constructed plot with twists and turns and a vivid sense of place are hallmarks of this page turner. A fun read with a satisfying ending. -- Dorothy Keddington. Author of Return to Red Castle, Jayhawk, and Aisling of Eire

The Royal Pain is an intricate, multilayered mystery crossed with a love story. Ms. Christiansen has shown us the true love; one that is enduring through both joy and pain. ... The author uses terms that endear the characters to the reader. She makes you a part of the story and the folks that populate it. This book is a quick read because you find yourself eager to know what happens next. A well crafted tale that will leave you feeling uplifted. I highly recommend it. 4 out of 5 Pawprints, Foxpaw Reviews, www.careyfoxlady.googlepages.com, The Fox Lady

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ISBN: 1597057045
ISBN(13-digit): 9781597057042
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 260
Paper Weight (lb): 11.0

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